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  1. My lifts are almost exactly the same as yours, and I'm 106-107 kg, 195 cm tall. 125 kg squat 2x3, 105 kg 5x5 150 kg DL, 3 reps Rows: 55 kg 5x5 Press: 45 kg 2x3, 37.5 kg 5x5 Bench: 57.5 kg 2x5, 50 kg 5x5 I used to be stuck at 47.5 kg bench for 3x5 and 35 kg press 3x5. Switching to the Texas Method and eating more definitely helped, even though switching to an intermediate program was a bit premature.
  2. Sounds like you have a great plan, and you're well on your way. Great to see that your gym has 0.5 kg plates! Are you replacing DL after bench for power cleans, per usual SS? Not doing direct upper back work always seemed so weird to me. Perhaps consider another row (dumbell, cable, bent-over barbell) for higher reps?
  3. Stronglifts, Starting Strength or Greyskull LP are great beginner programs. Mind if I ask why your deadlift max is half your squat max?
  4. 1: The program calls for 5 kg increases for DL, and 2.5 kg/5 lbs increases for everything else. I like doing that as a rule, but if form starts to go down the drain, I'd keep the weight the same for a session or set the weight back a week or two. Are you able to video your sets? It's super helpful. 2: I believe most people recommend not going above 15 reps. It's a controversial subject, but 5-8 reps for building strength and 9-15 for building muscle, but both strength and hypertrophy happen in both ranges. I'd add weight or try for a different variation once you can do 8-12, depen
  5. I'm not sure Texas Method is a good fit if you only have an hour in the gym. Only doing 5x5 squats and press/bench easily takes an hour for me. I think Greyskull LP would help on your time constraints.
  6. I'd probably ditch the circuits and do cardio with that time if I were trying to lose weights. Assistance exercises commonly recommended for SL: Dips, chinups/pullups (progression towards them if you can't do them), abs
  7. Starting with the bar is smart:) I am also way too weak for my size and for having lifted for nearly 2 years, but improving is what matters:)) Maybe try taking longer rests? I believe it's common to wait 3-5 minutes when it gets heavy.
  8. Oh, sorry, I wouldn't know :-/ Those are the ones I meant though
  9. Shoulder dislocates have been amazing for my shoulder health. Can't really recommend them enough!:)
  10. Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is that you could go down to 3x5 instead of 5x5, and I believe Mehdi calls for it after two deloads due to missed reps. Is your bar speed slowing down during any reps? Mind if I ask what weights you're lifting? Did you start with the bar? Are you bulking or cutting?
  11. There's no magic in waiting for a set amount of time between sets. If you feel ready for the next warmup set, I don't see any reason to wait. That only shaves like 5 minutes off your workout though
  12. Are you still doing 5x5, or have you reduced to 3x5? Do you take 90 sec breaks between warm-up sets? When warming up to 80 kg, what weights do you do for how many reps? You could add chins after deads if you'd like. I believe it's a fairly common addition.
  13. 1: My presses. They are still below "untrained" level after 1.5 years of training. My dream as a 220 pound. 6-foot-4 male is to bench 1 plate sometime before summer. 2: The christmas and summer breaks breaking my stride. I am taking steps to correct this, and I'll be staying mostly put this summer. 3: Lack of hip mobility.
  14. Interesting that you do 3x8-12 on VD. What do you feel about this set/rep scheme vs. the traditional 5x5?
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