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  1. EricMN's Jedi Training - Choose Your Path

    Here for the fun
  2. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    Even if the weather does turn, we aren't going to get frosts and that's the only thing that will really kill summer blooming flowers or plants. Well, frost and neglect! Look for hardy perennial plants like lavender that will last all year round and make your garden smell lovely (cats like it too). If Jackson is a chewer, check this list before buying anything to make sure it's not toxic to cats. You could even make Jackson a little cat garden! Cat grass, catnip, and cat thyme are plants that are safe and that cats like to nibble on. It can even help with their digestion.
  3. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    Sorry that bike situation is causing you some stress. Are you hesitant to make an insurance claim because it'll increase your premium? Aw, so sweet! Dexter woke me up extra early this morning, begging to go outside. I bet he's sunning himself on his favorite spot on the windowsill right now.
  4. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    I figured, but it's always good to warn just in case. Joking Hazard is a bit like Cards Against Humanity so best to make sure the kids are tucked up in bed before playing!
  5. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    I'd still like to watch other people attempt it. I'm sure someone there will break the record. It's a weird choice for a world record attempt. I think they were stuck for ideas this year. The card game is Joking Hazard. I hope your friends aren't easily offended. If so, you might want to try something else!
  6. iatetheyeti: [insert plan here]

    Good to have you back Yeti. The good thing is, you are with a bunch of people who know exactly how that feels. If it all gets too much and you feel you need to sit in a tent by yourself for a while, we'll totally understand. As someone who's main safety behaviour for anxiety is running away, I can totally relate. Running away may feel 'safe' but all it's doing is feeding your anxieties. Spotting those safety behaviours early and stopping them sounds like a great plan to me. You might find it helpful to keep a diary of how you feel in a stressful situation (I used a note app on my phone so I didn't have to carry a notebook around with me). Make sure to note what the situation is, as well as how you feel mentally and physically. Doing this helps you find those safety behaviours and triggers that you might not even be consciously aware of and this helps you spot them quicker next time.
  7. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    Yeah, I'm a little disappointed on the record attempt this year. Every other year they've made it something silly and something that everyone can just turn up and do. Last year it was the most people in a backwards 3 legged race. The record wasn't beaten, but everyone had good fun. This year you've got to pre-register and be a super fittie who's good at monkey bars. It takes the fun out of it a bit.
  8. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    Are you planning on having a go at the world record attempt on Friday night?