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  1. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    I need to do a proper update (not had much time today due to work crap) but I need to get this out first. BMF was a complete shit show. We did a fitness test and I finished dead last. It wasn't a competition, but it felt really awful and embarrassing to be the last one to finish. I had to fight back tears all the way home, got in the shower and cried my eyes out. My eyes are still welling up as I write this and I'm sure I'm not done crying yet. I let myself down so much. I felt like quitting everything right then. But, as upset as I am at myelf about this, I'm also resolved to do something about it. I've had a talk with myself in the mirror and told myself that Rangers don't quit. I'm going to let myself be upset tonight but after that, I'll pick myself up, dry my eyes and Ranger the fuck up.
  2. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    The hug thing seems to vary from race to race. A sign is a great idea! Might have to try that next time!
  3. Charlie_Quinn

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Ouch! I hope it heals quickly. Good thing the rope swing isn't going to be at MvL now as that might have been painful to do! I'm right there with you. I'm having to resist the urge to eat pizza and baked goods and excusing it as carb loading. Feel free to message me if you need to chat or even just to vent. It's pretty mental. Have a look at Dale Clutterbuck's youtube channel. He did a load of videos preparing for this years world beer mile championship. In one session he did 10k in 39 minutes and drank 10 beers. Completely insane! Probably because Bud is practically fizzy water! I think American beers are more popular because of the rules on can and bottle size.
  4. Charlie_Quinn

    Maigs Does One Thing

    Well done on the race, sorry to hear it was a bit of a let down. I never got to try Warrior dash. They were going to come to the UK but they planned the race at the same time tough mudder were starting up and TM completely destroyed them with their dirty tricks marketing. I really wanted one of those fluffy hats!
  5. Charlie_Quinn

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Beer miles are totally a thing. If you can run AND hold down beer, we may have found you a new sport.
  6. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    Apologies up front for any procrastination this may cause!
  7. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    Breathe, must remember to breathe! I think the last time I was this scared before a race was the first RRDW. That turned out OK so I'm sure this will too. I'll go into the 'lower red' group, not the easier blue one, but the one up from that. The blue group doesn't push me at all and I want to feel like I'm doing something. Lets just hope the instructor isn't in the mood for hill repeats this time! BTW. Did you see the video for Man v Coast? There was way more swimming than I thought there would be. I'm in two minds about doing it next year now. I have a bookmark for Frinkiac on Chrome just so I can make Simpsons gifs! Best. Site. Ever! Thanks Lizz! I didn't get many hugs Marshalling this weekend, other than the ones I got from @Jarric and @Rhovaniel! I tend to do a quick high five or a shout of 'thank you, marshal!' if I'm in a hurry. Unless they're giving me jelly babies, then they get an extra big hug!
  8. Charlie_Quinn

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    You'd could have done a @Jarric and done a hungover parkrun. (I'm always impressed that he can run after a heavy night on the sauce!)
  9. Charlie_Quinn

    When a Ranger is down, she turns to the Corps

    I actually went looking to see if you had a challenge up last week and completely missed it! I'm glad you tagged me or I may never have found it! Good to see you yesterday. I wish we'd had longer to chat! I hope you had a good race? I tried to get more info out of Stu but I just got a 'yeah, it was good. Everyone had fun'.
  10. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    That's what I figured. As long as I don't have a brutal BMF session tomorrow that destroys me again. I'm tempted to skip it, but I know I won't be doing BMF next week - as we've already discussed, I don't expect to be walking, let alone anything else - and I don't want to miss 2 weeks in a row. My brain is literally going "shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit" right now. I need to calm down!
  11. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    I did thanks! I ended up marshalling the slip-n-slide at Muscle Acre yesterday and even though I was warned it was a bugger of an obstacle to marshal at, I had a blast. Part of that may have been because I was sliding down it myself when the course was quiet! It was a really long and hot day and most of the runners were arriving at the slide looking very tired and hot so I hosed a lot of people down to cool them off. By the end of the day, the course was pretty dead so all the marshalls and some of the runners that had finished were coming up to have a slide and cool down. It was a really great atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an exhausting day though and I collapsed as soon as I got in! That meant no running! Not good. So, the plan for this week is as follows: Today - Run: 5 miles (the run that should have been done last night) Tues - BMF Weds - Rest Thurs - Run Fri - Drive to the lake district! It's nearly here! In 4 days @jonfirestar and I will be driving up the the lakes for the longest run either of us has ever done I think this gif perfectly sums up my feelings right now
  12. Charlie_Quinn

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    Well done you! I knew you could do it. I'm so proud of you. There is nothing wrong with having a 'crazy' long term goal. If you break that goal down into smaller, achievable goals and there is absolutely no reason why you can't do it. Focus on running 5km - regular parkruns will help with this - and then go on from there. If you believe you can do it and work for it, you will do it! I regularly walk into supermarkets / motorway services / coffee shops on my way back from a race with my medal still around my neck. Gotta brag about the bling! Ear issues are the worst. I used to have major problems with blocked ears and it's so disorientating. Pop in to see the doctor if it doesn't clear up today. You might need to have your ears syringed if there's a build up of wax. Whatever you do, DO NOT STICK ANYTHING, INCLUDING COTTON BUDS, IN YOUR EARS! If it is a wax issue, you're just going to make it worse.
  13. Charlie_Quinn

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN DO IT! Good luck today Lizz, I'll be thinking of you.x Have fun!
  14. Charlie_Quinn

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    You'll be fine! Enjoy the experience and atmosphere. I'd say just go for it, but don't push too hard to start with. Trail running is a bit harder than road running so don't worry if you find yourself tiring a bit quicker than you would on the road or treadmill. It's so much more interesting though, so you may find yourself spending more time out there just to keep enjoying the view! Perhaps you could do intervals by walking the up hills and running the flats and down hills?
  15. Charlie_Quinn

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    It's so funny, I used to hate hugging people, then I started doing OCRs! It definitely brings out the hugger in me!