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  1. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    Yes, running is fine. I didn't think about core exercises but yes, I'm sure I'll be able to do some as long as they don't involve putting pressure on my right hand. Thanks. It's certainly frustrating. Thanks for the hugs, needing one right now! Thank you. Absolutely, the last thing I want is surgery! 8 weeks is better than 6 months! Thank you everyone, I got a bit overwhelmed when I got home. I'd been sitting in the hospital for 3 hours, I hadn't eaten all morning and wasn't expecting to have the splint put on. I thought it would be a small single finger splint at most. The thought of not being able to lift or climb or do anything other than run for 8 weeks just made me feel so upset. Right now it feels like all of my hard work and all the improvements I've made over the last 12 months are just going to disappear and I'll be starting from scratch again. I know it can't be helped and the closer I stick to the recovery plan, the quicker it will heal, but it still sucks! I'm still heading off for the hen weekend this evening. Driving is hard so I am going to have to take the splint off to drive. I've been told to only take it off when washing, but if I don't take it off to drive, I wont be able to go. I'm going to try and relax and have some fun and not think about this stupid hand. Edit: probably going to have to skip the inflatable obstacle course that we had planned for tomorrow. I might just run, and skip the obstacles as I promised I'd video the group.
  2. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    This hand thing just a bit more complicated I'll have to keep this brief as typing is hard! Specialist appt this morning, have to keep it immobile as possible or there is a risk of twisting the bone and then I'd need surgery. Had mother fucking huge splint fitted, got home, cried a bit. So absolutely no strength training now. It will be at least 8 weeks until I can put heavy pressure on it. I'm a bit upset right now.
  3. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    It's a shame that if this turns out to be a permanent thing, there are quite a few people that won't get to try again if they didn't manage it before. But plenty of other races have half pipes! Nuclear has one and so does Toughest. I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to half pipes, I did the one at toughest but that was dry and grippy, when they're wet I get nervous about them.
  4. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    In that case I definitely think you should do it next year! Plenty of time to train! The Squatchy sounds great. I looked it up, beer and bagels sounds like my kind of run!
  5. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    When I did it in May we were allowed to run up it too. There was a few ropes on one side, but they were only half the length of the wall so you still had to run to grab the rope. I did see a guy slip and knock himself out so maybe they've just decided recently that it's too risky.
  6. EricMN's Jedi Training - The Grand Master's Trials

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you feel back to normal again soon. Those pictures are great, it's nice to see you relaxed and enjoying a race instead of pushing for times and placings. That's not a criticism by the way, I think it's awesome that you like to race competitively. But sometimes it's nice to kick back and act like a big kid! I love that floating/magic carpet obstacle! They had one at Nuclear this weekend where you had to run across the carpet and dive into a dingy. It was brilliant. I used to hate anything that involved running across water but now I love it.
  7. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    I have two speeds, slow and every so slightly faster. Anything else and I'm lost! And in true Ranger style, I'm going to tell you to do it. When is it next year?
  8. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    Sorry to hear that you've had a rough few months. Glad to have you back, thoughts are with you and your family.
  9. Jarric Gets Wet

    I was hoping that word wouldn't come up! Soggy I can deal with, but not moist (I feel dirty just typing it)
  10. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    My stomach was rumbling like crazy after I posted that link I really don't know how people can instinctively know their. It's like some kind of running magic I haven't learnt yet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to have another running related moan now. It seems to be the theme of today! I got my race pack for Birmingham Half Marathon and I'm both perplexed and annoyed about the start time of the race. The race starts at 1pm (for the first wave, my wave isn't till about 13:40!) Who the hell starts a 13.1 mile race in the middle of the bloody afternoon? They've decided this year to run the Marathon and the Half on the same day, so they are starting the marathon in the morning and then it seems they'll wait for that to almost finish before starting the half! Now I'm going to have to check out of my hotel in the morning, find somewhere to hang around in the city, eat a lunch at a restaurant before the race (risking gastric issues during the race) and then drive home in the evening. It took us 2 hours to get out of Birmingham last year with all the road closures, so that means a late evening of sitting in the car with achy post race legs. I've done this race twice before and it's always been a morning start, so god knows what was going through the organisers minds this year. If they do this again next year, I won't be signing up.
  11. Maigahane Rants and Raves for a Month

    Before reading today's update, I was going to tell you to go slower! When you do Tough Mudder, you aren't going to be running for long periods, nor will you want to go fast. You'll be stopping and starting so much at obstacles. But you've done OCR's before, so I don't need to tell you this do I! I so don't want to be that person who doesn't stop talking about how great running is. But I'm so that person!
  12. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    You are right. There are two obstacles that are very similar. Everest, which is the halfpipe you used to be allowed to run up, and Pyramid Scheme, which is the inverted wall where you all stand on each others shoulders to reach the top. The weird thing is, according to people that attended a recent TM, they were letting people climb up each other on pyramid scheme, but not everest! In recent years they have added ropes to one side of everest so solo runners and people who didn't feel confident could use them. But now the ropes are the whole length of the wall and no one is allowed to run up it.
  13. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    There have been some weird changes in Tough Mudder UK races regarding Everest in the last few races. Not only have they shrunk the halfpipe obstacle, they've banned people from running up it! They have been putting ropes the full length of the wall and telling people they must pull themselves up on the rope and walk not run! They won't even let people "pyramid" up the wall (lie down and stand on each others shoulders). I'm guessing this is because they've had a few too many injuries. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the obstacle though! Have these weird rule changes occurred in non UK events? Just curious if this is a blanket TM rule change or if it's the wonderful UK Heath & Safety laws ruining our fun again!
  14. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    Probably about 400-500 meters. I really suck at managing my pace so I really rely on my watch to tell me how I'm doing! I'm just in a moaning mood today! After reading some Facebook reviews of the place we were going to go to tonight, I'm starting to think it would be better to go somewhere else. I think Meat & Shake (don't click that link if you're hungry or have your PC volume on!) might be better. Their Truffle Shuffle burger is amazing.