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  1. Well that's not good! I've got a feeling they'll magically disappear from the supermarket in a few weeks. American candy shows up in the stores here and then randomly disappears a few weeks later. I guess they test the market and not everything is successful. Seriously? But they're made out of one of your favorite foods! Granted, they weren't as good as reeces cups, but I liked them.
  2. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    I hope you manage to get out for a run tomorrow.
  3. It's easier when it's something you enjoy. You love BMF, so it doesn't feel like a chore. If you aren't enjoying running, it makes sense.
  4. It was more slush than snow. If it was proper snow it probably would have been easier to run in! A whole film about creepy dolls? Hard pass on that! That cold is really sticking around isn't it. I hope it clears up soon. That was my thought too. I was just going to buy a cheap one for now, but seeing as I need one with taped seams for MvL, I figured I might as well pay a little more and get a decent one now.
  5. Really, this should be my mid-week distance, not my long run distance. That's the only reason for the "only"! It's all talk! I only ran twice last week. I need to be doing three times a week minimum.
  6. Not as much as I would have liked. Stupid weather! Week 3 Wrap Up I don't know what the hell this is from, but it's creepy as fuck! 1. "Mac wants a flamethrower!" - Run 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and a long run on Sunday) 2/3. I didn't get out on Saturday as planned as I spent longer than I thought I would out with Hubs shopping and running errands. I don't often buy clothes for myself as I hate clothes shopping, but I brought myself 2 pairs of skinny jeans and about 5 tops. That's got to be a record for me! And, I usually have to buy skinny jeans a size up from my regular size as I can't usually get them over my thighs, but this time, I brought them in my normal size, which made me feel good! Sunday's run happened, but not as planned. When I got up, it was snowing, but as it had rained hard the previous day, it wasn't settling so I decided to go anyway. About 2.5 miles into my run, it started coming down really hard. I don't own a proper waterproof running jacket, just a windproof one, so the snow started soaking through making me very cold. I thought, as long as I keep moving, I'll be OK. But then the pavement started getting really slushy and my feet started slipping everywhere. I eventually had to give up and only managed 4.5 miles in the end. I had a long hot bath when I got home as I was shivering a little. And then the fucking snow stopped and turned to rain! - Make 2 of my long runs hard trail runs Still only one here, but I'm planning an adventure for next weekend. 2. “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.” - Attend British Military Fitness (BMF) once a week (Tuesday) - Bouldering once a week OR lifting if unable to boulder (Thursday) Cancelled due to shark week. - Do additional push up and pull up sets twice a week Still struggling, but I'm doing pull ups when I leave the bathroom now, so this should help. I just need to work on doing more push ups. 3. "I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!" - Plan meals weekly - Have one meat free day a week - No more than two treats a week Went a little over this weekend, but not by much. I brought some Butterfinger Cups on Saturday, because Butterfingers aren't a thing over here, but they suddenly appeared in the supermarket and I wanted to try them. Wish I hadn't, because they were delicious! It was a pack of 4 but Hubs and I split it. Then we had cherry pie and ice cream after dinner on Sunday. Considering the other treat I had mid week was just a few squares of dark chocolate, I've not gone over by a lot, so I'm not that bothered. The whole point of this goal is just to be mindful about what I'm eating and I'm definitely doing that. This challenge is actually feeling far more successful than most other challenges, even if I'm not hitting my goals 100%. I need to get a bit more consistency in my running schedule, but that's nothing new! I'm definitely going to add Monday to my run day, as leaving running till Wednesday isn't helping much. The weather isn't helping much either, but they say there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. With that in mind, I've got a water proof running jacket sitting in my Amazon basket right now. I think I'll get that so there are really no excuses!
  7. Damn, I could have eaten the whole bar then! WEEK THREE - THURS & FRI I've taken a few days off to get past the first few days of shark week. I'll be back on it properly tomorrow! Normally my eating goes to hell this time of the month, but worse than normal nausea killed my appetite, so at least that kept me honest. I had a few squares of chocolate but didn't go crazy and eat the whole thing. I plan on doing a make up run tomorrow to make up for not running today (seriously, I should just move my Friday night run to Saturday from now on) and then do my long run on Sunday.
  8. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Do you have a Runners Need shop, or an independent running store nearby? If so, ask them if they do gait analysis tests. They stick you on a treadmill in a pair of neutral shoes and video you running to gauge where you need support. Most shops will do the test for free if you buy the shoes from them afterwards, or change you a small fee just to get the result if you don't want to pay running store prices for shoes. If you don't want to go through all that or don't have a running store nearby, you can do the wet test to determine your shoe type, but it won't be as accurate. I've got tiny size 4 feet but they are wide for their size so I struggle to find running shoes that don't pinch my toes. New Balance are great because they come in different widths and Inov-8's "normal" width shoes have a nice wide toe box.
  9. Rhovaniel: The Hunt for Hype

    Do you strap up your ankle before exercise? You might find a tubigrip sock or a light ankle support helps with the little twinges
  10. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    This is what has put me off using an ultra plan too! Also, although we are technically doing an ultra as it's over 26.2 miles, it's not really an ultra. There's the obstacle bit at the end and then the kayaking that they've added in will be a rest for the legs. So we aren't going to be "running" 28+ miles. This is definitely an adventure race, not an ultra.
  11. WEEK THREE - WEDNESDAY Had a sneak attack from shark week last night, so I've got the usual shit symptoms. 1. "Mac wants a flamethrower!" - Run 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and a long run on Sunday) Wednesday run done. Only three miles when I was hoping to do four. Wasn't feeling great so gave up a bit early. Got home and found out why I didn't feel great (see above). 2. “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.” - Attend British Military Fitness (BMF) once a week (Tuesday) - Bouldering once a week OR lifting if unable to boulder (Thursday) Was supposed to be going tonight, but now I'm not. Thanks, ovaries. - Do additional push up and pull up sets twice a week 1/2 push ups 0/2 pull ups 3. "I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!" - Plan meals weekly - Have one meat free day a week - No more than two treats a week Not had any this week so far, but I did buy a bar of chocolate this morning when I popped to the supermarket on the way to work. I intend to eat some of it later and that will be treat number 1. I really am a walking PMS stereotype today.
  12. I just found them. That's this weekends binge watching session sorted! I think I've seen this on the website too. Not sure if that's how they decided bib colour? I hope not, because that means travelling into London on a weekend just for an hour session!
  13. Rhovaniel: The Hunt for Hype

    Hmm, An hour might be a bit too long if you haven't been running much lately. A slow and steady 4 miles should be OK. Be careful not to increase your distance too quickly. The general rule is that you increase your distance by 10% each week. But that 10% shouldn't be added on to one run, it should be spread between all of your weekly running sessions. If you are doing 1 run a week, then consider dropping that percentage down a bit so you don't end up over-training and picking up injuries.
  14. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    Unplanned, but awesome. I haven't settled on one yet. TBH the whole training plan thing is making me anxious! I brought Trail Running Mag to read in the hairdressers on Saturday and it just happened to have a training plans for a trail marathon in it. Then my friend just posted a link for plans written by David Hellard on FB. He's written 16 week plans for different finish times, which seems good, but they might be more tailored for road races. I'll most likely follow the trial one. But then part of me is wondering if I should follow an ultra plan instead? But maybe that's a bit much? I'm so confused!!!
  15. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    With everything else we've all got planned, we might be sick of the sight of each other by October! I have a few things penciled in my diary that I still want to book so I really can't add any more. Plus, I really need to go on holiday at some point! Saying that, I'm looking at training plans for MvL and most recommend a half marathon race half way through the training plan, so I'm now looking for a half in June! If I marshal at Spartan Beast, I'll try and get a spot on the course so I get to cheer you all on.