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  1. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    That too! Thanks. It's a good thing I can do about 80% of my job on autopilot! Friday, rest day! But that also means that tomorrow is long run day. But at least I can do that when i feel like it!
  2. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    *looks around for sticky-tape* Thursday 15th Nov I managed to go out for my interval run after work. I was probably a little too conservative with the timing - I only set the work intervals at 30 seconds and repeated 6 times. My pace on each interval was good, but I wasn't huffing and puffing by the time I finished them all so I probably could have held that pace for a little longer. I'll increase next week and see what happens. I got very little sleep last night so I look and feel like one of the walking dead today. Got another busy day to get through and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do it without yelling at or killing someone. Time for coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
  3. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    When I was waiting on the crowded platform, I did consider going to find a coffee shop to wait in till the delays passed. I would prefer a pub, but a woman sitting alone in a pub drinking a pint gets weird looks and unwanted attention, because sexism. I RAN THEM!
  4. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Thanks. Now I've got to find that strength to do the same tonight, because I'm supposed to be doing intervals but OMG, SO TIRED!
  5. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Thursday 14th Nov The train Gods were determined to mess with me yesterday. I got stranded at a train station half way between work and home for about 40 minutes due to a broken down train. I wasn't expecting to get home until around 8:30pm but thankfully made it home just before 8pm. I could have just slumped on the couch, but I got changed into my gym gear as soon as I got in and did my lifting session. I'm glad I didn't have to miss deadlift day!
  6. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Hope you're doing OK! I think I was in a bit of denial as too how much I'd messed myself up! I've never had an 'proper' injury that stopped my from running before so this is all new to me. I'm making sure to do my PT exercises too, so this should help when I do get to a point when I can start increasing my distance again.
  7. Charlie_Quinn

    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

  8. Charlie_Quinn

    JonFirestar: The Return of the Challenge of the Living Dead

    I saw your run on Strava. I was very impressed! Keep at it! It's really easy to start to slack off when things start to feel better. But it's only feeling better because your doing the work to make it better! I know this because I slacked off my PT a few weeks ago and I really suffered for it. I've been more diligent this week and my hip is feeling so much better because of it.
  9. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Tuesday 13th November Run done. 2.5 miles at an easy pace. And I'm finally running that distance without a walk break. That's something I was hoping would have happened weeks ago, I think I grossly underestimated how long it takes to recover from a glute tendon and IT band injury! This does leave me in a bit of an annoying place for a race I'd booked on the 24th November. I was expecting to be running 5+ miles by then but I'm not. 4 miles was a slow grind on Sunday. I'm still going to do the race, but it'll most likely be split into a run/walk/run. Not what I was hoping for. Tonight is a lifting night and afterwards I'm going to binge some more She-Ra. I watched the first 2 episodes last night and although I wasn't too keen on the first one, I liked it more by the end of the second. If I enjoy the rest of it, that's next challenge's theme sorted!
  10. Charlie_Quinn

    Jarric Rolls High

    Great write up. Despite the cold and grindy-ness of the race, I think we all had a good time and all conquered something that we'd never done before. It was a great way to end our little groups season. I'll just leave this here
  11. Charlie_Quinn

    Maigs Continues with the Baby Steps

    I'm the same. I like to do a lunchtime run but there are no shower facilities where I work. I sometimes do a 'hobo-wash' but this doesn't leave me feeling as clean as I would like! Ah, yeah Astrobot is Playstation exclusive. The VR range on PSVR isn't as good as I'd hoped. I've played a few horror games which were good (one of which I noped out of after 2 minutes. Thankfully it was a free demo!). Tumble is good fun too. I'm hoping they develop more games like Astrobot as it's the most fun I've had with the VR.
  12. Charlie_Quinn

    Kestrel: Ghost Protocol

    I WANT IT TO BE OCTOBER 2019 ALREADY! Not really, because I have a crap ton of training to do to be ready to do this, but still, EXCITED!!!!!!
  13. Charlie_Quinn

    Maigs Continues with the Baby Steps

    If it's only 30 mins, could you fit it in during your lunchbreak? If work is going to be insane, going out for half an hour to hit stuff might be stress-releasing! Well done on the run. What VR do you have? We have a PSVR and I've been playing Astro Bot - Rescue Mission recently. It's so good! I've never smiled and laughed so much playing a game. I also talk to the little robots. Not sure if I should have admitted to that......
  14. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    It's week 4 now, right? I'm so lost! This weekend was pretty good. I got a run in on Saturday - 4 miles at a slow pace - and then went bouldering Sunday morning followed by some squats and lunges when I got home. Bouldering was really good. I managed to send a tricky v3 problem that involved putting a lot of faith in my shoes! There were 2 volumes either side of the holds and you had to kind of brace your feet on the volumes and walk up the wall to get to the next hold. It was fun and scary at the same time! I think it's going to take a few weeks for me to get used to the volume of training I've set out for myself. My legs and forearms are suffering right now. I skipped my run yesterday, but that was more to do with Shark Week arriving (a week early!). I'm not doing BMF tonight and instead I'm going to do the run I should have done yesterday. It's not ideal, but I still feel like I'm doing enough.
  15. Charlie_Quinn

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Hey, you said you wanted to do an OCR! We did the Sunday open wave this year with the Mudstacle team. We literally walked about 90% of the course! I'm sure they will do a fun lap again this year and I'm sure @Jarric @jonfirestar and @Rhovaniel will do it again (I'm probably going to put my name down to marshal the Sunday, if Friday and Saturday don't kill me!) so you'll be in the best company! I'm so excited, yet so nervous!