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  1. Rolled 51: pigeon pose, head down. I'm not sure I nailed the miserableness, I tried to get the miserable apartment block car park in the background. I did this after a really crappy run, so I certainly felt miserable!
  2. Even when I am an official old-timer, I'm not going to be an old-timer. I still think farting is funny and there's no chance of that changing any time soon! Being in your Thirties at this point in time is great. You're old enough to laugh at millennials and young enough to blame the baby boomers for all our problems! If you learn the S or J foot lock techniques, you won't have to rely on arm strength to get you up a rope. All the effort comes from your legs.
  3. I was laughing hard at the Leslie Knope segments. But her character needs more waffles.
  4. Zero Week - Wednesday Goal 1: Hearts on Fire (Running) Rest Day Goal 2: Hold On +1 Did some grip strength training after lifting. I tried out my new ropes. Conclusion: hanging from ropes is haaaard. My highest score was 6 seconds of deadhanging! This is going to take a lot of work! Goal 3: Wake Up! Fail. I switched my alarm off and went back to sleep. I'd had an uncomfortable nights sleep because i was too warm. This morning was much better though. Non challenge stuff: Did some lifting last night. After @jonfirestar's awesome tutorial on his last challenge, I'm going to give the Juggernaut plan a go from next week. So I tested my one rep maxes for squat and bench-press last night and I'll test the other lifts on Friday.
  5. I'm curious as to what you guys think is an "old timer"? I'm 35 and although I joke about being old, I don't feel or act my age at all! Oh yeah, there is definite smug-face when there's traffic and you overtake the bus you missed. I like it. It's got a great training montage feel to it.
  6. I'm sorry that you have to postpone Tough Mudder, but I'm glad you did and won't risk hurting yourself even further. Yay! You'll have such a good time volunteering, giving people muddy hugs and high fives.
  7. There is real time and then there is "Transport for London time" that seems to exist in it's own reality. Before we moved offices, I used to get a bus that was always late. So If there was a long wait to the next one I would play "beat the bus". I would lose if the bus overtook me on my walk. I won more times than I lost. Howdy! Mine is a lot of stuff I listened to in my mid to late 20s. I was going to gigs every month then. Christ, I don't even know the last time I went to a gig! I suddenly feel really old! Yeah, I've tried lifting while listening to podcasts and it doesn't feel right. Podcasts and audio books are great to listen to while running though.
  8. The cord for her blinds is in an unfortunate position. It looks like she's drooled down her chin.
  9. Great to have you back on the challenge boards Wolfie And I'm glad to see the tone of this thread is already teetering on the edge of the gutter!
  10. Following! I find I snack badly when I don't prep my food. Like yesterday, I had ran out of yogurt and fruit and and ended up eating the office cookies instead. I always thought peanut butter was a good snack. I know that the ones that are full of added sugar aren't great, but pure nut butters aren't that bad are they?
  11. Zero Week - Tuesday Goal 1: Hearts on Fire (Running) Very easy run. I forgot to charge my TomTom so I don't know the exact distance, but twice around the park is about 2 miles. Finished off with 6 strides. Everything still feels like it's in recovery mode so it felt really sucky. I'm getting a bit impatient with this recovery period. Goal 2: Hold On Rest Day Goal 3: Wake Up! I got a bit confused with my dates yesterday, so what I posted for Monday was actually Tuesday! So yes, I did get up early BONUS RANGER WORKOUT I had my ropes delivered to work and the box was bigger and heavier than expected. I commute via train, but yesterday the trains were all messed up. There was over a 20 minute wait for the next train, and I know that I can walk to my connecting station in 15 minutes, but I had the box to carry as well. After waiting for 5 minutes, I thought "screw this", put my headphones on, threw the box on my shoulder and started walking. So, bonus heavy carry workout.
  12. I feel that way about my music as well. Mostly because I've reached that age where I no longer understand new music and everything I listen to is over 10 years old! I bought these from ebay (Link here) I thought they were going to be a lot smaller than they are but they're huge! I probably should have read the description better. I can practically fit my fist through the metal ring at the top. Once I get the hang (tee-hee) of these, I might get these too. It's like I'm trying to build my own rig! I'm still going to add it to the playlist! I listened to it at work yesterday and it's not really a "sitting at your desk, staring at a spreadsheet" song! I'm sure I'll appreciate it more when I'm lifting
  13. I loved beer yoga, so I'm in! I have a strong "resting bitch face" so I should be pretty good at this.
  14. Charlie pushes the door to the great hall a little too hard and the force slams the door into the wall, causing heads to turn. She raises her hand as an apology and begins to head towards for the bar. The barman's scalding look stops Charlie in her tracks. The barman's gaze moves from her water-logged trousers, to the muddy boots on Charlie's feet, to the trail of brown sludge that's now all over the guild hall floor. "Oops, sorry" she says, "I've been on a bit of an adventure. Perhaps I'll tell you all about it over a beer?" She makes a move towards the bar once more, but the bar-keep's expression remains fixed. "Um, but I'll clean that up first, of course". Ohhhhh, I must keep a look out for this on my next beer run. I love Wychwood Brewery beers.
  15. Following!