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  1. Butt Kicking, as requested There's no reason for this one, it just showed up in the search and I thought, who doesn't want to see a snow boarding possum?
  2. As mentioned above, we got the good news call from our agent yesterday that the buyer backed down. She gave some lame reason that she thought we were asking for a discount from our purchase so thought she'd do the same. We gave her no reason to think we were doing this, so it's all bullshit, and I'm more convinced than ever that she planned to do this from the start. But at least that's done with now. Hopefully we can go on without any further complications, as we've had more than our share! But at least the government have decided to suspend Stamp Duty (tax paid on house pu
  3. Very true. I'm very happy to report that the gamble paid off! The buyer backed down and is sticking with her original offer. I've been hearing lots of horror stories of people that had this happen to them literally on the day of completion. So really, the face that this happened now and not then is actually a good thing! As long as she doesn't try it again later on! Excellent! We should try to make this every day slag for when people talk bullshit. "Shut up Gary, you're such a gazunder"
  4. They absolutely think they have the upper hand. Unfortunately for them, they've underestimated how stubborn I am! We aren't in a position where we desperately need to move so this dick move isn't going to work with us. I can't lie, there is part of me gleefully hoping they are panicking that they over-played their hand and end up backing down. That might be a bit petty, but I don't care! They've done a shitty thing and it makes me not want to have to deal with them anymore.
  5. Yikes! That's quite a jump in tax. I take it they do that because of emissions?
  6. Things took a bit of dive the last week or so. Things with our move hit another brick wall and we're pretty much ready to call it a day and start over again. We got "Gazundered". Not sure if this term exists outside the UK, but it's basically where the buyer of a property suddenly lowers the amount they are willing to pay. Out of the blue, our buyer decided to say she wasn't prepared to pay the previously agreed price and wants us to knock £10k. This is after we had already negotiated £10k less on our initial asking price for the property. We know that the amount agreed for our fl
  7. 4-6 weeks would be a dream! The average 'chain-free' sale or short chain sale here, which ours is (e.g. a first time buyer buying our flat and the seller of the house we're buying is moving into a newly built property) still takes an average of 12-16 weeks. Books is a brilliant idea! I've got a nice stack of hard back cook-books that should do the trick. Thanks for the tip! This was one of the reasons I was hesitating on doing these. I've tried them in class once and I noticed it didn't take long for me to lose tightness in me core and kind of just c
  8. UPDATE: Tuesday 30th 1. Three Mobility Flows Per Week 1/3 Did one this morning, so that'll be on tomorrow's update 😊 2. Daily Mini Stretches and ‘trouble spot’ work ✔️ I didn't do as much as a should yesterday, but I made sure to do my wrist rehab and some shoulder release stuff, as I spent a lot of time at my laptop yesterday and they were feeling a little sore. 3. Pistol Squat Progressions ✔️ I'm counting the Bulgarian split squats as pistol training! I loaded them up with a 12.5kg (27lb) dumbbell and did 4 sets of 7 reps each side. My butt has all the DOMS
  9. Pretty much. We have a buyer for our place and have found a house. The process of buying and selling in the UK is basically a clusterfuck! It takes months for solicitors to get contracts and everything sorted and the buyers and sellers can pull out of the process at any point without any reason and the whole "chain" falls through. We've come close to this chain falling apart and it's caused a lot of tears and sleepless nights! We are now basically working to a point where we can all exchange contracts and then we can arrange moving dates, but the people we are buying from have hired really bad
  10. UPDATE: Tuesday 30th 1. Three Mobility Flows Per Week 1/3 I did the live flow on Monday so the next one will be Thursday 2. Daily Mini Stretches and ‘trouble spot’ work ✔️ Did 3 mini stretch sessions yesterday, mostly on my hip flexors as the home wods have been very hip and leg heavy this week and my left hip has been feeling quite tight. Also did some rehab and stretching on my wrists. 3. Pistol Squat Progressions ❌ Not yet. We've been prescribed Bulgarian split squats in our wod today, so I'm going to do these and count that as it's building unilateral st
  11. It's just the fact that it's practically one long straight road. It get's so boring after a while. Even worse when they decide to dig up the A30 and bring it down to one lane and you get stuck behind a caravan.
  12. I hope! I've also been looking at E bikes as if I do get a bike it'll mostly be used for short trips around the local area so electric makes sense. If you're looking to ride through beautiful places, then The Peak District and The Lake District are your best bet. The coastal roads in Cornwall are also quite beautiful, but to get there you have to take the M5 and A30, which is quite possibly the most long and boring ass journey known to man.
  13. And time has no meaning any more anyway. What do you mean it's JULY TOMORROW!?
  14. Hey Maigs! Hope you're doing OK? Well done on the run and avoiding the ice cream. I made the mistake of buying a tub of ice cream as a treat the other day and we devoured it in two sittings! Also, your cat and my cat could be twins 😊
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