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  1. C_Q's Makey Makeover

    I hope she feels better soon. Maybe any cold viruses thought "screw this, this guy's nuts" and left your body! Thanks! Oh god, that sounds awful! I'll be careful. I just need some painkillers to get me through the ceremony and then I'll be relying on alcohol to kill the germs!
  2. C_Q's Makey Makeover

    Oh no. I was surprised how many seats were still left for that showing, I just checked and this showing only has a few seats booked. I guess there aren't many people around here that want to go to the movies in the middle of the night! I imagine it's too far for you, but in case you are desperate, it's the 3am showing at Cineworld in Hemel Hempstead. Superscreen, not IMAX 3D. I'll give B your best. She's actually had tonsillitis this week so she's been sicker than me! Not that she'll let that stop her, she'd have Amber drag her down the aisle if she had to!
  3. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Aw, you guys are making me blush. Love the death slide picture Jon. I think it's near on impossible to do that slide and not look terrified at some point!
  4. Deadpool Races Deadpool: Distance PvP [Oct 22nd - Nov 18th]

    I've been sick all week. I think it was a cold, but I'm not ruling out one of you stinkers giving poor Dogpool lungworm. Bit sad that I wasn't able to duke it out with you guys properly, but well done for all the miles you guys have put in.
  5. C_Q's Makey Makeover

    Not quite, this one is a real crap fest. Work calmed down, but that could be because I haven't done much of it this week thanks to the cold! A little better than the beginning of the week, but still pretty rubbish. Thanks for asking. So this is the end of the movie challenge Probably a good time to wrap up this challenge! This cold has lingered all week and I've been at home feeling crappy since Monday. I'm still not back to normal and I have to somehow make myself look pretty tomorrow and be a witness to my brother and B getting married. If I have to dope myself up to the eyeballs with cold medicine, I'm going to do it so I can have a good time, god damn it! Normally I freak out when it comes to dressy events, but I couldn't be more prepared for this. I've practiced my hair style and make up and know how long I need to give myself to get myself ready so I don't have an anxiety attack about being late. I just need to paint my nails tonight and iron a few things and I'm all set. I don't think it needs to be said, but obviously I'll be having more than one drink tomorrow! I haven't kept up with my goals this week but sickness kind of curbed my appetite anyway, so I guess that counts. I haven't had a drink since the weekend, even though I wanted to drink the beer that's been sitting in the fridge. I didn't have the best challenge but I did really well on avoiding alcohol and treats. I want to continue that trend - maybe not so restricting on the beer, but definitely have some kind of limit in place - but I know that will be difficult in December, for obvious reasons! Part of me wants to skip the next challenge completely. But I think I'll stick around instead of bailing. I need to keep trying to push forward instead of quitting when things get tough. I'm officially signed up for Man vs Lakes next year now, so I've got something huge to train for and I need to take it seriously. Also, next month is Star Wars month, and I have tickets for a 3am showing on opening night. So what kind of fan would I be if I didn't do a Star Wars theme next month.
  6. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Sounds like a good way to get cash for race entries.
  7. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Does it make me a bad wife that I'm perfectly OK with pimping out my husband for hugs?
  8. C_Q's Makey Makeover

    I've been AWOL for a few days. Plague protocols are currently in place. Got a really bad cold thing that I'm trying to beat but it's been winning for the last few days. I'm feeling slightly better today, but I think it might be a few days before I feel 100% again, I'm just hoping it's gone for my brothers wedding this weekend. In good news, I put on the dress I'm wearing for the wedding and I was able to do the zip up without having to breathe in and I didn't feel suffocated in it like I did the last time, so I must have lost a few pounds. Cutting down on the snacks and alcohol seems to have worked. I might keep this up in future challenges, not for weight loss, just to be a little healthier.
  9. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Not at all! The more the merrier (and the more warm bodies to hug once hypothermia sets in)
  10. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    I often wear a neoprene vest for colder races and I find it helps me float a bit, so maybe a wetsuit will also help with buoyancy so you're not having to put as much effort in for the swims. I've been browsing this morning and have some shorty suits for less than £40. A 2 or 3mm suit should be enough for early November. I was happy to just do the 7, but I got a confused look from Stubes and before I could change my mind, we were entered for 12! He also surprised me with signing me up for Man vs Lakes as my Christmas pressie. So no going back on that now!
  11. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    I both love and hate that Death Slide. It's the kicker at the bottom that freaks me out. Maybe look at getting a shortie wetsuit for next year. That'll help with the cold a lot (I'm definitely going to!) We've signed up for the 09:50 wave for Fallout next year.
  12. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    So glad to hear you had an amazing time. It's such a good OCR I can't wait to do it again next year. It's even better in the relative warmth of May! Yes I'll be doing fallout next year as I brought the season pass so need to get my money's worth!
  13. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Have fun at Fallout today Jon and @iatetheyeti!
  14. Damn, what a handsome bunch of assholes you are. Hold on, let me capture this wonderful Kodak moment. Beautiful. That one’s going in the spank-bank folder. Now, down to business. You losers know why I called you all here. You invaded my fucking universe and all claimed to be the one true Deadpool. You've been involved in all kinds of fucked up shit and I'm the one getting the blame for all of it. This bullshit ends now. We're going to have a little competition to determine who is the best and the one and only Deadpool. Whoa whoa, hold your horses guys and gals, it's not going to be a fight. We all have the same super power and if we start slicing each other up, it'll go on forever, and I'm gonna be left sweeping up a huge fucking pile of severed limbs. We're going to settle this like little kids and have a race. Only in this race, the fastest one doesn't win. You have four weeks to get as far away from here as possible. The Deadpool that's the furthest away in 4 weeks time wins. Oh and one more thing. Attempting to screw over your competition is wrong and will not be tolerated…. Nah! I'm just fucking with ya! Be the deplorable bunch of ugly ass mercenaries that you are! You wanna hack of someone's leg so they have to hop for the next 3 miles until it grows back, go for it. Actually, do that, record it and share it to the Facebook group, it'll be fucking hilarious. I wish you all the worst of luck and I hope you all fucking kill each other. Now you all wait here while I….. head out this back door……… for no reason whatsoever...... Later, dickwads! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the same as the previous "how far can you go" PvP that we ran a few months ago. Except this time, you get to be Deadpool! Select your Deadpool variant by putting your name under your selected character on the sheet. Put your name and character selection on the logging page Character & Logging Sheet The Rules This is for running and walking only, no cycling! Running / walking can be outdoors or on a treadmill The challenge is for any miles that are additional to any "regular" miles you may do. So, for example, a daily walk to work or walking around a grocery store this doesn't count. Log all runs / walks on the spreadsheet. It doesn't have to be full miles, part miles are allowed. The person with the most amount of miles at the end of the challenge wins! This challenge is open to all. There are 15 characters on the sheet, so if more than 15 people want to join in, you can either add your own DP variant or let me know and I'll add some more Good running everyone! And remember to run like the taco truck is pulling away!
  15. Welcome Mud Lovers! This is a continuation of the Obstacle Racers, Assemble Group This is an open group for anyone who is interested, curious, or completely obsessed with all things OCR related! Feel free to ask questions, share tips on gear or obstacle technique, or just let us know about a recent or upcoming race. Nothing is off topic and everyone is welcome. In a slight change, we'll be adding trail running to the discussion too. For a lot of us, the obstacle racing season is winding down for the year, and trail running is a great way to train for OCR's in the quiet winter months.