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  1. Thanks, I'll take these to heart and start working on them. I appreciate you taking you time!
  2. Please critique my form! Sorry for the slight tilt to the video, it was the best I could do to prop up my phone. Thanks!
  3. The difference between the knurling sounds like one might be a powerlifting bar and the other an Olympic/combination bar.
  4. Yea it's been pretty good. I used an ACE bandage wrap for a week or so and it seems to get the swelling down enough to heal. Thanks for asking!
  5. Bah, updated the link, thanks for letting me know. I doubled up on the http:// since it had already added it. I haven't been posting in your journal (or my own for that matter) but I have been reading your journal every few days (after your updates). Keep on with the lifting, you're getting there workout by workout!
  6. Just another quick update post. I've been lifting 3 times a week still, basically staying the same on my lifts, and experimenting with a ketogenic diet. Today is my 42nd day doing keto and so far it's been pretty nice. The food is cheaper, I have all kinds of energy, and I feel like I'm mentally "clearer". I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up, but for now, I'm pretty content with it. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up my first novel (supernatural, horror, suspense), Portals, and digitally self-published it on Amazon. It is completely free for the next day or two, so if anybody is into those types of stories, feel free to pick it up before the promotion ends. This is the link: Portals Anyway, my intention is to keep lifting, eating, and writing for the time being. I hope everyone's holidays went well!
  7. Yea I'm just saying fast, still with tightness and strict form. I just don't "hold back" the bar if that makes sense. I don't drop it, nor loosen up, just kind of let the bar fall while keeping control. There does seem to be a lot of people who put it down slow too, so maybe that's more common than I thought. Personally any lower back pain I used to have from heavy deadlifts went away when I stopped putting the bar down slowly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. After googling, here's two places that advocate lowering quickly (didn't learn it here though, and I admit I only browsed both of them): https://m.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/3lfnox/cant_hold_up_form_when_putting_the_bar_down_while/ http://jasonferruggia.com/drop-the-deadlift/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. FYI, I watched your Deadlift video. Your form looks good to me, but I've always done and been told that you should lift it slow and put it down fast (the opposite of other lifts). The main reason is that the greatest potential for injury is while putting the weight back down and the second most common injury is tearing a bicep while lifting it up fast. Looking good though!
  10. I haven't had much to write about for a while now, but thought I'd do a quick snippet of what I've been up to. I finished up my course of steroids and I've been eating in a little surplus (probably) for the past week and a half. I've been doing my regular one fast-day per week but I haven't been tracking any calories other than that. When I have done estimates I tend to be around a 150-200 calorie daily surplus, so I'm probably somewhere in that range. I'm still lifting on a 3 x week schedule and increasing in strength on occasion (I'm sure the food's been helping). My leg is still screwed up, so physical therapy is still in the mix. Just going to keep doing this until my leg is all healed up or I have a reason to do something different.
  11. I've never even bought any weight-lifting shoes and I've been lifting regularly off and on for about 13 years. Way to go! I've heard they make a ton of difference. I'll have to invest in some myself one of these days but first I need a new barbell as mine has become a bit unshapely as the weight increased. I'm not sure how much it's rated at (it was a cheap one) but I know that my 315 lb. deadlifts have made it a bit gnarled.
  12. Food: 2,475 calories / 228g carbs / 77g fat / 193g protein Eating window ~1:30 - 8:30 PM Exercise: Rest Day Supplements: 4 fish oil capsules Daily multivitamin Creatine MethylPREDNISolone Weekly Deficit/Surplus To-Date: -1,153
  13. Food: 2,182 calories / 340g carbs / 29g fat / 154g protein Eating window ~4:30 - 8:00 PM Exercise: Barbell Squats 6x165, 8x150 Weighted Pullups 5x195, 7x175 Overhead Press 5x120, 7x110 Handstands 2, 2, 2 Supplements: 4 fish oil capsules Daily multivitamin Creatine MethylPREDNISolone Weekly Deficit/Surplus To-Date: -1,348
  14. It was nice to eat up to maintenance, though it's bittersweet because I'm still around 13.5% body fat. I'm going to stick it out at maintenance for the next week and a half to work through the steroids and hopefully help my leg heal up, then I'll probably introduce a very minor surplus and see how things go. 14.5% is my drop dead point where I have to drop fat back to 13%. Food: 2,362 calories / 245g protein / 72g fat / 149g carbs Exercise: Rest Day Supplements: 4 fish oil capsules Daily multivitamin Creatine MethylPREDNISolone Nortriptyline Weekly Deficit/Surplus To-Date: -1,250
  15. Welp... guess I'm going to just call this quits again and jump to maintenance. I went to the doctor this morning to see about my leg, took x-rays (which were clean) and got a referral to get an MRI. I was prescribed MethylPREDNISolone, which is a Glucocorticosteroid, to bring down the massive inflammation in my leg. It works by raising cortisol and the major side-effects are muscle loss, fat gain, increased hunger, and insomnia. Awesome. The best thing seems to be to just try not to get worse from this spot and do what I can to get my leg to recover. This is the suck, but what can you do...
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