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  1. Final Grades 1 Pass - 20QP, 1STR & 1DEX 2 A - 20QP, 2CON 3 B - 20QP, 1STA 4 B - 20QP, 1CHA LQ: FAIL - missed by 11 dollars which will be added to next challenge total
  2. Week 4 accounting 1. Miles walked: 12 2. Food Tracked: Yes, all week 3. Water Drank: close to 64 most days 4. Hours slept: Averaged 7.3 for the week LQ: Money saved: 157
  3. Week 3 Accounting: 1. Miles walked: 10 2. Food Tracked: Yes, all week 3. Water Drank: close to 64 most days 4. Hours slept: Averaged 7.5for the week LQ: Money saved: 1.86 don't ask Week 3 hit me weird. I don't know. Reevaluating how I want to set this challenge up for the next round though, that is for sure.
  4. Week 2 Accounting: 1. Miles walked: 10 still have a lot of ground to make up 2. Food Tracked: Yes, all week 3. Water Drank: close to 64 most days 4. Hours slept: Averaged 7.3 for the week LQ: Money saved: $53 I made up for what was missing and assuming I have money left after this stupid car repair I will be adding more.
  5. So I meditated in the sauna at the gym for 10 minutes of bliss.
  6. Daily Accounting (W2 D2) 1. Miles Walked: 2 2. Food Tracked: Yes, every single bite 3. Water drank: 64! ounces 4. Hours Slept: 6hrs 10 minutes I found that killing it at the gym leads to more water consumption. Who knew?
  7. She continued to pull the last of the winding vine away the brush that caught the creature in its grasp. Something wet and flat scraped against her outstretched hand. She looked down at her glove to make sure it was still intact. She lowered her body closer to the ground and peered inside as she snapped the very last bit of vine. Large brown eyes looked back into her steel grey ones. There was something so familiar in them, something so kindred that she closed her eyes to escape it for a moment. Her eyes looked over the thick, deep brown fur that covered the dog. His tail was beginning to beat to a unheard rhythm in the brush. She could not tell how big he was but could tell he was harmless. She stepped back from the brush and began dusting herself off as she softly called to him. He rambled slowly out of the mess and lay his large head against her thigh. Those eyes looked up at her and she couldn't help but smile as she tentatively reached down to pet behind his ears. He let out a sound of approval and pushed her forward. Daily Accounting (W2 D1) 1. Miles Walked: 0 - ridiculously sore from Sunday's gymscapade 2. Food Tracked: Yes, every single bite 3. Water drank: 32 ounces 4. Hours Slept: 7hrs 12 minutes (However, for the record I took a 2 hour nap of glory mid day) I am not really sure how my dog ended up in this story but he pushes his beautiful way into everything else so why not. Poor Osla was lonely anyhoo.
  8. Mini 1 - added lunges in a couple of workouts and will add more each week. I struggle with lunges, they are hard on my knees. Mini 2 - sleep is already a part of my challenge, so I am going to add meditation
  9. Week 1 Accounting: 1. Miles walked: 2 :/ Lots of ground to cover in week two if I want to hit my goal of 32 this challenge. 2. Food Tracked: Yes, all week 3. Water Drank: I didn't hit 64 during any days. 4. Hours slept: Averaged 7.1 for the week LQ: Money saved: $11 (I pulled from the jar Need a better hiding spot.)
  10. Sooooo, are we lunging for mini 1?
  11. As she drew nearer the noise in the brush, she began to feel nervous. She had hoped the island as empty as it appeared and even the thought of sharing her journey made her unsettled. She slowed her pace as she neared the brush and tightened the shawl about her shoulders. She realized, at last, that it was some sort of creature seemingly caught up in the winding vines that coated the ground and wound through the brush. She crouched low and peered into the shrubbery. She whispered in a softened voice, "Are you okay in there? Would you like some help?" She shook her head and gathered her shawl tighter as she timidly reached out a shaking hand towards the vine. She worked slowly and calmly, the whole while murmuring soothing incantations to the as yet unseen creature. She could tell it was large. She could tell it was breathing less frantically as her attempts to untangle the vines around the bush progressed. Daily Accounting (Day 2) 1. Miles walked: 1/2 mile (too cold for more) 2. Food Tracked: Yes 3. Water drank: 32 ounces 4. Hours slept: 7hrs 22 minutes LQ: Money saved: $30
  12. It was early in the morning on her second day of traveling the seemingly remote island. She stood just off a path and rearranged her satchel to make the upcoming day easier. Osla stretched her arms above her head and lifted her face to the sun as she closed her eyes. She had not covered much ground the day before and had quite a ways to go before sundown. She whispered a small enchantment and the tips of her boots were surrounded by a pale blue light. She lifted an eyebrow and half smiled to herself. A stirring in the brush farther up the path caught her attention and she headed towards the sound. Daily Accounting 1. Miles walked: None 2. Food Tracked: Yes 3. Water drank: 0 4. Hours slept: 7hrs 33min LQ: Money saved: $30
  13. Following along Also, just a quick look at your measurements tells me that if you are roughly 5 foot 3ish then you and I are like the EXACT same size and you should come to Virginia so we can double our wardrobe lol!
  14. Thank you all! Deftona, I've been before but only really went shopping in the large straw market. Looking forward to seeing it on horseback instead!
  15. I am going on a cruise in July to celebrate college graduation (Aggghhh!!) with my husband and my best friend. We will be snorkeling, and best of all going on a 2 hour trail ride on these gorgeous horses at a stable on Grand Bahama Island. I am using pictures from the stables as inspiration for this challenge, and the next several that lead up to the cruise in the end of July. I know that I cannot realistically lose every pound I need to lose in these short months but what I can do is leave healthier and stronger. I'd also really like to write a story about Osla as a somewhat lost witch with powers of frost and telekinesis sooooo here is a tiny attempt and I'll try to add some each week of this challenge and the subsequent ones as this story is all about Osla journeying across an island in seemingly the middle of nowhere. One moment the beach was empty. Nothing but the sounds of the surf as it battered the shoreline. Osla appeared as if from a void of nothingness with her feet planted firmly on the beach. The sun was high overhead and she could see the island as it lay before her. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Before she knew it her skin prickled and gleamed with an inner magic that was dying to escape. She could not explain why but she knew she had to reach the other end of the island. The witch knelt in the firm sand to plot her journey. She swiftly calculated that to reach the opposite tip of the island she would have to travel a full 96 miles. Osla knew that the journey was too far to travel in a short time and her speed steady, so she permitted herself time to reach the other end. She packed carefully crafted provisions, a rations log and a large silver flask filled with the coldest, clearest enchanted water she could conjure. She made markings along a tattered map where she would need to take camp for the night and checked her pack for a bedroll and dream dust. At last, she felt she could prepare herself no further. She wound her hands around each other for a moment feeling the restless magic that surged through her finger tips, stinging them with a deep chill. Osla tightened the laces on her well-worn knee high boots, dusted off her ankle length patchwork skirt, and needlessly adjusted the sheer cerulean blue shawl that lay draped around her pale freckled shoulders. "The island won't traverse itself, off with you" whispered a small voice inside her head. She squared her shoulders, straightened her spine and let one foot fall right in front of the other. Quests: 1. Walk 32 miles. 8 miles per week, broken down however necessary to get it done. Grading: Pass/Fail - if fail, will add remaining miles to next challenge to equal the 96 needed to walk from tip to tip of Grand Bahama Island. Rewards: 20 QP; 1STR & 2DEX 2. Track food daily using MFP. Grading: A-C. Rewards: 20 QP; 2CON 3. Drink 64 ounces of water per day. Grading: A-C. Rewards: 20QP; 2STA 4. Sleep 8 hours per night. Grading: A-C. Rewards: 20QP; 1CHA LQ: Save $168 for the trip. Math tells me that if I stick back $56 into a jar (no joke, a jar) each biweekly paycheck until we leave I will have $500 in spending cash. Grading: Pass/Fail -if fail, missing money will be added to total required for subsequent challenges. Rewards: 20QP; 2WIS
  16. I'm going for concise here. Quests: 1. Exercise at the gym (class, cardio, weight training, or some combo) 3 days per week. 2. Drink 1 glass of water with each meal. 3. Eat 1 piece of fruit per day. Life Quest: 1. Clean 1 area of the house for 20 minutes per day Scoring: Q1 Exercise 3 days per week (3 STR, 3 DEX) (v2 = 10 pts) 3 days = full credit, 2 days = 75% credit, 1 day = 25% credit, 0 = fail Q2 Drink 1 glass of water with each meal (3 CON, 1 WIS) (v2 = 10 pts) 5-7 days = full credit, 3-4 days = 50% credit, anything less = fail Q3 Eat 1 piece of fruit per day (3 STA) (v2 = 10 pts) 5-7 days = full credit, 3-4 days = 50% credit, anything less = fail LQ Clean 1 area for 20 minutes per day (1 WIS, 1 CHA) (v2 = 10pts) 5-7 days = full credit, 3-4 days = 50% credit, anything less = fail
  17. I've updated my squats for this mini.
  18. Look at you being all awesome.
  19. Where do you want us to report in with these? Dare I hope someone is crafting a nifty spreadsheet thingybobber?
  20. Squatting like an uptight soccer mom in a rock concert bathroom. Maybe ab twisting at the gym with medicine balls. Shall see. Definitely squats tho
  21. Winter Break Self Lead Quest (starting when current challenge ends) Osla defeats the 3. So, I just celebrated a birthday and I want to make this year the healthiest year possible. I am going to focus on 30 days of wellness featuring 3 habits for those 30 days. If this works out, I will just rotate this over and over, also participating in challenges when they exist. I want to get this started because I don't want a gap after the current challenge ends and the New Year commences. Osla lives in Bluemill. Bluemill is a quiet, sleepy, tired town that Osla should escape. Osla seeks to reach the Isle of Also, a paradise filled with excitement, beauty, and joy. She must make her journey through trials and triumphs. 3 soldiers stand in the path between Osla and the bridge that leaves Bluemill. In order for Osla to reach the bridge she must battle each one and cause significant damage. The first soldier holds a silver wand in his hand. One wave of the wand and Osla grows weak. To destroy him, and seize the wand she must build strength. 1st habit, strength training 3x per week. The second soldier holds a bronze scepter in her hand. One sweep of the scepter and Osla grows tired. To end her, and steal the scepter she must build endurance. 2nd habit, cardio 3x per week for at least 20 minutes each session. The third soldier wields a golden chalice in his hand. One splash of this chalice and Osla becomes parched. 3rd habit, drink more water. Aim for 64 ounces at a minimum each day.
  22. Going to use this space to keep up with my goals during the winter break. Please follow along if you'd like or just drop in to say hello from time to time.
  23. Week 5 begins today, weooweeoooooweooo.(You should read that like a siren.) I joined the gym that I got the trial from. I am super excited as it is super duper nice. There is a salt water pool, a hot tub, dry sauna, every piece of cardio equipment known to alien and man, a women's only workout room, a cardio theater, several different weight machine circuit areas, a very large (slightly intimidating) free weights/body building area, basketball, racquetball, classes out the wazoo in three different studios... It's a lot! So, I am going today because my sign up included 2 free personal training sessions with the fitness director of the gym. ( I am well aware that this is to sell me on more sessions which I cannot afford, so I will just take advantage of any tips learned in these 2 freebies.) I have my first appointment with him this morning at 9am. If he doesn't leave me in a puddle, there is a yoga class that I will be attending at 10am. If you people don't hear from me by tonight maybe send some rescue dogs my way. I prefer puppies. The fluffier the better.
  24. Week 4 Sum up. I got sick. I got in trouble at work because my doctor didn't fill out the note the way my boss's boss wanted. I got angry about that. I had my normally stress inducing mother in town visiting. I managed to keep that stress at bay. I tried to stay as active as I can and still managed the gym Monday, Friday, and Sunday. I am giving myself a blanket pass for the week because when I say I was sick I mean there was one day where I couldn't get out of bed and we estimated that I slept 18 hours. I did create because my mother likes to just sit around so I finished TWO scarves in the 3 full days they were here. Week 4: Blanket Pass Q1: Walk (B) Q2: Dance (D) Q3: Track (C) LQ: Create (A) Mini: Recipe (Done)
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