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  1. Hey all. I wish I had the time! I'm going to start doing more bodyweight exercises, because I've just gotten so busy with work and school getting to the rec is making an impact on my sleep. As a result of this lack of sleep, I feel WAY less healthy...
  2. I found out yesterday that I don't have the muscle endurance to do 12 squats @ 105lb after I've already done 3 sets of 5. I'm considering switching from strength to hypertrophy on my squats (for definition purposes) for a few weeks. Maybe someday I'll be able to do 12 squats @ 145lb! My workout yesterday: 3x5 squats 130lb.3x5 OHP 55lb.3x5 stiff-legged deadlifts 130lb (limits of my grip strength).1x12 squats 105lb (then I did the next set to failure...managed 6 of the 12).4x5 inverted rows (alternating sets overhand/underhand)3x15 decline crunches (going for core definition).1x5 leg raises
  3. 1 rep Max found Monday! 145lb squat 135lb bench (I've apparently been a wimp about my bench presses) Whoop!
  4. Received an email about getting sculpted while losing fat aimed toward women...women whose only goal is to apparently lift tiny dumbbells...

    1. starsapart


      lololol I always laugh at those.

  5. Oh, I squat every day. I was talking about isometric squats instead of normal squats. Makes sense that you would only do that if you hit a plateau. I'm mostly doing isometric ab work. I'm on the search for a good ab/core workout that I can do as a part of my workouts (after all my lifts). I know compound lifts work core but I also want to really target those muscles. I also should do some isolated work for my lumbar, because I injured it last summer and it still has a propensity for a relapse if I'm not super-careful. Back problems are common to a lot of people, but I want to make sure I'm n
  6. I'm not that far from being able to do 5 rep sets of 145lbs if I keep eating like I am. I'm trying to decide, since I do barbell squats 2x/week, if I should do an isometric variation at least one of those 2x. I read about different ways to make your lift stronger on an article on t-nation today, and my favourite way was the isometric stuff. Isometrics suck, though. I did a bridge plank today (a back plank? No idea what it should be called) and my hamstrings burned so much! #worthit Check out fitocracy (linked in my signature) for my barbell sets. I didn't record the bridge plank because it d
  7. Found my 1 rep max today for squat and bench... Squat: 145lb Bench: 135lb BOOM!
  8. Hey all! What's the difference in value between doing large compound movements with barbells on non-consecutive days and working on different muscle groups each day with smaller-than-compound exercises? Is it just preference, or is there a reason that you would do one over the other? I'm just curious!
  9. I only started joining nerdfitness challenges for the fitness minis. If there are no fitness minis, I may as well not be here... >.>
  10. According to conclusions made by Norwegian scientists who did a study comparing them: "-For those interested in increasing muscle size, the more instable the better. Dumbbells are more effective than barbells and performing it while standing is more effective than performing it while seated. In addition it may be more effective for those wishing to enhance their sports performance as many sports require both strength and stabilization ability. -For those interested in increase maximum strength or power, barbells are more effective than dumbbells and performing it while seated allows more w
  11. I've missed dumbbells. I feel super-satisfied doing compound barbell work, but I love dumbbells so much, too, and I've been neglected them.
  12. Everything. I just don't like them. They're not enjoyable, and I lift weights primarily because it is an enjoyable way to train. I don't want to torture myself every week just to get in an exercise that I feel I could be replaced fairly well with other exercises.
  13. Hi sorry! Grad school started and homework caught up to me. Didn't have much extra time for surfing forums for noobs. Here now, though, so if we have any workout-related challenges I'm all ears!
  14. Barbell work is always fun. Either Starting Strength (most of the info is free online, so you don't have to purchase the book unless you just really want it for posterity). You need to make sure your form is all good, though, because unlike bodyweight you're doing load-bearing exercises which has the capacity to cause more injury if you do it wrong. Otherwise, I'm in love with dumbbells. With barbell work you're usually doing compound exercises so you do 3 non-consecutive days/week but if you have more time you can do dumbbell exercises and focus on rotating through muscle groups each day (
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