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  1. Alright now I understand thank you. So I just need to get to that daily requirement, doesn't matter if I eat or drink a little too much protein, I just need to keep an eye on how much calories I get in.
  2. My diet plan is just eat below 1400cal a day + exercise and sweat a lot to lose around 1kg a week. Thanks for your reply it helped a lot and answered all my questions, but what I'm afraid for is that I over eat protein and the excess amounts would be stored as fat and I would just gain more weight and fat, so I think 24g per shake per day should be enough and I'll eat the rest from animal foods.
  3. Isn't it true that if you do over-protein the excess amounts of protein would be stored as fat?
  4. I am looking to lose weight but at the same time I am going to the Gym and I am building muscle, I've calculated my daily protein needs and it is starting from 69g to 97g a day. I'm just looking to drink the protein shake after workout but I still don't know how much to take, I'm planning to just drink one scoop of protein powder and make up for the rest of the protein with normal food. So if I drink 28g of protein shakes I still have at least 41g of protein to eat during the day. Is that alright for losing weight, and is that calculator right? (See attachment) Thanks!
  5. I recently bought a Isolate Perfection Protein Shake, but I don't know how many grams of protein I should take per shake. I weigh 83.5 kilograms and I'm on a strict diet. (I do still work-out 4x a week) I plan to only drink a shake after the work-out and occasionally 60 minutes before work-out because of my diet plan. But to get back to the point, I really need to know how many grams of protein I should take per shake 'cause every tells me something different, some say a max. of 24 grams per shake, some say I should take 135 grams. I mix it with water. Thanks!
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