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  1. Protien and water intake is perfect, the workouts are being modified, for example I can not do enough of the incline pushups so I'm simply doing pushups, and I'm running the NFR on a tablet so it's difficult to update and post, but I'm in it to win it, level one is a sweet two weeks and two days away.
  2. Growing up my dad had quite a collection of Mack Bolan original novels and I feel for this fictional American hero. So I'm working out to be like the great American James Bond. My girlfriend is doing it with me, as she gathers the triforce (toning her butt, abs, and arms). Just poring to say hi. I've already posted my first 6 week challenge, because, why wait, time to get fit. ;3
  3. I'm off to a late start, but I need to start now rather than to wait. Main Quest: Prepare for and defeat Don Sergio Franchi (for those of you familiar with Mack Bolan) by preparing my body for functional physical capabilities, marksmanship, and even improving my intellect. 6 Week Quest: 1. Begin and stick to a workout routine (The James Bond Workout posted on NF and Mens Health) 2. Consume 30mg of protein, 30 minutes after waking (Tim Ferris 4 HC) 3. Drink a baseline of 2 liters of water Life Quest: Reread Don Quixote (Bolans favorite)
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