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  1. Thanks for waiting for me to catch up, Teros, here I go! Specific? Mostly, yes. There is some room for flexibility, but for me that is a buffer that lets me keep going. Measurable? Yup! That is the whole reason behind the battle log. Attainable? Absolutley, I'm shooting for a modest increase in strength (which I'm almost there already, heck yeah!) and to track my eating habits. Realistic? I think so... the hardest part will just be keeping track of the food. Trackable? Well now, that's the whole point of this, isn't it?
  2. Nice job!! That definitely hit some large muscle groups, so I'd imagine the caloric expense would be fairly decent. BTW, I do believe Barney is doing his own version of jumping jacks in that *.gif
  3. Making progress in this challenge, and feeling good today. My grant is mostly finished (1.5 pages left), the test notes are transcribed and I should be down to my last 5 slides for the presentation by the end of the night. The only thing that has slipped during this part of the challenge is that my eating habits have gone to pot. I'll keep an eye out for healthy alternatives, but probably won't take any major corrective action in the culinary department until after Monday. Thanks for reading, and have a good workout all!
  4. Fuel - Breakfast: Coffee, pear, cereal Lunch: Twix bar (2) Snack: tortilla chips and salsa, pear, coffee Dinner: Sandwich .... I have a feeling the late-night-study munchies may attack later. To be forewarned is to be four-armed Fire - Bench press - 10, 9, 4 at 145, 155, 165 Military press - 10, 8, 3 at 65, 75 ,85 Upright rows - 10, 8, 6 at 75, 85 Dumbbell curls - 10, 10, 7 at 25, 30, 35 Lat pull-down - 10, 10, 8 at plate #6, #7, #8 One-arm row - 3x10 at 40, 40, 40 Overhead tricep extension - 10, 10, 7 at 20, 25, 30 Butterfly machine - 10, 8 at plate #5, #6 Had to drop the military press
  5. Oh, darn pesky jobs getting in the way. I suppose things like food and shelter are worth it... maybe! Going back for a degree in Microbiology. I spent the last year working in the same lab I'm studying in now, so that's 1 year's worth of data I already have for a dissertation. It's a great experience, but man is it intense! So far week two is going fairly well... I had to take an extra rest day due to preparation for the avalanche of responsibilities coming due this upcoming Monday, but for the time being I'm keeping my head above water. And with that, time for sleep and to get back
  6. Fuel: Breakfast: Cereal, coffee Lunch: Subway sandwich and a cherry pepsi (I am nothing if not a creature of habit) Snack: coffee Dinner: Not sure yet ---------- yeah, so I haven't eaten nearly enough today, really need to scavenge something from the fridge Fire: Bench press - 10, 8, 7 at 145, 155, 165 Military press - 10, 8 at 75, 85 Upright rows - 10 6 at 75, 85 Dumbbell curls - 10, 10, 7 at 25, 30, 35 Lat pull-down - 10, 10, 3 at plate #6, #7, #8 One-arm row - 3x10 at 40, 40, 40 Overhead tricep extension - 10, 10, 7 at 20, 25, 30 Butterfly machine - 10, 10, 7 at plate #5, #6 Super busy
  7. Holy cow! 500 calories in 46 minutes?? First off, great job!! And second, I may just have to check this out... So, you mentioned a video, is this a hardcopy, or an online one? Just to see if it's something I can do.
  8. Too true! However I just ran a breakdown of what time I have and what remains to be done, and it is readily apparent that I need to buck that seasonal trend! I managed to get my workout in today, went to classes and spent some time on a presentation. After dinner it's time to transcribe some notes and log a couple of hours into writing a paper. I could say that winter break can't come soon enough, but truthfully, if I could fit a few extra days between now and Sunday that would be better!
  9. Thanks Lanithroe! But, I think for the time being my off day posts should resemble something like this: "Studied Virology and Methods, prepared presentation, worked on grant, worked on abstract, ran experiments". Don't have much time for anything in addition to that, but I'll do what I can to make those slightly more interesting. Today.... Fuel: Breakfast: Cereal, coffee, banana Lunch: Subway sandwich and a cherry pepsi (forgot to pack a lunch today) Snack: Chips and salsa (I really gotta find something else...) banana, apple, coffee Dinner: Pork roast marinara and a salad.... can you te
  10. My bravery for the week, well... I bit the bullet, set up an online dating account and sent out a couple of messages. That may not seem like much, but it's one of those odd steps-in-the-right-direction-that-is-also-a-step-into-the-Unknown.... and here's the kicker.... with people! Curious to see where this leads.
  11. That Predator routine looks intense! How is the challenge coming along??
  12. Way to go! Regarding the being full all day... I find that when I get home from classes and don't feel like eating, that's usually a sign that I've become dehydrated. Check your water! How's the yoga progressing?
  13. Lazy day today... about the only thing I've done has been to get my workout in. I had plans to get some studying done, but.... I'm going to chalk this one up to the first snowfall of the season, hard to concentrate when that's going on outside. Or, at least, that's my excuse this time around
  14. Fuel: Breakfast: Cereal, coffee, bananna Lunch: Sandwich, apple Snack: chips & salsa (so good... so good), coffee, bananna Dinner: Pulled pork burrito, beer Fire: Bench press - 8, 6, 3 at 145, 165, 175 Military press - 8, 8, 6 at 75, 85, 95 Upright rows - 8, 8, 4 at 75, 85, 95 Dumbbell curls - 8, 8, 6 at 25, 30, 35 Lat pull-down - 8, 8, 6 at plate #6, #7, #8 One-arm row - 3x10 at 40, 40, 40 Overhead tricep extension - 8, 8, 8 at 20, 25, 30 Butterfly machine - 10, 10, 6 at plate #5, #6 Allrighty, so I think I have established my range for my current challenge. I know I should be doing
  15. Allrighty! Two workouts under the belt and feeling good... hit a new personal fitness record today (battle log), so life is just peachy. Further, knocked out my first oral presentation for the life goals today. If anyone needs a short lecture on bacteriophage, I'm your man! The food log is coming along allright, though I think it will work best if I just document the food on the days I excercize, that way it's not quite sooo overwhelming. Feeling good, and know tomorrow is going to be full of well-earned soreness. Have a good one, all!
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