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  1. Grandkai_NL

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    I like it! Following!
  2. Grandkai_NL

    This is LITERALLY my first step towards success.

    Nice challenge, following!! Is it just those 4 bodyparts? Why not a full body day or upper/lower day?
  3. Grandkai_NL

    Cataleya Sneaks Back Into the Ranks

    Following!!! I love reading aswell, got the goal to read 2 books every month (one book in the morning & one in the evening). Relaxes and preps me for the beginning of the day or sleep.
  4. Grandkai_NL

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Next challenge is up! Trying out a challenge with the Rangers because my upcoming goals align a bit better with that class. And to see how the Rangers are.
  5. Grandkai_NL

    Grandkai joins the Ranger campfire

    Grandkai joins the Ranger Campfire I've been a Assassin for most of my NF Rebellion journey and with my current goals i thought it was a nice chance to see how the Rangers are. Let me give a quick introduction to who i am: Dutch guy from the Netherlands and i've been a few years now on the NF Rebellion forums. Did a bunch of challenges, had a break and been back for a few challenges now. I like reading, playing games and 100% them on Xbox. Lets get to the goals: Strength training 2-3x a week Since i started going back to the gym i have a LOT better focus & comitment to staying fit. I'll be doing Stronglifts 3x5 with Dips & Chin-ups added. I have a goal of hitting BW Shoulder press before switching to a new program (current BW is 87kg and my 3x5 right now is 50kg, so long way to go ) Run 1-2 times a week for 3-5 km I used to be a regular runner but after a 10K run last year i stopped, decided after the race to take a week break and after that i didnt run at all. The weather here in the Netherlands is oke right now, decent temperature and a bit cloudy but not so much rain. I have a few nice paths to run near my house so i got enough choices to run. Eat healthier Last challenge i payed more attention to sugars and drinking water. This challenge i want to improve it a bit more. This challenge i'm going to track every meal/drink/snack i consume, Drink 2 liters of water everyday, eat more fruits or consume them as a drink. 100% Gaming hobby In my free time i like to spend a few hours everyday working on getting all the achievements for games i own. With Borderlands 3 coming out in roughly 3 months i'm going to play through the first 3 games (Borderlands 1 & 2 and the Pre-Sequel) and try to 100% them. For the moment without all the included DLC's cause those also add 40-50 hours each and i dont have the time to do all of those aswell. So thats my challenge and i'm curious to see how the Rangers are.
  6. Grandkai_NL

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Love the challenge. Here to give you that extra boost!
  7. Grandkai_NL

    Cataleya Tries to Regain Her Balance

    Welcome back. Maybe you will find the gym key while cleaning
  8. Grandkai_NL

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Week 4 & Challenge review Rest of the week i did ok. Went on Friday to John Wick 3 Parabellum and after that i enjoyed the night with some red wine. Woke up yesterday with a bit of a headache and a dry mouth but i took a shower and went to the gym for just a little bit. Did a bit of cardio on the crosstrainer and some light barbell exercises to wake up and lose my headache a bit. Got home after that, took a shower and had to get ready to go to my parents cause yesterday evening my mother was celebrating her 60th birthday with a few close friends and they had a nice big party. Party was fun, talked a lot with family and friends from my parents and when i got home drank some water and slept. Today i go into my nightshift and woke up oke but a bit early so i did take a little powernap before i head to work. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | X / X Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X X X X X Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X X X X X Dva: No progress since Day 1, Rage 2 has been a bit too much fun but i feel i got my first week drive done right now and ready to finish ME2. Challenge review: I would say i passed this challenge. Had a few off days but overall i did really good. Lets quickly check my goals and what went well/bad Reinhardt/Brigitte: Felt really good. Had a few times the thought of changing the program but quickly removed that thought because i know if i change the program i would just be switching from workout plan to workout plan and not do anything. So i made a goal to keep doing this program until i hit a certain goal. Made some changes to the program to keep focus and some fun in it. Removed the KB Tabata & went to 3x5 instead of 5x5 to keep my focus on the workouts. and added the Dips & Chins to it. Mercy: I learned more about eating food by eating less sugars. I had a few cheat days but mostly i didnt miss the cookies or the soda's. And during the work day i would eat later depending on if i felt hungry or not. The next step would be to be to up the quality of food i eat and maybe count macro's? Zenyatta: The 5 minute flows feel good in the beginning of the day. Much better so far than if i would do the Yoga. Dva: Made a lot of progress but missed finishing it during this last week because of a new game, but i think thats normal for everyone when they get a new game. I am gonna finish this in week 0 of the next challenge and then i have Borderlands on my list to 100% and to make sure i really play the game i scheduled it again in my agenda instead of just winging it when i want to do it Overall it was a good challenge and i'll probably buy/order the figure sometime next week.
  9. Grandkai_NL

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Week 4, Day 2 & 3 Both days were oke, Tuesday was a bit better. After work i bought Rage 2 and been playing that quite a lot (bye bye ME2 progress ). During my evening routine i cleaned up a bit and dusted off a few pieces of furniture. Wednesday (today) wasnt so great, had a lot of trouble today at work with the machines which made my mood a bit sour. After that i went to the gym to workout but with the mood at work my mood at the gym also wasnt great. I went in and did some lighter weight squats and some dips & chin-ups, not a lot but its something Got home, showered and played some more Rage 2. Tomorrow i am going to play some ME2 so i can progress and maybe finish it before the challenge ends or maybe in week 0 of the next challenge. Right now i'm doing my evening routine, cleaned all the dishes & vacuumed the carpet. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | X / - (<- gonna count the second day for 1/2 cause it wasnt a full workout but i got there and did something) Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X - - - - Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X - - - - Dva: No progress since Day 1
  10. Grandkai_NL

    Grandkai Joins Overwatch

    Grandkai joins Overwatch Last couple of weeks i started going back to the gym and started playing more Overwatch. And with the next challenge coming up i thought: "Why not combine the gym & overwatch for a kewl challenge?" and here we are. Using a few heroes for a few goals i want to focus on this challenge. Reinhardt & Brigitte I am back in the gym and the goal for the challenge is to get stronger with the basic lifts, pull-ups & dips. And also burn some fat away. So i'm going to continue to follow the Stronglifts 5x5 but add the Pull-ups & Dips in it. And when the workout is done do a 5-10 minute Tabata/Circuit with a kettlebell to get the hearth rate up and sweat a bunch. - Workout 2-3 times a week in the gym using Stronglifts 5x5 Kettlebell Tabata/Circuit Angela "Mercy" Ziegler I've gained some weight since last year when i stopped exercising regularly (duh obvious) and i want to get healthier again and lose some weight. For the next weeks i'm going to focus more on what i eat and make sure i consume less sugar than before. So no cookies, soda, energy drinks etc. And i'm going to try and go from 2 cubes of sugar in my only cup of coffee a day to 1 or no cubes of sugar. Eat more fruit Consume less sugar than before 2 liters of water every day Zenyatta With weight training i realize my muscles are going to very short and tight. So besides doing #5 Minute Flow every morning i want to do 2 Yoga workouts a week at home to be and stay flexible and have strong joints. #5 Minute Flow every morning 2x a week Yoga session at home I'm doing a 100% game goal again. I had a burnout with gaming but i'm feeling much better with it and i decided to 100% Mass Effect 2. I only need to do the Insanity play-through and then i have it 100% and i'm roughly half-way with the play-through. 100% Mass Effect 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If i do good with this challenge i'm gonna reward myself with a cute Dva nendoroid. I already have a cute Mercy nendoroid and i love that one.