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  1. Hellooooooo, The GOALS!! - Workout the PHAT program!! Last challenge i did 5x5 to get my strength back and during that challenge i hit my plateau for the time. So its time for a new program and i always wanted to first get some base strength back, then do some bodybuilding and strength training and then go back to purely strength based. I hit that base strength part and now im going to do Layne Norton PHAT program for both strength and size.Its 5 days a week (mon, tue, thu, fri, sat) - Drink more water!! Especially in the last 2 weeks i noticed i've been getting a lot of cans of either Coca Cola Zero or Monster Energy and besides not being great for you its also expensive AF. So i want to NOT drink those drinks again while at home and instead drink more water again and a Sneak Energy shake here and there. - Mobility/stretching in the morning!! I've lost quite a bit of mobility and i want to get those back. So im going to do some 5 Minute Flow in the morning with some banded stretches. -Cleaning the apartment!! I got this nice new apartment since half november and so far i havent done any actual DAILY cleaning. I just let stuff pile up a tiny bit and then clean stuff. So i want to get back to daily cleaning (have the kitchen clean, pillows and such at their spot, vacuuming etc). I got a Roomba so im gonna have that do a few runs through the apartment during the week but i would still need to do some vacuuming myself on spots it cant reach. So those are the goals, lets GET IT!!
  2. Final week & challenge review: So sadly the final week didnt go so well as the first few weeks. The change from my normal shift to a day shift really messed up my "system". I did eat a apple every day at work but the morning and evening routine didnt go as good as i wanted. Neither the working out with the final 2 weeks. When i was done with work i was just exhausted and didnt want to do anything except sit at home and play final fantasy 14 (which i started playing the last few weeks). Review: First challenge back.... despite not everything going exactly like i wanted i did get some stuff going. - Apple a day went great, i didnt eat a apple during the weekends but the 5 times a week at work is already a great start. - Working out 3-4 times a week went great until the final 2 weeks. But with going back to my normal shifts upcoming week i just KNOW im going to get back on it again. - Morning/evening routine didnt go so well but i've laid some foundation for it. Woke up and got out of bed & in to bed at the times i wanted. Now i just need to slowly get it back to what i had before. Can't wait for the next challenge and focus on some new goals!!
  3. Damn im late posting something... AGAIN Week 3 & 4. Week 3 went pretty well, i hit a weight that i felt like i could do 4 reps and not 5. So its over with the constant increasing weight and thus time for slow weight increases. Week 4 i didnt workout at all cause of my shift. Apple each day went REALLY well the last week. Took a apple with me to work and it was great having it again during my lunch break. Morning/evening routine was tough, i did wake up somewhat early some days but didnt do my reading.
  4. It truly is awesome! Definitely great for my mental state, cause i always dreaded going to the gym worried the equipment i needed was going to be constantly filled. Now every workout is excitement level to the MAX!! Yes!.... wait you're also from Deventer?
  5. Woops, forgot to update here *bonks own head* Lets see..... this is week 2 now i believe. The last 2 weeks so far have been quite busy and tiring because of work. Lots of meetings, long days but was still able to HIT THE GYM EVERY OTHER DAY. And seeing the progress with that has been amazing. I've been writing every workout in a diary and "trying" to write down regularly my weight & bf% to see if something happens. But alas not a whole lot of changes there, working out is easy but getting the nutrition good is the hard part. In the last 2 weeks i've only had a apple once or twice I'm having some difficulties to get back to proper nutrition after the last couple of months to a year of not having a "diet" to go back to one. So i know this week is going to be a bust regarding the apple but next week i'm going to have a good work shift again where i bring sandwhiches with me and i can add the apple in the sandwhich container so i have to eat my apple then! The morning/evening routine.... oh boi thats also a special one. I aimed for 3 times a week, this week i've done a morning routine once but havent done a evening routine at all... YET. I'm blaming it on my Philips Hue lights but its actually myself, i havent made a light routine for it that the lights in a few rooms turn off to indicate its that time, i havent gotten up to start it even tho i see the time while at my pc but instead of doing it i just scrolls without purpose through twitter/youtube. I just made the schedule on the Philips Hue lights so there's a trigger now. Besides that i need to get a few new books, what i always enjoyed in the morning/evening was reading a book but i havent gotten any new ones to read, so tomorrow im gonna head to a local book store and look for one or two books for the morning. Dont know exactly what but who knows maybe i'll find something good. (Maybe i'll get one of those book challenges again). So overall.... its not going the greatest, but starting back over is always tough. The working out goal is pretty much in the bag, the apple and routine ones.... if i can somewhat get that goal by the end of the challenge i'd still call it a win. 2 weeks to go, lets finish it up nicely!
  6. Thank uuuuuuuu THe morning/evening routine helped me so much with getting stuff done to just improve my health. Mobility in the morning helped a TON! And the evening routine helped SO MUCH to get to sleep (lights and stuff off an hour before bed and reading in bed for 20 minutes or so before sleeping) Poggies! Thank uuuuuuu Gotta keep it reasonable when starting again
  7. Aight, day... 1? 2? Screw it xD Update 2-1-23. Its around noon today and the last few days before this challenge i signed up to a new gym in my city. Instead of the big gym's with a lot of equipment this is one with 7 little islands with a squat rack, weights, dumbells, kettlebells and some bands and such... AND I AM LOVING IT!! I have my own little island where i can go, workout and leave. No more waiting on equipment to be available. So far i've done 3 workouts there and its great & i forgot what muscle soreness felt like xD xD Today i did the first of my morning routines (stretching & reading with coffee) and in a bit im going to do groceries to make meals (been a long time since i've done that) and probably going back to semi diet i used to do: chicken, veggies, sammiches with peanut butter, nuts. Kind of a mix between paleo and typical bodybuilder i suppose? idk Excited for what the rest of the week and the challenge is going to do for me.
  8. Hey everyone! Returning "player" here, it has been quite a few years since i did a Challenge. Last year i noticed i often during work would over stretch or feel slight pain during work and i made the goal with myself to get back into fitness AFTER i moved to a new apartment. Currently im living in my new apartment for a month and so its time to get back into fitness. Going to keep it simple to get back into the groove of things: -> Workout 3-4 times a week: I'm going to keep it to the basics of the Rippetoe 5x5. Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Presses, Deadlifts and Chin-ups. (Eventually i want to "evolve" my program to Wendler with BW and such but thats for WAYYY later). -> Eat a piece of fruit every day: I'm low on my veggie & fruit levels, so first up a piece of fruit every day. Apple or Banana (i like both) -> Start my day/night routine atleast 3 times a week: I had a whole morning/evening routine which involved stretching, reading, some coffee or tea and i've lost that routine. I want to get back into that aswell. Nothing too crazy and lets just see how it goes
  9. Heyo! Returning rebel here! Its been a LOOOOOOOONG time since i've done a challenge. Bit of a background story: Couple of years back i did a lot of challenges here on the forums and they helped me IMMENSELY with getting into fitness, hobbies & nutrition. And at some i stopped doing the challenges cause they kept being the same and for me i was disciplined enough to keep track of them. Then COVID happened and like for everyone else i fell off everything. BUT!! its (for the most part) under control now and thus a good time for me to get back in the game! Goals! 1) Read when i wake up & read before i head to sleep (atleast 4x a week) I used to read every morning when i woke up with a cup of coffee and read in bed before i would sleep (i have those fancy philips hue lights so i would read until they dimmed and then sleep). I want to read more again, i want to read atleast 4x a week. Doesnt matter how long, it can be 5 minutes, 5 pages doesnt matter. Its all about getting back in the rhythm. 2) Exercise in some form every day aka Move My Body I used to exercise a fair amount back in the day. Bodyweight stuff 3 times a week, running 3 times a week and mobility work every day. Now that all is gone, so to get back on track im gonna exercise every day. BUT very open. So it can be a bit of mobility, it can be one set of push-ups, it can be a couple of squats, it can even be getting a sweat with a VR game. So "move my body every day", whether its one stretch movement, one set of exercise or move with a vr game. Its all about getting back in daily movement. Thats all the goals for now! I have a semi-grip on my nutrition currently. Next challenge i plan to upgrade that.
  10. Really late update... How long has it been since i updated? 2 weeks? Woah thats quite a long time. Time to explain what happened. There's no deep explanation, no extreme situation that has happened. I just got sucked into Destiny 2 PVP, trying to get better because a new content drop coming tomorrow with a big emphasis on PVP events. And that has taken a lot of my time, focused a lot on that when i was home. WOOPS! So what did go well the last 2 weeks? Getting my workouts in & tracking my food intake with MFP. So.......only 2 out of 6 YIKES! However i got that itch scratched pretty good right now and even tho the next content comes tomorrow i feel much better pushing it to the side and focus on other stuff. Workouts have been going great, getting stronger every week. The food tracking is also going well, have been eating a bit higher calories last week and when i stood on the scale a hour ago i lost a tiny bit of weight (0,2kg & 0,1% bf). So i have to be close to what MFP says to lose weight. (i ate about 2200-2700 and according to MFP i need to eat about 2000 to lose weight consistently) The plan for the last 2 weeks, changing the goals up a bit cause i said in the title "Gets back to basics 2.0" but its too much basics: - Workout 3 times a week STAYS - Run 1x a week im removing this one cause the weather isnt looking to get any better for the next 2 weeks. So i'm gonna shift that to next challenge where the weather will be better, hopefully - No ordering food STAYS - Up my protein with a shake STAYS, trying to hit 200g of protein on workout days and somewhat near 130-150g on non-workout days - Everyday Blender with cleaning CHANGES I need to focus on Blender instead of doing it with cleaning, dont know yet how many times a week i'm going to do it but i will do it on days i dont workout (more time) - Stretch/Handstand CHANGES: dropping the handstand practice but keeping the stretches, right now i feel overwhelmed with everything so only keeping the most important one. well as you probably read...it didnt Near the end of march the weather seems to really change to spring (which is my favorite season) I take about 4 scoops a day (the max they recommend ) to get to my 200g protein. I did some math and if i do that every day that container can last about 2 weeks so...probably good to get more prtein from other sources aswell I'm not really far right now, the furthest i have come with handstands were free HEADstands and maybe 5 second crow poses. I think it took me, if i only take the time i followed the tutorial on the dot, a couple of hours. But i took a lot of days between episodes to continue. I have been working on it now for a couple of weeks. Following the tutorial is easy, but i know that when i start with my project and have to do it on my own the progress will be really slow
  11. Week 1, Day 4 till 7 Rest of the week went oke, didn't have a chance to go for a run outside (the weather was shitty as f**k, a lot of rain and strong winds). But i did stretch a bit everyday and notice my wrist and body have gotten a bit stiff so its nice to get it all loose again. I made some great progress with Blender, its been a bit since i worked with it so i had to re-learn shortcuts but when i got that dialed in i was able to follow the tutorial pretty good. Last challenge i shared this picture of my tutorial donut: Which is already pretty cool and tasty looking. But during the weekend i was able to add something to it to create this: ITS HAS SPRINKLES!!!!! So its looking better and better. I'm still a long way off from starting with my project but seeing this stuff is just amazing and really motivating. Progress: Goal 1A: X X X / - - - / - - - / - - - / - - - Goal 1B: - / - / - / - / - ------------ Goal 2A: X X X X X X - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / Goal 2B: - - X - X - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / ------------ Goal 3A: X - X - - X X / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / Goal 3B: X X X X X- - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - /
  12. Luckily i have a 1000g container, so i can finish it somewhat fast and try a different taste. I'll have to try unflavored after this Strawberry one
  13. Week 1, Day 1 till 3 A decent first few days. Ordered my protein powder and got delivered yesterday, which was perfect cause it was a workout day. I forgot that protein shakes don't have the most amazing taste I have to tiny bit of trouble to change up my routine with the stretching again in the morning and changing my Pomodoro stuff with Blender. But i'm sure after week 1 i will have gotten used to it. Not much more to report as of now... Progress: Goal 1A: X X - / - - - / - - - / - - - / - - - Goal 1B: - X X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / ------------ Goal 2A: X X X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / Goal 2B: - - X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / ------------ Goal 3A: X - X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / Goal 3B: X X X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - /
  14. I'm doing 10 minutes of Blender work and then 5 minutes of cleaning. Then Blender again for 10 minutes, clean 5 minutes, blender 10 minutes, clean 15 minutes. I know it easier to clean up immediately after i used something but, for me atleast, this is a great way to clean up and clean the big stuff every day (like the bathroom & the toilet)
  15. Grandkai Get's back to basics 2.0 Last challenge i did fairly well with getting back on the horse and bettering my every day life. This challenge is a continuation of my previous challenge to first go back to a good basic life. Workout Goal 1A: Workout 3x a week Goal 1B: Run outside 1x a week Last challenge i did pretty good with workout out a few times a week and i want to continue that streak. So gonna keep doing my Push/Pull/Legs Full Body setup. I also used to be a decent/regular runner, used to run 2-3 times a week for about 5-10 km every time. But after a running competition...uuh 2 years ago?.... i stopped running. The weather here is going to the better side of it all and i want to take this opportunity to get back into running and enjoy the outside again and clear my head. Nutrition Goal 2A: No ordering food for the whole challenge Goal 2B: Use a protein shake to UP my protein intake Last challenge i did...oke with not ordering food but near the end of the challenge i got lazy and ordered food. Yeah its handy but i still ordered mostly "bad, fatty, fried" food. So i want to stop ordering that all again and enjoy the meals I MAKE. I did realize with the last challenge and tracking all my food, well most of my foods, that protein wise i was a bit lower than i need to be. According to MFP i need to eat 100g of protein but if i calculate i should be getting more around 200g. So i'm buying some protein powder to help me up my protein amount and help me get closer to the amount i should be getting. Hobby/Skill Goal 3A: Everyday Blender with Pomodoro cleaning Goal 3B: Everyday stretch/Handstand practice Last challenge i started learning Blender and i'm loving it, did it 2-3 times a week and noticed every time i worked with it i had to really remember all my short-cut keys. So i decided to practice/learn it every day to remember the keys and get faster progress. I am gonna combine this with my Pomodoro style of cleaning. I also used to stretch every morning and do some form of Handstand practice (on a regular basis), i want to get better at this stuff aswell cause doing a handstand is one of my goals for 2020. So every morning i'm going to do stretches (after i'm done with reading and coffee), at the gym i'm doing the NF Handstand workouts & if i dont have a gym day i'm doing some wall stands & headstands. Here we go!!
  16. Oooh dang, i forgot to update....but we are all used to it by now Don't have a lot of time today to write something so gonna keep it short. Last week went so-so. Workout went good, eating could go better, hobby stuff could go better. Didnt prioritize certain stuff and instead went for the lazy route. Quick summary for this challenge. I'm glad with what i did this challenge. Got back in a good workout rhythm, i enjoy the workouts and they aren't too time consuming (i can get in and out in roughly 30-45 minutes). Eating went pretty good, had some trouble in the beginning of finding what i enjoy eating but i got a better selection of what i like and don't like. I did notice near the end of the challenge and the week i was more likely to order something online (its not great, but only once a week is one hell of a improvement compared to before). My hobbies....im super glad i started with Blender. Its fun and interesting and those shortcuts are something i really have to learn. Every time i finish a Tutorial video im impressed with what i made. The cleaning tho...the drive to finish Darksiders went down each week. Maybe its because all the stuff i need to do i already did in the Xbox 360 version and this is the Xbox One Remastered version. So its kinda boring. I might have to try something else starting next week. Any suggestions? Maybe a different game or a skill between the cleaning times? I'll have to try some stuff out. Overall this was a decent challenge. If i would rate it out of 10 i would give it a 7, not amazing but still a good start again. Gonna take this week to think about the goals for next challenge. Things i was thinking about right now are: continue Blender (its great), use supplements to up my protein and perhaps some multivitamins......and a new skill perhaps? i dont know, i'll figure it out this week. Thank you for joining me in this challenge and hopefully i'll see you guys in the next one
  17. Finish Level 1 Blender Tutorial; ooh heck yes i finished that one and i'm really freaking proud of it. With Level 1 you learn the basics of Blender and you make a Donut. Here's my Donut render. The next levels will all be about giving sprinkles, more detail and other objects in the picture. Play my scheduled PS4 time; did do this on tuesday but not on Thursday, buddy wanted to game on Thursday but he ended up coming online really late so i could have spend a couple of hours on my PS4. Oh well, will probably do a few hours today. Update on Day 3/Wednesday: yeah....totally forgot.but i'm here now, better than nothing Week 4, Day 1 till 4 Worked out twice, finished my Level 1 Blender tutorial (see pic above ) and did good on eating EXCEPT for yesterday (Thursday) i had a real craving for sushi so i ordered some but it didnt taste aswell as i had in my head. So i was a bit dissapointed. Got through the most annoying achievement with Darksiders so now its only the collectibles left. Its gonna be a bit tedious cause i did grab a bunch of those on my playthrough but i dont remember which so to be safe i'll have to check every spot again. Next week is the final week and so far i'm happy with everything i'm doing. I'm focusing more on food, tracking the last 2 weeks most foods i ate, enjoying my workouts more & enjoying playing on my PS4 and learning Blender. Yeah i'm a bit behind with updating here, but thats just a tiny thing. Progress: Workouts: X X X X | X X - X | X X X | X X - | Nutrition: X X X X X | X X - X - | X X X X X | X X X X - - Hobby: X X X X - | - X - - - | X X X X X | X X X X - -
  18. there are a heckin lot of short-cuts. Luckily i got a list from Blender Guru (im following his tutorial on youtube)
  19. Week 3, Day 3 till Day 7 lets first look back at this. "Test Blender again": it took a few days but i got back into blender and i forgot to save and had to do a lot of actions again BUT this helped me learn a few actions again so tis not a total loss. With knowing what went wrong last time i decided to not follow the tutorial to the dot. In the program you can set how detailed the drawing is and before i set it on a level 3 (like in the tutorial) but this time i went with a level 2 and it WORKED!!! i was able to get pass the sticking point and ready to continue. "Spend the hours on the PS4 that i scheduled" did okay with this. Didnt spend the complete times but still a lot without "missing" playing on my xbox too much. "Update here on Day 4" yeah i totally missed that. Day 3 till 5 went pretty good. Got my workouts in, got close to my calories each day. Didnt order any food online which felt AWESOME!, made some progress with Darksiders achievements (not sure if i will be able to 100% it at the end of the challenge but i'm gettin close) and overall had a good week. Friday was my mothers birthday & in the evening we went out to dinner and had some drinks. I had a Tournedos which was to die for, it was so yummy. And i kept it easy with snacks during the evening, beers not so much but it was a celebration so i didnt really care. Saturday & Sunday were really lazy days. I was supposed to go to my mothers party (for friends and family) on saturday but i fell a sleep on the couch and woke up at 10PM. My father was a bit worried since i wasnt there but i texted him to let him know what happened. And it was all good. All i did on Sunday was go with my sister to a electronics store to buy her a tablet and a wireless speaker. I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in and, i understand why nutrition is important but now i saw actual progress and it made me 10 times more motivated to eat healthy and hit my calories. Last week i weight 83,5 kg (184 lbs) with 17,5% BodyFat. After last week where i ate close to my calories each day (2020 cal) i went down to 82 kg (180 lbs) & 16,6% bodyfat. Which puts me back on the same weight as in October. Progress: Workouts: X X X X | X X - X | X X X | - - - | Nutrition: X X X X X | X X - X - | X X X X X | - - - - - - Hobby: X X X X - | - X - - - | X X X X X | - - - - - - *Goals for the next few days: - Finish Level 1 Blender Tutorial; - Once again play my scheduled PS4 time; - Update on Day 3/Wednesday
  20. you helped a friend study, i wouldnt call that being lazy
  21. Their loss. Sometimes i'm surprised what some companies ask even for entry-level/starter positions. They expected everyone to have super high level skills even when they just got out of school.
  22. Week 3, Day 1 & 2 Monday was a nice productive day, had a good workout and a good filled afternoon without distractions. In the evening i continued my tutorial in Blender, which hit a little bit of a ditch. The program froze a few times while i was trying to move something in Blender, could be that my laptop isnt powerful enough (which can be a possibility since its also 2 years old and not the highest spec) but i will see it tomorrow/today when i try it again. If it ends up that my laptop isnt powerful enough i'll probably look into a other drawing program (perhaps 2D instead of 3D) and learn/create art with that. On day 2 i spent some time with my PS4 instead of my Xbox, i'm mostly a Xbox Gamer but i kept lookin at my PS4 lately and i wanted to put more time in there to finish the games i still have lying around. So like the routine type of guy i am i scheduled a couple of hours every few days so i can finish those games. And it felt so nice, playing Nier Automata and i forgot what a good game it is. Only downside is that i'm really invested again in Destiny 2 so i am easily convinced by a good friend to switch to that and game with him... Progress: Workouts: X X X X | X X - X | X - - | - - - | Nutrition: X X X X X | X X - X - | X X - - - - | - - - - - - Hobby: X X X X - | - X - - - | X X - - - - | - - - - - - *Goal for the next few days: - Test Blender again, if it doesnt work trouble shoot the web for help. If there's no solution except "get a better PC" look into 2D drawing programs - Spend the hours on the PS4 that i scheduled - Update here on Day 4 (Thursday)
  23. If one person can make something badass as this: Its gonna take a long while for me to do it but in the words of Shia LaBeouf
  24. If your breakfast/lunch is in a package with a barcode you can scan it with MyFitnessPal and it will automatically put everything in. Makes it a whole lot easier to track stuff. OH NO! Good luck at your GP and i hope this was something "small".
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