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  1. Really late update... How long has it been since i updated? 2 weeks? Woah thats quite a long time. Time to explain what happened. There's no deep explanation, no extreme situation that has happened. I just got sucked into Destiny 2 PVP, trying to get better because a new content drop coming tomorrow with a big emphasis on PVP events. And that has taken a lot of my time, focused a lot on that when i was home. WOOPS! So what did go well the last 2 weeks? Getting my workouts in & tracking my food intake with MFP. So.......only 2 out of 6 YIKES! However i got that itch scratc
  2. Week 1, Day 4 till 7 Rest of the week went oke, didn't have a chance to go for a run outside (the weather was shitty as f**k, a lot of rain and strong winds). But i did stretch a bit everyday and notice my wrist and body have gotten a bit stiff so its nice to get it all loose again. I made some great progress with Blender, its been a bit since i worked with it so i had to re-learn shortcuts but when i got that dialed in i was able to follow the tutorial pretty good. Last challenge i shared this picture of my tutorial donut: Which is already pretty cool and tasty looking. But during the
  3. Luckily i have a 1000g container, so i can finish it somewhat fast and try a different taste. I'll have to try unflavored after this Strawberry one
  4. Week 1, Day 1 till 3 A decent first few days. Ordered my protein powder and got delivered yesterday, which was perfect cause it was a workout day. I forgot that protein shakes don't have the most amazing taste I have to tiny bit of trouble to change up my routine with the stretching again in the morning and changing my Pomodoro stuff with Blender. But i'm sure after week 1 i will have gotten used to it. Not much more to report as of now... Progress: Goal 1A: X X - / - - - / - - - / - - - / - - - Goal 1B: - X X - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - / -
  5. I'm doing 10 minutes of Blender work and then 5 minutes of cleaning. Then Blender again for 10 minutes, clean 5 minutes, blender 10 minutes, clean 15 minutes. I know it easier to clean up immediately after i used something but, for me atleast, this is a great way to clean up and clean the big stuff every day (like the bathroom & the toilet)
  6. Grandkai Get's back to basics 2.0 Last challenge i did fairly well with getting back on the horse and bettering my every day life. This challenge is a continuation of my previous challenge to first go back to a good basic life. Workout Goal 1A: Workout 3x a week Goal 1B: Run outside 1x a week Last challenge i did pretty good with workout out a few times a week and i want to continue that streak. So gonna keep doing my Push/Pull/Legs Full Body setup. I also used to be a decent/regular runner, used to run 2-3 times a week for about 5-10 km every time. But af
  7. Oooh dang, i forgot to update....but we are all used to it by now Don't have a lot of time today to write something so gonna keep it short. Last week went so-so. Workout went good, eating could go better, hobby stuff could go better. Didnt prioritize certain stuff and instead went for the lazy route. Quick summary for this challenge. I'm glad with what i did this challenge. Got back in a good workout rhythm, i enjoy the workouts and they aren't too time consuming (i can get in and out in roughly 30-45 minutes). Eating went pretty good, had some trouble i
  8. Finish Level 1 Blender Tutorial; ooh heck yes i finished that one and i'm really freaking proud of it. With Level 1 you learn the basics of Blender and you make a Donut. Here's my Donut render. The next levels will all be about giving sprinkles, more detail and other objects in the picture. Play my scheduled PS4 time; did do this on tuesday but not on Thursday, buddy wanted to game on Thursday but he ended up coming online really late so i could have spend a couple of hours on my PS4. Oh well, will probably do a few hours today. Update on Day 3/Wednesday: yeah....totall
  9. there are a heckin lot of short-cuts. Luckily i got a list from Blender Guru (im following his tutorial on youtube)
  10. Week 3, Day 3 till Day 7 lets first look back at this. "Test Blender again": it took a few days but i got back into blender and i forgot to save and had to do a lot of actions again BUT this helped me learn a few actions again so tis not a total loss. With knowing what went wrong last time i decided to not follow the tutorial to the dot. In the program you can set how detailed the drawing is and before i set it on a level 3 (like in the tutorial) but this time i went with a level 2 and it WORKED!!! i was able to get pass the sticking point and ready to continue. "Spend the ho
  11. you helped a friend study, i wouldnt call that being lazy
  12. Their loss. Sometimes i'm surprised what some companies ask even for entry-level/starter positions. They expected everyone to have super high level skills even when they just got out of school.
  13. Week 3, Day 1 & 2 Monday was a nice productive day, had a good workout and a good filled afternoon without distractions. In the evening i continued my tutorial in Blender, which hit a little bit of a ditch. The program froze a few times while i was trying to move something in Blender, could be that my laptop isnt powerful enough (which can be a possibility since its also 2 years old and not the highest spec) but i will see it tomorrow/today when i try it again. If it ends up that my laptop isnt powerful enough i'll probably look into a other drawing program (perhaps 2D instead of 3D)
  14. If one person can make something badass as this: Its gonna take a long while for me to do it but in the words of Shia LaBeouf
  15. If your breakfast/lunch is in a package with a barcode you can scan it with MyFitnessPal and it will automatically put everything in. Makes it a whole lot easier to track stuff. OH NO! Good luck at your GP and i hope this was something "small".
  16. Okay, last week was bad to track my stuff here. I am just bad at journaling so for the rest of the weeks i'm putting down a checklist and will write atleast 1 sentence to tell you guys how the day was. But first......last weeks progress (a bit more extensive): Week 2 Update: This week wasnt a good one. The meals i made were really small and i didnt get close to my maintain calories, bought more snacks & food when i should be fasting. So not a great week nutrition wise. Workout wise it went oke, i did my workouts and decided to change from 4 days a week to 3 days a we
  17. Probably 2 or 3 more. So not too crazy and then the rest of the achievements are collecting stuff. Hopefully i can get through those in a week after this farming achievement.
  18. Day 2 till Day 5. Oh yeah i need to update this The last few days went well, had some good rest days and played a bunch of Destiny 2. On day 2 i went to the gym and did some overhead presses, dips & chin-ups. I wanted to go yesterday to the gym but i felt so tired from my nightshift so i skipped it. Today i wasnt really feeling it, BUT i decided to go and do a quick one. Did Deadlifts 2x5 & Bench Press 2x8 and called it. Head home, shower & put on comfy clothes cause i dont have to leave the house anymore today. All the days i did my cleaning stuff. alternating every day
  19. Week 1, Day 1 Woke up nice on time after the first night shift of 2020 and ready to start a new challenge and start working on myself. After my morning routine (coffee & reading) i grabbed my gym bag, put on my Overwatch Reinhardt shirt and headed to the gym. It was a long break since my last workout so i decided to go with 3x5 on Squat and tried to find a good weight. Ended up with 100 kgs for 3x5. Felt good and after that i did some leg presses & leg extensions. Went to the store to buy some meal containers but they didnt have the size i needed so i'll have to buy some
  20. I missed all your faces! ❤️ Its a great idea @WhiteGhost cause "a apple a day keeps the doctor away"
  21. When those day's arrive they are the best, together on the couch watching shows and relaxing and letting that hangover pass Same, messages go so freakin fast and when i get get to add something to the conversation, everyone is already done with talking about it
  22. Loving everything in this challenge! Following and lets make 2020 a great year!
  23. Hey everyone! Respawning again now in 2020. Maybe you remember me, if not here's a rundown: joined NFR a few years back and did some great challenges where i saw a lot of changes. Until i got to a point where i thought i had it down and stopped the challenges, it went well for a bit but i slowly slipped up. Tried a few times to get back into these challenges but ended up stopping half-way through the challenge (not sure why i stopped). But that time has passed, last year i made some changes and i want to improve those changes in the new year. Seeing as this is the first challenge of 202
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