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  1. Going through Bioshock's campaign for the second time for the final 6 achievements.
    Part of my 4-Week Challenge.

  2. Its hot here right now. 31 degrees Celsius, really annoying. Had asthma when i was young and its coming back right now. Add hay fever and i got the whole package.

    Luckily i put the sunshade down before the sun came so it not hot im my house.

  3. I don't really like a the summer period, its hot, your clothes stick to you and you can get a sunburn. And i got a massive sunburn last tuesday, these last few days I've done nothing but drinking a lot of water and spraying after-sun on the hot area's. 
    Perhaps i'm the only one saying this but....i can't wait till its winter.

  4. i think its been....3 months now that i havent gone to the gym. And it feels oke. But i do want to workout. So Bodyweight stuff at home is the plan. Don't know what yet really but ill figure that out soon enough.

  5. The last few weeks i had no motivation to get to the gym, didnt know what to do and the moment i did one exercise i was yawning and tired. So i decided to clean up my basement a bit and buy a Kettlebell (6kg/13lbs) and do some simple bodyweight and KB workouts at home. 
    Today i did my first small workout in my basement. KB Swing, Push-ups and Squats 25,20,15,10,5. It was pretty fun and challenging. It gave me a nice sweat and i didn't yawn. I finished it a few minutes ago and right now as i'm typing this my hands are still a bit shaking.

    It was fun and definitely going to keep doing it for a while until i have motivation and drive to get to the gym.

  6. Early morning workout, energy low and to make matters worse my headphones broke halfway through. Still finished it oke.

    1. EllieTheMage


      Kudos to you for still finishing it though! I think I might've given up when the headphones broke. I'm addicted to working out to music :0

    2. Grandkai_NL


      It was tough, the music they play at the gym SUCKS! The funny thing is the headphones snapped in half right at the jack, not the cable or anything no the freaking jack.

  7. Woke up at 4 for work and excited because the new 4-week challenge starts today.

  8. 1 Hour before my first Body Balance class.

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