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  1. Hey everyone! Respawning again now in 2020. Maybe you remember me, if not here's a rundown: joined NFR a few years back and did some great challenges where i saw a lot of changes. Until i got to a point where i thought i had it down and stopped the challenges, it went well for a bit but i slowly slipped up. Tried a few times to get back into these challenges but ended up stopping half-way through the challenge (not sure why i stopped). But that time has passed, last year i made some changes and i want to improve those changes in the new year. Seeing as this is the first challenge of 2020 & the new decade i decided to start simple. Also thanks to those "Back to Basics" emails from Steve Fitness: Strength train 4 movements a week; The focus is to get stronger with Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift & Squat. And rather than call it "4 times a week" and put pressure on me i went with this. The focus for now isnt to go 4 times a week, its to get stronger. Health: No ordering food & a apple a day The focus is to get back to the rhythm of making food i enjoy and not spend a lot of money on ordering food. The apple a day is to get more fruit in me. Hobby/Life: Other stuff i want to get back into routine - Cleaning every day as soon as i get home; used to do a Pomodoro Routine (10 min work, 5 min clean) every day to clean everything up. It used to work, but at a certain moment i got into cleaning up as part of my evening routine. And when that started i stopped using the Pomodoro method and stopped cleaning the big stuff on a regular basis. So as soon as i get home its doing on of these 3: vacuuming & mopping the floor, cleaning the toilet, cleaning the shower. - 100% Darksiders Remastered; i used to complete 1 game every month & want to get back into that. So i planned out a few hours each week to focus on this game. Can't wait to start and get back into shape & routine.
  2. Week 2 update. I'm gonna keep this short, night shifts are tough to record. Doesn't feel right to type something out before heading to work and don't have energy to type something out after work (i just want to get to bed and sleep before the sun rises). - Got 3 workouts in YAY - Did 0 Yoga workouts NO!! I noticed if i do them immediatly when i wake up im yawning a lot and not focused, i tried doing them after my coffee but by that moment i'm in total "get ready to workout" mode and i skip them. - Went out for dinner with my parents on Friday and on Saturday i made something but it had coconut milk and just the smell made me want to gag and the taste wasnt great. But the stores were closed by this time so i ended up ordering some food. so MEH for these goals - Ordered food once, reason above. so NO!! - Got some medallions completed for the 100% and i should write down the amount of stuff i need to do to keep it easier to track. but progress is going steady so YAY
  3. Sort of the same as last week. My biggest goals/tasks for this week are: - Getting my bicycle to the shop for a check-up - Get new profile pictures taken for my driving license and re-new it. And i’m going to try out Intermittent Fasting. And look into some nutrition stuff about it.
  4. Its going to be REALLY interesting!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woeps missed a few days lets catch up: Week 1, Day 4 till Day 7 Day 4 was another rest day. Rest days are my LEGIT rest days, bought some stuff at the grocery store so i could make burrito's and made a couple of those for the evening and kept a few as a snack the next day after work. Day 5 was supposed to be a workout day, but in the morning i saw what the weather was going to be and it was TERRIBLE!!! A lot of rain and strong winds, so i opted to skip the gym on this day and instead do it on Day 6. However.... i was going to drink some beers with a buddy of mine on Saturday but he asked if we could do it on Friday instead, sure no problem with me. So i had a fun evening with a good buddy of mine. Drinking some beers, talking about life & a lot about video games in particular Destiny 2 (which has a new DLC coming out in October which i am exciting for). (Day 6) Woke up the next day with some headache from the beer and that started to get me in a full relax & do nothing mood. Its been a while since i drank a lot of beer (we went from 8pm till 2am and we had special beer so it also kicks a punch) and i forgot that i can get a headache from it. Took a cold shower and drank A LOT of water. But i ordered some fast food instead of making my own food. -1 on goal!! Halfway through the afternoon the headache was gone and in the evning after my fast food dinner i chilled on the couch and did a good old "anime & chill" evening, with water instead of beer. It was a good evening, finally caught up to My Hero Academia and just in time for Season 4 to start. Yesterday (Day 7) i woke up wayyyyy too early since i had to go in my nightshift. But i had a productive morning; Read my book with some coffee, did some laundry, looked through some articles on Nerdfitness and got some interest in Intermittent Fasting after reading the article. Going to read up on it and perhaps try a day out. Wooh thats a lot of catching up. Fitness: - Workout: X X - | - - - | - - - | - - - - Yoga: X X X X X X X | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Nutrition: - Home made food: X X X X X ! X | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - NO ORDERING FOOD: X X X X X ! X | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Hobby: Practiced a little bit more, its a toughy for the speed trophies
  5. Well for starters my showers are WAYYYY shorter i feel awake and energized after it and that really helps when i take one after my morning shifts (normally im lazy and tired after them), my skin feels & looks not as dry as when i had a hot shower. And i'm not sure yet....but i think i lost some bodyfat thanks to the cold showers. Last week i had some fast food most of the days so i wasnt expecting to have lost 1,5% bodyfat.
  6. Week 1, Day 2 Today was a rest day, so i relaxed at home with a bit of gaming and i layed down on the couch and i fell asleep and woke up at 7pm. And immediatly thought: "yay, getting to sleep is gonna be great tonight". Didnt stream like i had planned but perhaps i will do it on Thursday.. who knows And thats all that happened on Day 2 Week 1, Day 3 Woke up pretty good after having trouble to get to sleep. Looked at the Yoga program for the day and it was 5 minutes of meditation...well let me tell you if i would have sit down and meditate with my eyes closed i would have fallen asleep again. So i did the same routine as Day 1. After work i went to the gym and this time i didnt forget to bring my gym shorts And got a decent workout in. some squats, deadlifts, dips, push-ups & inverted rows. Gym done and went home, took a cold shower (and i just realized i havent taken a warm/hot shower in 2 weeks, only cold showers by choice). And relaxed on the couch with some games. Tried to do a few Speed Trophies in Rayman Origins but some of those are hard. And that pretty much sums up Day 3. Fitness: - Workout: X X - | - - - | - - - | - - - - Yoga: X X X - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Nutrition: - Home made food: X X X - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - NO ORDERING FOOD: X X X - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Hobby: Learned a level a bit better so i can give a good attempt to get the speed trophy for that specific level.
  7. In a way it is, less rest more sweat. Depends, its one or the other. I wont read and watch the show, i will switch if the show is getting stale with a lot of fillers. Like i watched Naruto until the fight against Tobi and continued reading it. I read Shield Hero and didnt watch it except for short clips to see how some parts differ from the manga. I decided to watch My Hero Academia when i saw a "You Say Run goes with Everything" video on youtube.
  8. Week 1, Day 1 Had a decent start of the challenge, woke up pretty good and did my Yoga. And brought my workout clothes to work so i can drop by the gym on my way home and get a workout in, only problem was i forgot my gym shorts BUT instead of thinking: "i'll workout tomorrow." i went home, grabbed those shorts and cycled back to the gym for a nice workout. The workout: Front Squat, Overhead Press, Pull-ups, Pike Push-up & Plank. Everything was 3x4-8 except for the Plank which i did for 20-30 seconds. I did notice i didnt take a whole lot of rest between sets, perhaps it was because i thought i was late but even after the workout i still had more than enough time left in the day to relax. When i got home i made a simple Banana, Strawberry & Milk smoothie and relaxed a bit with some Destiny 2 before i ate dinner and ended the day with watching some My Hero Academia (almost caught up and already can't wait for the next season). Tomorrow (the 6th) i have planned to stream 2-2,5 hours and play Rayman Origins to get some progress in it. Fitness: - Workout: X - - | - - - | - - - | - - - - Yoga: X - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Nutrition: - Home made food: X - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - NO ORDERING FOOD: X - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - | Hobby: No progress yet.
  9. I've been away for a while, may i ask what caused the back injury? And perhaps its not too assassin-y but no good assassin can perform without good nutrition so its still going to be a great challenge!
  10. Thank you! Yeah i used Darebee quite a lot back in the day when i started doing challenges. It has great bodyweight programs and they are perfect for these challenges since all the programs are about 30 days long.
  11. Greetings Assassins, After 2-3 missed challenges, with my last challenge being terrible (no tracking or posting on the challenge) i feel ready to respawn and better my life again. Since its a respawn i'm going to "try" and keep it simple. Fitness Workout in the gym at least twice a week; Going to alternate Full Body workouts. I have one day that has Overhead Press, Chin-ups and Front Squats and another day that has Dips, Deadlifts and BW Squats (which im going to progress to Pistol Squats) Every morning "30 Days of Yoga" by Darebee; I used to do #5 Minute Flow but i either skip or only end up doing a few stretches. This program from Darebee has movements and hold times ready and it easier to follow than thinking of something to do on the spot. Nutrition Eat mostly home made food; Except for Currant Buns that i take to work i will eat mostly home made food. So i will make a dinner meal and snacks. And before the challenge starts look into a nice smoothie recipe. NO ORDERING FAST FOOD; Lately its been happening too much, its costing me a bunch of money if i count it all up and its not that healthy to eat since i go for fatty food most of the time. Hobby Finish a game on 100%; I like hunting for Achievements/Trophies and completing games, for this challenge i'm going to try and finish Rayman Origins on 100% (only have 2 achievements left on it). If i do good on this challenge i'm going to get a gaming/anime t-shirt. Just need to think of what kind of shirt Thats it, i'm ready to start and get this challenge going.
  12. Thank you! Awesome!! HI!!!!! *waves like crazy* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week 0, Day 3 Woke up feeling pretty good and after my cup of coffee and breakfast i headed off to the gym. Got some nice work in with Squats & Military Press and i am now a member of the 3 Plate Deadlift club aka i deadlifted 308 lbs for 5 reps today. My previous best was 440 lbs and i'm slowly going to get there. Tracked all the food i had today in MFP and i'm roughly eating what i should according to my weight goal and i think i put in that my goal was to lose weight so i go from 195 to 185.
  13. Nice challenge, following!! Is it just those 4 bodyparts? Why not a full body day or upper/lower day?
  14. Following!!! I love reading aswell, got the goal to read 2 books every month (one book in the morning & one in the evening). Relaxes and preps me for the beginning of the day or sleep.
  15. Next challenge is up! Trying out a challenge with the Rangers because my upcoming goals align a bit better with that class. And to see how the Rangers are.
  16. Grandkai joins the Ranger Campfire I've been a Assassin for most of my NF Rebellion journey and with my current goals i thought it was a nice chance to see how the Rangers are. Let me give a quick introduction to who i am: Dutch guy from the Netherlands and i've been a few years now on the NF Rebellion forums. Did a bunch of challenges, had a break and been back for a few challenges now. I like reading, playing games and 100% them on Xbox. Lets get to the goals: Strength training 2-3x a week Since i started going back to the gym i have a LOT better focus & comitment to staying fit. I'll be doing Stronglifts 3x5 with Dips & Chin-ups added. I have a goal of hitting BW Shoulder press before switching to a new program (current BW is 87kg and my 3x5 right now is 50kg, so long way to go ) Run 1-2 times a week for 3-5 km I used to be a regular runner but after a 10K run last year i stopped, decided after the race to take a week break and after that i didnt run at all. The weather here in the Netherlands is oke right now, decent temperature and a bit cloudy but not so much rain. I have a few nice paths to run near my house so i got enough choices to run. Eat healthier Last challenge i payed more attention to sugars and drinking water. This challenge i want to improve it a bit more. This challenge i'm going to track every meal/drink/snack i consume, Drink 2 liters of water everyday, eat more fruits or consume them as a drink. 100% Gaming hobby In my free time i like to spend a few hours everyday working on getting all the achievements for games i own. With Borderlands 3 coming out in roughly 3 months i'm going to play through the first 3 games (Borderlands 1 & 2 and the Pre-Sequel) and try to 100% them. For the moment without all the included DLC's cause those also add 40-50 hours each and i dont have the time to do all of those aswell. So thats my challenge and i'm curious to see how the Rangers are.
  17. Love the challenge. Here to give you that extra boost!
  18. Welcome back. Maybe you will find the gym key while cleaning
  19. Week 4 & Challenge review Rest of the week i did ok. Went on Friday to John Wick 3 Parabellum and after that i enjoyed the night with some red wine. Woke up yesterday with a bit of a headache and a dry mouth but i took a shower and went to the gym for just a little bit. Did a bit of cardio on the crosstrainer and some light barbell exercises to wake up and lose my headache a bit. Got home after that, took a shower and had to get ready to go to my parents cause yesterday evening my mother was celebrating her 60th birthday with a few close friends and they had a nice big party. Party was fun, talked a lot with family and friends from my parents and when i got home drank some water and slept. Today i go into my nightshift and woke up oke but a bit early so i did take a little powernap before i head to work. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | X / X Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X X X X X Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X X X X X Dva: No progress since Day 1, Rage 2 has been a bit too much fun but i feel i got my first week drive done right now and ready to finish ME2. Challenge review: I would say i passed this challenge. Had a few off days but overall i did really good. Lets quickly check my goals and what went well/bad Reinhardt/Brigitte: Felt really good. Had a few times the thought of changing the program but quickly removed that thought because i know if i change the program i would just be switching from workout plan to workout plan and not do anything. So i made a goal to keep doing this program until i hit a certain goal. Made some changes to the program to keep focus and some fun in it. Removed the KB Tabata & went to 3x5 instead of 5x5 to keep my focus on the workouts. and added the Dips & Chins to it. Mercy: I learned more about eating food by eating less sugars. I had a few cheat days but mostly i didnt miss the cookies or the soda's. And during the work day i would eat later depending on if i felt hungry or not. The next step would be to be to up the quality of food i eat and maybe count macro's? Zenyatta: The 5 minute flows feel good in the beginning of the day. Much better so far than if i would do the Yoga. Dva: Made a lot of progress but missed finishing it during this last week because of a new game, but i think thats normal for everyone when they get a new game. I am gonna finish this in week 0 of the next challenge and then i have Borderlands on my list to 100% and to make sure i really play the game i scheduled it again in my agenda instead of just winging it when i want to do it Overall it was a good challenge and i'll probably buy/order the D.va figure sometime next week.
  20. Week 4, Day 2 & 3 Both days were oke, Tuesday was a bit better. After work i bought Rage 2 and been playing that quite a lot (bye bye ME2 progress ). During my evening routine i cleaned up a bit and dusted off a few pieces of furniture. Wednesday (today) wasnt so great, had a lot of trouble today at work with the machines which made my mood a bit sour. After that i went to the gym to workout but with the mood at work my mood at the gym also wasnt great. I went in and did some lighter weight squats and some dips & chin-ups, not a lot but its something Got home, showered and played some more Rage 2. Tomorrow i am going to play some ME2 so i can progress and maybe finish it before the challenge ends or maybe in week 0 of the next challenge. Right now i'm doing my evening routine, cleaned all the dishes & vacuumed the carpet. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | X / - (<- gonna count the second day for 1/2 cause it wasnt a full workout but i got there and did something) Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X - - - - Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X X X - - - - Dva: No progress since Day 1
  21. Week 4, Day 1 Final week, damn time goes fast. Woke up and weighed myself: I started week 3 on 87,6kg and 19,9% BF (had a bit too much fast food that week) but this morning i was 87,4kg and 19,8% BF so i'm down again and close to my weight at the start of week 3. Had a decent first day of the week. Had a good day at work and a pretty good workout. Did some 3x5 Squats, Military Presses & 1x5 Deadlift. After that some Dips & Chin-ups and i finished it with 15 minutes on the treadmill. Got home and had some food and played a little bit of Mass Effect 2. I think i need to do one more loyalty mission before i can proceed to the finale. Normally i would clean up a bit and vacuum before bed but today i wasnt feeling it, but i did read some before sleeping so i would still call it a win. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | X - - Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X - - - - - - Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | X - - - - - - Dva: Doing Tali's Loyalty mission right now, then its the Reaper IFF and i believe after that i can go for the final mission.
  22. I have been terrible with updating this challenge. But here's a quick update: Rest of week 2: Went ok. Did 2 workouts in the week and got only a little bit of progress with Mass Effect 2. Week 3: Started the week with weighing myself. Went up to 87,6kg and 19,9% BF. But i ordered fast food a few times in the week. So i'm pretty sure thats the cause of it. Had afternoon shifts so its my standard sleeping in in the mornings instead of getting out when the alarm goes off. Got 2 workouts in, could have done Saturday aswell but didnt feel like it. And also i dont like doing on/off workout days for a whole week. Went to see Detective Pikachu yesterday, fun movie and i had a good time watching it. Maybe in the last week i am able to post something in a way but we will have to wait and see how that goes. Reinhardt/Brigitte: X X - | X X - | - X X | - - - Mercy: X X X X X X X | X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | - - - - - - - Zenyatta: X X X X X X X| X X X X X X X | X X X X X X - | - - - - - - - Dva: Getting close to the end, currently on the Collector Ship (trying not to break my controller because of Insanity frustration) after that a few missions and then the Suicide Mission for the end. Not sure if i will be able to finish it at the end of the challenge.
  23. I didnt know it was going to give such a impact
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