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  1. Missing a 3rd poll answer. "Someone who really really likes milk" 🙃
  2. See if this helps. I wrote it several years ago.... https://missionstuffs.blogspot.com/2018/01/heel-strike-its-not-just-for-discipline.html
  3. Very popular method. He speaks the truth. Google "Fartlek"
  4. My wife got me an automatic pet feeder Xmas 2016. That week was the last time my cat has scratched at the door and woke me up at 5am wanting food. Priceless!!
  5. Pain on the outside of the knee, that occurs during runs partway in, is more often than not IT Band Syndrome (Iliotibial band). That's the direction I would look, and by what you've said I'd guess it's rather minor at this point. BTW Yes, I had it. Took me out of 2016 Marathon training. The below website is how I cured it and made a season comeback and ran the mini. A couple things about ITBS: You can't foam roll the IT Band(You can, but it won't do anything). It's a fallacy. It's connective tissue. It's hard and tough and is designed to be tight. You can't, and wouldn't want
  6. Slow to notice this post so sorry.... Disclaimer for US bikers - I know 125cc isn't considered a "real bike" in US This is an ongoing item with snooty bikers but doesn't apply to all of us. Many bikers wont give "The Wave" to scooters and mopeds because they aren't real motorcycles. Then their is the sect of us who don't have Harley's and attitudes. We respect all cyclists. Hogs, Mopeds, Scooters, classic 125cc bikes, and bicycles. If you're in the wind, you're in the wind my brother. you deserve the respect, and the camaraderie. Don't pay any attention to
  7. Just going to have to go back to target practice for the duration
  8. Does he collect race swag? Most runners LOVE race participation medals. Wall racks for them are epic!! https://www.amazon.com/s?k=running+medal+rack&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  9. My opinions... Best way for weight loss is diet. Cardio is for fitness and a healthy heart. Do the cardio you enjoy. Lose that weight with a fork. Also, interestingly, I've read lifting burns more calories than cardio. In addition it builds more muscle which burns more calories when at rest. Food = Control weight Lift = Makes you strong and antifragile Cardio= Makes a healthy heart.
  10. I'm going to share my battle. Due to Epilepsy, Brain surgery, and recovery for my wife I fell off the wagon for 2 years!! Gained over 45 pounds. Lost my anti-fragility and my muscle mass. I started be climb back up 2 months ago with diet(and lost 20 lb back). 2 weeks ago I started running. Yesterday I Lifted and then went for a mile run where I think I almost died. In 2017 I ran a Marathon. 26.2 miles, and yesterday I almost passed out from a mile. Yet I don't feel down..... Several years ago, Steve Immortalized me in his blog. He made me a superhero. I'm not very superhero f
  11. Ok I want to answer the subject question. HELL YES, you are welcome. And welcome back!! We are the ultimate bastion of acceptance. Get your butt back in here, pull up a medicine ball and sit down. NUFF SAID!
  12. Normally, I don't bother replying after Sloth does because he usually gives you everything you need in one stop shopping anyway, but on this rare occasion I will reply. Sloth gave you everything you need F'real. The Basic Bodyweight workout in the is how I got my start.Do it. WIN!
  13. No damage done. It never hurts to be encouraging to someone
  14. Hey guys, You're all being very nice to her (which is awesome) but this post is 2 years old an she made one post and never again. I don't think she's her to see your replies
  15. First off, Welcome to NF. Sorry to disagree with you right out of the chute but I feel I must and can likely help you.. A longer stride is not a good thing in running. Your legs should always land directly beneath you. In fact, a longer side means your feet spend more time in the air doing nothing, and less time on the ground pushing off with their hip drive. If you check out my blog post I linked right above your post, it will explain basic running dynamics and visually show you how to run more efficiently, safely for your knees, and will actually help you become a naturally faster runner by
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