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  1. I'm going to share my battle. Due to Epilepsy, Brain surgery, and recovery for my wife I fell off the wagon for 2 years!! Gained over 45 pounds. Lost my anti-fragility and my muscle mass. I started be climb back up 2 months ago with diet(and lost 20 lb back). 2 weeks ago I started running. Yesterday I Lifted and then went for a mile run where I think I almost died. In 2017 I ran a Marathon. 26.2 miles, and yesterday I almost passed out from a mile. Yet I don't feel down..... Several years ago, Steve Immortalized me in his blog. He made me a superhero. I'm not very superhero feeling right now but I've learned some things as I headed through the medical battle we have just finished. Actually, I've learned 2 things. 1) Rock bottom may suck but it's really solid ground to be on. There is only one direction you can go from there and it's up 2) Every time a superhero get's knocked down and wounded, they stand back up to continue the fight. Injured, defeated, but willing to do the battle again because their will to do what they do is infallible. Fast forward to yesterday. I ran a damn mile. And I CELEBRATED IT!!! I know the recipe to get back to where I was. The difference is this time. I don't even have to take a leap of faith after Steve and Staci. I already know exactly how to do it, AND I know, AS A FACT, IT WORKS!! Been there, done that(and can do it again). This superhero wants his cape back. It's right there hanging in the closet. It's just waiting for me to take it back out. And I intend to. I suspect your cape is still in your closet waiting for you. It's a patient cape. It's OK to reach for it!! Final note: My running a mile when I used to run 26 is rather anticlimactic but remember this. Your car has a really big windshield and a really small rear view mirror. That's because you need to spend most of your time looking forward. Things behind you already changed. You can no longer affect them. Don't spend so much time looking behind you that you take your energy away from what's ahead of you. The windshield is where it's at. Maybe in another week I'll be back to a mile and a half. It's not the 26.2mi in the rear view mirror but when I look out the windshield it's further ahead of me than I'm at right now. It's a good day to be alive. I think I'll be alive again tomorrow but a tiny bit better than the Mike of today.