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    When I told my therapist that it pisses me off that Karri uses the sofa as a laundry basket. She said, want an easy solution? I said sure. She said, "choose not to be pissed off about it." After about 100 times of conversations, it finally started to set in. Karri isn't tossing her clothing on the sofa to upset me. It's just her way. It's not harming anyone. I'm actively making a choice to be upset about it. I choose not to get upset about it anymore. If they are in my way or a guest is coming over, I toss them on her side of the bed and move on. It's taken me a long time to learn(and I'm not entirely there yet) that other people don't usually have the power to control my emotions(The wife still wields the power to do so HAHA). They are mine. I'll decide if I want to get mad or not. Isn't your decision