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  1. So fitness led me to go from a dying man to a healthy man who will live for many years. From all the changes I've got pretty much a new life. I'm happy, fit, and getting married in 25 days. That brought me to my next discovery. I am financially fat. Obese if you will. I've spent and spent and spent thinking that new things cure depression but they really only cure you of having money. This year I decided it was time to get financially fit as well and started on a journey to give my new wife and I a great future. Suck it up, get on a budget, start my debt snowball and get this shit cleaned up. Along the way I have become a huge follower of Dave Ramsey's teachings. I'm on a budget, working baby step 2 and making wonderful progress, letting my momentum carry me just as I did once I saw changes on the scale and body measurements. Who else is working the baby steps? Need support? Everydollar help? People to cheer you on? Need to pass on your experiences fighting through BS2? Lets talk about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$