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  1. Just to muddy the water a bit further, I'll leave these two links here: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/update-on-cholesterol-and-statins/ http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-international-network-of-cholesterol-skeptics/ Mainly bc I feel there is never a good reason to cite either Dr Oz or Mercola as references for good science
  2. *cough cough* damn...everytime I wanna get more serious with lifting (not that I ever was not), I get pulled back with colds and shit...Just a cough now and a runny nose, but I should probably take it easy until it goes away...maybe tomorrow? I hate waiting stuff out, did I mention that?
  3. It's been a while.... Sadly the "100kg by emd of next month" didn't happen. I fucked up my shoulder mid-april and then I had to skip a week because of mandatory military repetition course. Also beginning of April I could feel the volume of TM gnawing at me...since I also wasn't satisfied how the plan handled other lifts and exercises (not at all), I decided to change to Grayskull LP, which my brother had recommended to me. It is basically a version of Starting Strength with the upper and lower body lifts switched around (start with upper, end with lower) and the possibility of AMRAP sets as the last set. Also it is just a template with 'plugins' depending on ones goals. I'v only been with this program for 2.5 weeks, so cannot really comment yet, though I like that I don't spend too much time in the gym but still have the possibility to add stuff. For now I'm doing: Bench/press Rows/Chins Squats/DLs Glute ham raises/planks or ab rollouts Upperbody lifts alternate, squats on mo/fr and DLs on wed. Each complemented with an opposing push or pull exercise. Plus a bit more arms or shoulders if I feel like it ;D So, while I already had to deload my squat (90+ kg felt hooooorrribly grindy) and bench (well, i wannna give my shoulder a fighting chance to recover ) at least my DL (117.5kgx5) went easY off the ground and while this isn't a PR, it is a PR for reps. I started using mixed grip on the workset and this seems to also help (before I started double OHG and changed midset if I couldn't hold on anymore). Well, so long and thanks for sticking around, if anybody still reads this ;D
  4. Something like 5 posts until links are allowed plus a 24h until links are allowed in a post would be a good combination. Newly created fake accounts can't just spam links and posting 5 things that don't get flagged as spam and then waiting 24h more hours until they can do what they came here for seems too much a hassle to profit them in the long run But I also trust you guys to come up with solid solutions. Keep up the good work
  5. I'd say I probably fall more on the "force feed" side of the line. But then again there are days nothing short of bursting would stop me eating. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I was lean all my life and had to start consciously eating more in order to achieve a nice bulk (which has been going for nigh a year now o.O). I'll tell you how I feel about the issue once I start a cut ^^
  6. So, this week has been somewhat shit...and with this week I mean the past 10 days or so. I'll be done with my temporary project job end of this week and I've been looking around for a new job... had two interviews, which is awesome, because I saw my gf shooting out application after application and she only just got her first one. One job, though they supposedly talked "very favorable" about me (friend of a friend works there, so she heard), shot me down for second rounds and the other job will most likely go to some PhD guy from a better school...as far as I know they already offered him the position and all he has to do now is accept (which a tiny sliver inside me still hopes, he won't). Alas, at least lifting is on my side. PRs all around. And since I switched to the Texas Method I don't feel fucked up all the time but just Tuesday and Saturday ^^ Did my first 90kg Squat last week. If things go well I could reach 100 by the end of next month. DL still poses some problem, maybe have to try some deficit or something to get the starting point better. Bench is going up slowly but steady and OHP is just a bitch, but everyone knows that ^^
  7. It's been a month. A month of nothing special so I kinda let the log slide a bit. I changed programs about 2.5 weeks ago. I'm currently trying a form of Texas Method. On the long run having to PR every other day was just too stressful. I was beginning to dread going to the gym because it was hard/hard/hard. I'm well aware that to adapt the body must be challenged, but in the end it was too much. I was down to adding 1kg each session if I did manage my reps, so I wasn't going anywhere near "fast" anymore. Texas Method adds weight every week, for those who don't know, and at the current pace I add 2.5kg each week, which is nigh as slow/fast as linear progression I was at before I switched, but it FEELS so much easier/better. I'll keep with the program for a few weeks/months probably and see how it goes. As summer approaches I also think more about looks than strength, I admit. As such I have added some (read "a lot", at least for TM) arm training, since those sticks don't really look good on me. I'm thinking of maybe even moving further into the bodybuilding routine territory towards summer, but for now, I'll stay the course. I might have to start weighing in more often again, since I no longer track food (though at least my protein is on a good level with me testing my cooking skills on more and more nice cuts of meat ).
  8. Well, first step would be upload squat form video to the form check forums. It is really hard to know what is "wrong" from just description. Maybe include a bodyweight squat and a squat with bar, just for comparison.
  9. Now I even forget to put down my workouts here. ^^ So yesterday was alright, although I didn't really progress on squats or DLs. SQ: 3x5@85 - didn't feel I had the strength (mental, in this case) to test my luck at 86 again yesterday Bench: 1x5+2x4@56 - will repeat this, though it feels doable DL: 1x3@105 + 2x1@110 - can't seem to progess here, so I did some heavier singles to remind my brain that I can indeed get the weights off the ground Chinups were much better, I feel like the curling and triceps and back exercise help me here *~Fluff~*
  10. So very far down...well, hello there battle log, I'll stay with you a while longer this time (no challenge for me the next time 'round). Looking up at the last workout entry is kind of disapointing....It's more than a month, but with being sick and not proregssing that well the only thing I'd say is on track is my squat. I'll have to see if I need to start looking into supporting my other lifts with some aux-ex. Well, as I stated above, I won't join the challenge this time around. It just seems such a hassle and all I do anyways is put my workouts down there. I can do this here. So!
  11. Okay, no 1RM tries here. I was thinking about doing the prescribed method today, but in the end, I was just getting back on track with linear progression, so I did my attempts for reps. SQ: 86 (which is a PR at least) Bench: 56 (which at least for reps is a PR) and DLs: 108.5 (which sadly is far below where I once was^^) I know it's nothing impressiv, but I wanted to put my mark down so I have something to compare it to if I go on doing the virtual competition thing Checked the sheet. Your coefficients are only appart by about 10 points or something? Easily explained by DDs higher DLs. Did I miss something?
  12. Here are a few more progressions https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2oknZg-EI8xZFVkemhWMWlkVDg/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I guess this is a fitting place for a progress pic. To end the thread, so to speak Not flexed, but I was breathing out and was a bit pumped from the workout just before
  14. Well, this is it. Another challenge done...though...not really...I feel I'm not good with them. I'm much better just writing random stuff down into a log and seeing where things take me, only adjusting the bearing of ship "fucking ripped body, but with nice strength gains" at certain times when I'm likely heading in the direction of a storm. Maybe it was also that in the beginning of this challenge I was faced with a much harder obstacle than I expected - illness and therefore my own body. I basically reverted back to pre-workout HiNC, feeling weak and down. I barely ate for a few days, because there was no appetite, much less energy to force myself to eat. Lost about 3-4kg (alot of water, I guess, but it was really noticeable). I had to start lower, as is always the case, after a week of my body trying to get back on track again and not getting the energy it needed to do that. So this is where I stand now: SQ: 82.5 - I'm actually pretty okay with this result...it feels very hard and I feel there might be a small fail coming on soon, but I can handle it for now Press. 36 - finally past the 35 kilo mark and while the last reps sometimes feel grindy it's moving again Bench: 53.5 - taking this slower...still trying to find my form. I've done much less research in the form of vids on this one than on the others and it's noticeable DL: 105 - I thought I did 107.5 last time but I had a mixup with the plates...It stull feels much harder than the first time I breezed by 115, but I'm getting there All the rest was fluff...and while fluff sometimes deters from the goals and takes away too much attention, I feel I need it. It keeps me sane. Keeps me not thinking about all the hard every frecking workout PRs I have to do on the other lifts. And it makes me look good. This week for the first time I got told my arms look bigger. And this is after just two weeks of a bit of more focus on them. Sure it's mostly a bit more water from the repairs my body has to do, but it goes in the right direction. So, about anything that isn't my program...wow...well...I did about half of my foam rolling. By the second to last week we had a cat around to cat-sit, and it somehow MADE me pet it for hours on end once I was home...so I stopped foam rolling...and I stopped pre-habing my shoulder...which I think I noticed...my elbows and shoulders still take a pounding pretty much every workout. Now even more so with the added curls and triceps extensions and so on...Now that the cat is gone again, I hope to resume a healthy schedule of those lost "tending to myself" activities. Writing down what I eat...not so much anymore...I'm bad D: I pretty much know what I eat for breakfast, and I know my snacks. I know my lunches and my post workout shakes...the only variable really is dinners (which I tend to add more protein nowadays) and weekends... The weight is going back up again and I'm close to my pre-sickness weight again, clocking 74kg this morning. But compared to last time when I had that weight, the scales show less bodyfat, which is always nice, though I hesitate putting too much trust into the rudimentary ways it measures this value. So, points for challenge. This is a hard one and I think it is fair to award myself, from the 15 possible points, 10. 5 for the workouts, and 2.5 for both the other activies which I completed only half. Much of this challenge was out of my hand, and I might have to get better at handling this stuff. So, break down of those points: 1.25 Str, 1.25 Con --- 1.25 Dex, 1.25 Sta -- 2.5 WIS, 2.5 Str I didn't do any minis, though I will try to see how 1RM-ing works for me probably on Monday or Wednesday. So, long, and thanks for following me silently through my torment ;D See you on my battle log.
  15. Oh, missed the 11th workout And with that I mean missed to put it down! SQ:3x5@81 - this was seriously hard...maybe I'll have to slow down a bit, but let's see how 82 goes today Press: 3x5@36 - yeah, finally through the 35kg barrier haaaaard DL: 1x5@105 - did it in a few quick singles and doubles...a set of 5 seems unlikely at the moment...so...110 today? Pullups: Was okay, but not really great ^^ *`! Fluff !´*
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