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  1. 5e is pretty horrible the first 2 levels. Basically anything lucky/unlucky enough can get you killed one shot. Swarms of pirates will kill your players. But on the other hand, 5e level 3 is the equivalent of normal level 1 (WotC) did say so at one point during playtest. So maybe start with level 3 and give them hoards of level 1 pirates (which could just be styled level 1 soldiers) and a lvl3 captain to fight. If you really wanna start at level 1, i suggest giving them some helping hands on their side and maybe make the boat load of pirates what 4e called minions (basicslly one hit kills, no m
  2. Why in the world did this topic move sooo far back that I could hardly find it? Inconceivable!
  3. Just to muddy the water a bit further, I'll leave these two links here: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/update-on-cholesterol-and-statins/ http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-international-network-of-cholesterol-skeptics/ Mainly bc I feel there is never a good reason to cite either Dr Oz or Mercola as references for good science
  4. Same dude was there again yesterday. Did tbar rows and cable rows with double the weight I use and a RoM that is so laughable short I hesitate to call it a range...seems to be his thing.
  5. No, the setup looked like biceps curls, but he hardly moved anything at all...I mean he put like double the weight on the bar I would use for my biCurls, so my best guess is he though more weight=more biceps and just uses something he can not even move...
  6. I have come a long way since posting in this thread first. Foremost I have found that I actually like curling. I do it once or twice a week at the end of all the "good" stuff, mostly for fun. So I will no longer make fun of curl bros. What I CAN make fun of though is this strange dude that pretends to curl...Don't know how I can describe it, but he holds the barbell in is hands while standing, and then instead of curling the bar he lifts his whole arm for about 20° and then adds a little 10° movement of the lower arm to barely hit 30°... First I thought maybe he's doing shoulders, but then
  7. *cough cough* damn...everytime I wanna get more serious with lifting (not that I ever was not), I get pulled back with colds and shit...Just a cough now and a runny nose, but I should probably take it easy until it goes away...maybe tomorrow? I hate waiting stuff out, did I mention that?
  8. It's been a while.... Sadly the "100kg by emd of next month" didn't happen. I fucked up my shoulder mid-april and then I had to skip a week because of mandatory military repetition course. Also beginning of April I could feel the volume of TM gnawing at me...since I also wasn't satisfied how the plan handled other lifts and exercises (not at all), I decided to change to Grayskull LP, which my brother had recommended to me. It is basically a version of Starting Strength with the upper and lower body lifts switched around (start with upper, end with lower) and the possibility of AMRAP sets as th
  9. Something like 5 posts until links are allowed plus a 24h until links are allowed in a post would be a good combination. Newly created fake accounts can't just spam links and posting 5 things that don't get flagged as spam and then waiting 24h more hours until they can do what they came here for seems too much a hassle to profit them in the long run But I also trust you guys to come up with solid solutions. Keep up the good work
  10. I'd say I probably fall more on the "force feed" side of the line. But then again there are days nothing short of bursting would stop me eating. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I was lean all my life and had to start consciously eating more in order to achieve a nice bulk (which has been going for nigh a year now o.O). I'll tell you how I feel about the issue once I start a cut ^^
  11. So, this week has been somewhat shit...and with this week I mean the past 10 days or so. I'll be done with my temporary project job end of this week and I've been looking around for a new job... had two interviews, which is awesome, because I saw my gf shooting out application after application and she only just got her first one. One job, though they supposedly talked "very favorable" about me (friend of a friend works there, so she heard), shot me down for second rounds and the other job will most likely go to some PhD guy from a better school...as far as I know they already offered him the
  12. It's been a month. A month of nothing special so I kinda let the log slide a bit. I changed programs about 2.5 weeks ago. I'm currently trying a form of Texas Method. On the long run having to PR every other day was just too stressful. I was beginning to dread going to the gym because it was hard/hard/hard. I'm well aware that to adapt the body must be challenged, but in the end it was too much. I was down to adding 1kg each session if I did manage my reps, so I wasn't going anywhere near "fast" anymore. Texas Method adds weight every week, for those who don't know, and at the current pace I a
  13. I read the series about twice and listened to the audiobook more than four times at least. So the thing, if you don't want to start from the beginning and can stand audiobooks would be, listen to them until you get to a point where you haven't read the stuff I know some people say that the middle books are tedious and long winded. Yes, they are. But they are also part of the series and while I read them more superficially the second time through, I didn't skip them. Also, don't be alarmed. The first Sanderson book will feel different. I had the impression that in the beginning he tried to cop
  14. Watch, read and listen to anything and everything you can find in the language you wanna learn (as soon as there is at least some basic understanding). Don't pause and look up every single word in a book. Read a translation of something you more or less know (I read Harry Potter in Spanish while learning it. It's writing is basic, but fun and everybody knows the story). Go watch movies (skip the subtitles, they just distract you from listening to the language). Maybe don't go for native movies at first, but dubbed movies. They are usually easier to understand since they don't quite follow the
  15. Well, first step would be upload squat form video to the form check forums. It is really hard to know what is "wrong" from just description. Maybe include a bodyweight squat and a squat with bar, just for comparison.
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