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  1. Hi y'all! Alright, I want to increase my strength in that I can do 50 pushups easy by May. I need a little advice on how to get there. Here is a brief little bit about my background. Now, about 4 years ago, I was doing taekwondo with a little crossfit training. I was one step away from becoming a black belt. Then I had to quit because I couldn't afford it and it was my final year in college. Also, since I took longer than 4 years to complete my degree, I had to take a student loan for my last year and a semester. And let's just say Georgia Tech ain't cheap. I did graduate though in 2013!
  2. What if people were just like Pokemon? Hear me out Here is a crash course of Pokemon Pokemon aka Pocket Monsters, are creatures that live in the Pokemon universe that can battle, train, breed and so forth. Each Pokemon has 6 stats. They are health points or HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. -HP is the stamina that the Pokemon has. Each time it takes a hit, it's HP goes down. Once the HP goes to zero, the Pokemon faints and therefore can no longer battle. That is the main goal of Pokemon battles, to make your opponents Pokemon faint. To raise a Pokemon's H
  3. Challenge accepted. I just don't know what to make lol
  4. Wow, that majora's mask is so colorful! I think it counts as a craft. Craft is an art and art is a craft
  5. I love ya'll's crafts! I've never seen something like those D&D tiles and up cycling before. I use to crochet before I lost my muse. Here are some of my favorite projects: Seeing all of ya'lls crafts, it kinda make me want to take up crocheting again!
  6. Hi ya'll! I was just wondering, are any of ya'll going to Dragoncon? I've lived near the Atlanta area all my life and I have only been once, and it was cause I was lost and looking for directions. I really want to go and knock it off my bucket-list . I'm probably not going to cosplay because it's so soon and I am, well, not very crafty. I have trouble with straight line
  7. Hi ya'll! I work in a Publix pharmacy as a tech. For techs, we don't have chairs so we stand on our feet all day. I am 5'0 and the selves are much taller than I am. Often I am on my tip toes to reach meds up high or getting the step ladder. I often kneel to get meds on the lower selves and also kneel to put away meds to need to be picked up and search through them for patients. At the end of the day, my knees, feet, and ankles hurt. Often I get short breaks when all scripts are filled and there is no one at the register atm. Is there something I can do during this downtime to increase my f
  8. I don't know if I'll make it, But watch how good I'll fake it -Tonight, tonight Hot Chelle Rae
  9. Hi ya'll! I'm nadmikha but I go by nad as well. I'm 23 and just started my new job as a pharmacy technician as couple of weeks ago. I came here to find out how to stabilize my moods. You see, I'm bipolar. Currently I am in a depressed mood. I read up that exercise can make you more stable so I want to find something that can bring me more to the borderline when I am manic or depressive. I use to do taekwondo and was one rank below black belt. I had to quit two-three years ago because it was interfering with my school work in college and I couldn't afford it anymore. Besides feeling bette
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