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  1. Thanks for all the thoughts everyone, it is helpful. I'm going to have to let this challenge/forum go to the wayside however because there's a bunch of stuff happening in my life that demands most/all of my attention and I just can' find the time/space to get on here. I'm still following the challenge though, and have been getting progressively stronger with my work-outs and finding a rhythm that fits me. I've lost about 2 lbs that's been steady for the past couple weeks and my body circumference has maintained that 1 inch loss since last I measured. I might hop on when I can, but if I d
  2. Phew, just finished a long stint at my work. @Erick, I am open to suggestions and help! @Mac, That's plenty fine of you to say. I think it is a bit tough too, I tend to be tough on myself when it comes to planning (fitness related or not). This one is easier than the last challenge, but maybe I could scale it back some more. I guess I like to aim really high and if I just make it half-way, I feel like I made progress. We'll see how I do on the weight. So far, it's not clear if I'm losing or not. However, I've been doing circumference measurements of my body as well. In the past couple
  3. "You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Yeah, I definitely needed that. So much of my stress comes from things I can't control and today it's very much trying to control me.

  4. I hope I'll be able to help people. I don't feel like I'm very good at keeping tabs on other people... but I'll try! I believe I'm following everyone's threads by now, if I missed someone, just lemme know~ As for myself, and keeping me accountable, post on my Challenge thread! When I am not on for a few days, then return to see that nothing has happened on my challenge thread at all, it feels very disheartening to me and I tend to gradually give up after that. Being asked how my week went (past the 3rd week cuz it seems like the first couple of weeks are good for ppl to post) is a good wa
  5. You can see the grades I did put for those two things, but you're right in that success is fairly subjective with these two categories. And they're kind of meant to be abstract, just to remind myself to keep a balance in that regard. --- Week One went well. I could improve in Earth ©, Water ( B ), Air (F), Fire ( B ), Akasha (D). I started a Low-Impact 4week program made by Fitness Blender, and so far, so good. I'm fairly sore today and have to keep reminding myself to drink water! @JessofAllTrades; I have a water bottle that holds 32oz, so I just try and get through three of those in a d
  6. I'd like to join. Every challenge I've done, I tend to slack in the last two weeks and am looking to trrryyy and maintain a certain semblance of consistency. Also am considering making a battle log instead, though. I'm kind of spacey when it comes to the forums, another reason I think I end up slacking towards the end, so while I'll follow everyone, I wanted to mention that my inbox is also open to PMs if anyone ever wants to chat about progress/goals/fitness-related things, etc. Also, took the quiz and got Jayne. I really am "just a salty drifter with a taste for the wild side and a head
  7. Name: NikaNika Level: 3.5 Note: Almost didn't write this today... but feel like I should. I will be taking my last session's challenges and minimizing the goals to be more narrowed/specific, as well as focus on losing weight because I am entirely frustrated with my body. Recently got a scale to more accurately track my weight as well, since guessing and avoiding scales appears to have backfired for me. Main Quest ☽☥☾ Lose Weight (lose 6-12 lbs by challenge end) Explore Connection to Body. Embody Peace of Mind. Challenge Quest Breakdown Earth Eat with Healthy Patterns that boost
  8. I will be participating in the next challenge if I get the outline together in time. I'm starting up at work again this weekend since my ankle has gotten better. Since I'm going to say I only really finished 4 weeks out of this challenge, I'm going to be rolling over a lot of goals from this challenge to the next one. Maybe give my stats some half-way points. Reflection for this challenge is that there was some unforeseen things (as there usually is) that towards the end coincided with a lapse in passion, resulting in abandonment of the plan. I believe if I narrow down the goals more, maki
  9. Phew, well, kind of stopped tracking due to the being bed-ridden for the ankle and managing work still. So, I don't have grades and I didn't necessarily complete this challenge to full (or at least with remarkable grades). Considering making a battle log tho and continuing that way. Thanks everyone for the support offered during this challenge
  10. Does anyone know of a spot in these forums, or another forum, that supports longer-term challenge/goal building that isn't 6-week based. I'm looking to do something like 10-week based instead and wondering if I have to go somewhere else for that... orrr.. wat... @.@
  11. 9,914 words to go for my novella~ Lot of writing for this coming weekend and next week ahead.

  12. Ended up having to visit the doctor today for a tendon issue in my ankle I'd been dealing with for the past few weeks and hadn't been getting better. It's pretty okay, it's just that I wasn't using a compression wrap in addition to using ice and elevation on it. So, I'll be doing that now. I did find out though, since I usually avoid scales and don't have one at home, that I am actually 199.8 lbs and that was such a major blow cause I had no idea I had gained that much weight. It doesn't really look like it beyond that I've gotten a few new stretchmarks. The last time I weighed myself on a s
  13. ahhhh, work is kicking my behind this week. My feet are so sore! Some things in the challenge have slipped to the wayside because of it. I'll revisit things tomorrow evening because I have Tuesday off. I'm supposed to be part-time but they scheduled me for full-time this week... *sigh*
  14. 10,902 words to go for my challenge's novella draft~

    1. Kilyra


      Grats! And I'm so happy to see a fellow writer :D

  15. Well, I only managed to get 5 out of the 10 hours of writing done. I'm totally going to blame it on starting my new job though. Yeah, that's it... >_> Though if I include hours for not-the-novella and just general writing, then I probably got closer to around 8-9 hours... That's pretty common for me when I'm working on a dedicated project is that I'll get sidetracked and start writing, all inspired, on entirely different and separate stuff... that's how I've ended up with like 7+ unfinished novels (some of which I do want to finish) and tons of random short stories and snippets of poss
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