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  1. This feels very narcissistic of me, posting this, but fuck it i really like this board and have a lot of appreciation and respect for the people who post. I'm off. For awhile. Factors has arisen and i'll not be in a position to take an active part in any online community. Nothing drastic, not been arrested yet (they will never find the body), just need to put my energy elsewhere for the foreseeable future. As this is so open ended, i thought i would post this to say one, i've not just got bored and wandered over to T-Nation to chat bro-speak, and two, a big thankyou to the whole community. Y
  2. 135 on the squat was a big deal for me, and took me about a month to really nail. I was ignoring my recovery something chronic at the time though, but it's still a good example - you learn to run when you know how to walk. Keep at it Erik, you've already overcome the hardest challenge by starting.
  3. Nice workout! Good numbers too, keep at it, you got this in the bag.
  4. Not at all, that is in my humble opinion and ideal mix of strength and conditioning. Swimming is a great recovery tool, as its light enough not to impede on neural recovery, but gets the blood flowing to the damaged muscle tissue to help it regrow. You've got a really great attitude and mindset going, don't let PT's or gym rats discourage you or try to tell you how it should be done, you will reap the rewards for you hard efforts and adhering to sound exercise principles. Don't forget to leverage the power of this community too, there are lots and lots of very knowledgeable folks here who
  5. This will stop once the weight gets heavier. Leave 3-4 minutes rest between sets. Your strength training not doing cardio. You can never start to low. Start where you begin. Leave your ego at the door of the weight room. The weight will increase when your ready for it to. There will always be someone who lifts bigger numbers, but your lifting weights for you, not them. For barbell rows search for "pendlay rows" on youtube. They are not on the SS dvd as Mark Rippetoe prefers teaching power cleans, which are cool but not absolutely necessary in my opinion.
  6. Better yet start a log http://nerdfitness.com/community/forumdisplay.php?13-Workout-Battle-Logs Good luck with SL, 5x5 is a very popular program for a reason. Eat plenty and sleep more, kick ass and take names! You'll find NF is a very supportive forum, you've got a whole community behind so go smash some iron.
  7. It was more for depth than weight. Quite happy to start a log full of 300lb quarter squats though
  8. Done. Though i would point out, from looking at your current progress, you already have me beat by 60lbs in the squat and 30lb in the deadlift. Considering the rate of progression for each of our programs (15lbs p/week in the squat, 10lb in the deadlift and 5lb in the bench for myself, while i am making the assumption from your battle log that you are raising your lifts 10lb a week, each) within 6 weeks before the end of the challenge you would still be in the lead on every lift. So congratulations. You just won. As an aside - can i suggest videos be posted for PR attempts? Otherwise i will
  9. Lot of good answers here http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?6267-Should-I-skip-my-off-day-in-order-to-get-my-workout-in Here's the skinny - if it happens, it happens. Try not to let it, but life gets in the way sometimes. Don't make a habit of it, but don't worry when it's unavoidable.
  10. I refuse to take part as this would involve me actually lifting weights, i am a keyboard lifter and proud, sir. Now, if you are suggesting we all talk about lifting weights, and deriding people who's opinions differ from our own based on purely anecdotal sources, then i am your man.
  11. Bingo. Listening to your body will always see the better result. Saying that i think it's important to point out where the conventional wisdom is wrong (omg you needz 4kg bcaas postworkout out or u wont gain omg newb), people can easily get duped into thinking something said with authority is a decent replacement for fact, for a good example refer to the broscience video a few posts up. Or anything i post, ever. EDIT: To that end here is a very neat and easy to understand article on around workout nutrition.
  12. That's a really touching comment and one that i think anyone who has ever strived to accomplish something or overcome something can relate to, i certainly can and it struck a chord with me. That's the thing that keeps me coming back to the bar, because of what i can't do with it, yet. That's a touched comment in that your fucking touched in the head and most likely wanted by several international agencies. To be fair though i knew going out in those heels was a mistake on my part and JD was a complete gentleman the whole time.
  13. Honestly, either way will work fine. Do them back to back, don't make a habit of it, and don't expect the second workout to be a personal best, and you'll be fine. Missing a workout, if you don't make a habit of it (your noticing the theme here i no doubt) and you'll be fine. Not ideal but your not taking a step back by any means.
  14. JD you are a constant breath of fresh, reasonable air. Spatzcat >> ignore things like muscle confusion, there are unfounded bro-science. The linear gains JD is talking about will take months, possibly years to exhaust and are your quickest way forward right now. Complexity can be introduced when its needed - here's a hint, a lot of people (myself, very happily, included) do not need it. At the beginner stage you will be able to add weight onto the bar every workout. If you are not then i would respectfully suggest you are not making the best use of your time in the gym. (side note - lea
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