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  1. you can do it, don't let the brownies win!!!! (or if it fits in your daily plan, have a brownie or a half)
  2. Day 2 Update Yesterday I got a 30 minute walk in at a pretty brisk pace, ate my veggies and fruits, and was under my cal goal. (And I made time to finish a book and do homework too!) Today has been awesome! I logged my 9th day of the Stronglifts 5x5 routine (ending "Wk 3") with 80lb squats, 60lb bench press and 55 lb bent row (had to deload this to work on form). I don't know if I'll get a walk in or just go home to do homework after work since there's some that really needs doing. Fortunately, I have dinner ready - gotta love crockpots!
  3. Hi LuluLee! Good luck with all your goals- I think self-acceptance is just as important and worthy a goal as so-called self-improvement (and sometimes they're the same thing!). I'm still trying to find the activities that make me feel best (and/or that I'm most likely to stick with)... hoping weight lifting will stick for me!
  4. Hi 2pinkTwo! 15 inches lost is amazing!! I like your strength goals and your desire to increase strength while decreasing your body fat. That's what I'm aiming for as well! I know I need to take measurements since sometimes the scale isn't the best monitor for this (I've been dreading it but I'll do it)...and I'm hoping I can get an updated caliper read from a pro in a few months. Each additional metric gives more spots to see progress...always a good thing I think.
  5. You've inspired me to take some measurements (which I dread) but at least I'll have something other than that # on the scale to look at which I think is important for doing strength training.
  6. Hi Iyona! Thanks for commenting on my thread - you're right we are practically quest twins in some of our quest goals. I am following and look forward to reaching some of these goals together!
  7. Wishing you the best on your quest Jordan!
  8. Week 1 Updates Main Quest: _ lbs/30 lost Quest 1: lifting routine done 3/7 days M: None T: 80 lb squat, 60 lb. bench press, 55 lb. bent-over row W: Th: F: S. S. Quest 2: 90 minutes of walking activity M: 30 minutes T: W: Th: F: S. S. Quest 3: 2 fruits or veggies eaten per day M: X T: X W: Th: F: S. S. Life Quest: Any items listed for sale on eBay or etsy? (_/10)
  9. Introduction: Hi I am Straggletag (or you can call me Mandy) and this is my first challenge!! In the last few years I went through a personal/emotional rough patch that I failed miserably at dealing with and gained +30lbs. It doesn't help that I have an office job where I sit all day but for the last 2 years I've exercised consistently 3x per week (with a decrease in body fat but no weight loss!). Recently, I started the Starting Strength program (3 weeks in) and am loving it although I'm going slow and not increasing weight exactly as prescribed. Main Quest: Lose 30lbs by the end of 2015
  10. Hearing that some of you struggle to complete all the reps for some stronglifts exercises (esp. OHP) has really helped encourage me to go forward with scheduling a "free weight orientation" at my gym to see if SL will be possible for me to implement there (if they have the right equipment). Not only am I unsure of whether I'll be able to do the exercises starting with a 45lb. bar, but it's intimidating to me since my gym is a university one and the free weight area definitely seems oversaturated with guys at all times (and I'm staff so def. older than the general undergrad types you see the
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