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  1. Still here! My first week of tracking the full weekly average... did not go well. But at least I now have a week's worth of data as to how I went wrong, so I can try to avoid those traps next time round. And today's a new week! Currently 113.3kg, really need to get that moving downward. I tried Mixed Grip for my deadlifts and it has been a revelation! All the problems i was having went away, and so far two workouts have gone really smoothly without struggling to hold the bar long enough for the last reps. I'm making sure to switch the hands around regularly to avoid building any imbalances, and on my next DL workout next week I get to shoot for another PB! This was our first mostly free weekend, and we ended up going for a couple of nice long-ish walks as a result. 5 miles on Saturday and then another 3 on Sunday, along with a Sunday gym session as well, so those habits are building again nicely. I've been for three mile walks after work each night so far this week as well (lots of podcasts to catch up on and taking a week off working overtime to recharge my batteries a bit) so that's a good solid start as well. Not sure what else to record at the moment - trying to just settle in and plug away at getting the basics right to be honest!
  2. (And now for your actual Wednesday post. Enjoy!) Today was a rest day from the gym as I've been the last two mornings in a row. The Welshman & I went for a walk before work to the local Car Boot Sale (bit weird a) to have one so close, and b) that it runs on Wednesday mornings as well, but there you go) and so that got nearly two miles of walking in. We're looking for some more kinds of hidden storage for the flat to fit things in better so it's a good place to keep an eye on. After a day at work that got mildly frustrating in the afternoon due to computer issues (at their end, not mine) I headed out for another walk in a good old British drizzle. Got another 2.5miles done while listening to a rugby podcast, so that's got me heading towards 5 miles in total for the day. More steps = more calories burnt, and it's a good way to reset my brain after work as well. This evening I've taken care of a couple of jobs, but mainly sat and read more of my book (still rereading the original Mistborn trilogy, about a third of the way through The Hero of Ages right now) and planning on reading some more after I've finished up here. Then it'll be a good early night so I'm all set for tomorrow morning's Leg Day!
  3. (This should have been yesterday's update but for some reason it saved itself instaead of posting. So here you go!) The week has started well. Yesterday before work I did my Back & Biceps workout, and this started off with a Deadlift PB! Worked my way up to 147.5kg (325lbs) for the first time, and managed 2 reps - the rest of me felt capable of more, but my grip nearly gave out on that second rep and definitely wouldn't have last for a whole third, so I really need to find an answer to that one soon. Today I was back again for my Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout. It felt kinda short tbh, but I was still ther for 50mins - not sure if I need to change something around, or just find another 5 mins to spend there on another exercise? Might post my routine up here for some advice if I can't figure things out. I've been tracking calories again but this weekend was our 5th Anniversary so I took some time off it. The weekly averages start again from tomorrow though, so it's well and truly back on to the diet despite it being the final weekend of the Six Nations. Got to get back to compensating for any accidental weekend blowouts otherwise nothing will change any time soon!
  4. I believe I was promised a Witcher Wednesday? (I also appreciate the irony of my poking someone else for not updating... 😆)
  5. So, where to begin with updating again? I'll start with my workouts. As I mentioned I'm back in my old gym, which comes with some advantages and also some challenges. On the plus side it's always nice and quiet in the morning before work (I was the only one there this morning, and I could see from yesterday's sign-in sheet that nobody turned up at all until 8:30). On the negatives, some of the kit is has is a bit... vintage, and some of it is also just plain not built for tall people! Case in point, the handles of the lat pulldown machine aren't actually high enough for me to get full extension, and I have to duck slightly if I want to stand underneath the cable machine... It does however have two deadlift platforms and I have used them twice already. I don't know if there's any difference in the bars they use, but my grip really doesn't seem to like this gym - I was able to lift the weights ok, but I almost dropped it from not being able to hold on a couple of times when I could manage the same weight at the old gym. Maybe it's time for a bit of a deload and working back up again? As I'm in this new environment I've decided it's finally time to mix up my programme a bit, so I'm moving to a three-day split - Back & Biceps (incl. deadlifts) on one day, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps on another, and then Legs on another. Hopefully I should be able to fit in 4-5 workouts a week with a slightly more variable weekly pattern this way, with plenty of walking on my days off. The tracking has begun again and the diet is back on track! Cutting down the evening drinks, also managed to start having some decaff during the day instead of it always being regular coffee, and we're back planning out meals on a weekly basis instead of panicking and raiding the freezer and/or takeaway. Although I will miss the McMuffins we always get when moving house...
  6. Quick update time: Busy few weeks! We moved, we spent a week going back over to the old place to clean it after work and all weekend, but it worked and we got our full deposit back. I'm now back to work, rejoined my old gym, getting back on track with the eating again. Weight is slowly starting to drop off again, and my shoulder appears to be playing nicely again. Back to regular updates from now on hopefully!
  7. ,That place looks amazing! And great that the dog can be there too, so much space to enjoy
  8. Trying to get back in the habit of updating even when nothing much has happened: 1) My injured shoulder is continuing to get better, but realistically I need to leave it another week, so it'll be after the move before I get back to trying weights. 2) Still going to the gym in the morning for some cardio, but that's mainly to keep the habit going. And oddly, if I sleep in that extra hour in the morning I seem to sleep worse the next night! Didn't expect that. 3) I downloaded the remastered Assassin's Creed Ezio games for the the Switch yesterday, and today I made a start on Assassin's Creed II after work - never played these ones first time round and we had a storm to shelter from, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!
  9. Always here for a #WitcherWednesday Good luck with your challenge too, I suppose 😜
  10. I am very much like that with my reading as well. It's all or nothing, would love to be more consistent as the default.
  11. That's some crazy busy work hours mate, make sure you take care of yourself. Although jetski time would seem to help with that!
  12. Yeah, just gotta remember not to spend it on something else now 😅
  13. Yeah good thanks mate, I've been meaning to get on here and do an update! First things first: last week's peak week saw me set a new deadlift PB (142.5kg x3) and a bench press PB as well (82.5kg x2). Also squatted over 100kg for the first time in god only knows how long as well (102.5kg x3), so hopefully I'm finally getting past the dodgy knee & ankle issues. I also realised I'm also doing far more on the calf raises than I am on the squats, which made me laugh... I did unfortunately managed to pull something in my shoulder in the process though, so this week is just a cardio week so I'm in proper shape to move house. And that happens a week on Friday! We got the flat and it really suits our needs, although it'll be... interesting downsizing our stuff to fit in there. Worth it for saving around £3k a year though, with a wedding to pay for and a house deposit to save up for! Hoping to get back to regular posting again once we're moved in. Planning on changing up my workout plan a bit, probably including something to strengthen my damn shoulder up as well!
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