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    It has been a fun few days (in the non-sarcastic sense). We went away camping up in Norfolk for the weekend with the Welshman's Mum & Stepdad. While it was absolutely pissing down on the Friday when we arrived, forcing us to put up a new tent for the first time in wind and rain, we managed it admirably and the rest of the weekend has been sunny enough to result in mild sunburn. We walked a long the beach, chilled in the campsite, and found a band in the pub who were good enough to even do multiple decent Bowie covers. Good times. Now we're back home and I'm working on a big Respawn for tomorrow - my knee still seems kinda dodgy, but I've got my food planned for the week and I'm heading to the gym after work for whatever kind of low-impact cardio I fancy at the time. I've also pre-emptively logged everything I plan on eating in MFP to keep me honest - got to gradually shift myself back on to the right path, and that requires measuring things again for a while! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    He's 10 now, which is a good age. Think he enjoys having two uncles to play computer games with too. Wedding is exactly one year today! We have a venue, caterer, registrar, and a quote for the wedding disco. Plenty more to sort out! I like that - I already started varying the veg depending on what was left over in the fridge... Yeah, I am pretty damn awesome really... #truefacts Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    This week has been... not so good. Last week I woke up one day to find random pain in my left knee. I thought it was just an old niggle that crops up sometimes and then goes away a few days later when it suddenly clicks into place, but it's now been a week and it's still giving me trouble when I least expect it. It just feels really unstable and then I get sharp pain when I flex it too far, or when there's a twisting motion. I figure if it's not better by Monday I'll book an appointment with my GP to get referred on for physio/scans/etc. The weekend was good though - took my nephew to the cinema on Saturday and then for lunch, which I later realised is the first time it's been just us (and the Welshman) without a parent or grandparent involved too. He seemed to have a good time (possibly because he didn't have to eat all his vegetables and got a smoothie too) so I think it'll happen again. Sunday I had a really good Back & Biceps day at the gym, but unfortunately deadlifts were off the menu. This week has been an absolute sh*tshow to be honest; no training due to surprise family visits with the future in-laws, I stepped on glass and so can't cardio for a few days while my toe knits up a but, Leg day was off the cards anyway, and now I've got a stinking cold (in August!) and a load of work stress thrown in to the mix too. Oh, and we just found out my gym is closing down at the end of the month. Admittedly we were planning on moving house in October so this saves the hassle of cancelling contracts etc, but I like this place and don't want to see it close down entirely. But the franchise owner recently got widowed and can't keep up with everything for the business requires so it's a sad fact that he needs to let go of the place. I feel really sorry for the staff too, there aren't many of them but they're genuinely good and it's a shame for them. We're going away camping this weekend so I'm basically just going to get through the last two days of work and then respawn hard on Monday. Make the most of my last two weeks left at the gym, not let my mood affect my eating choices, and try to deal as well as possible with all the rest of the uncertainty currently going around. For someone who has moved halfway round the world before, I cope with change surprisingly badly...
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    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    What's the recipe like for yours? Mine came out of an issue of Men's Fitness so I'm guessing it's a very simple version... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  5. I need a fresh start and I have a fresh goal so I figure I need a fresh Battle Log. I've spent a few months trying to keep up with Challenge Threads, but the basic fact is I've got too much to work on and I think I need something a little bit more freeform. The basic targets of this: - next May I'm going on a big family holiday to Center Parcs and I want to not feel self-conscious in the swimming pool (which will probably feature every day for the whole week) - soon after that I'll be on a beach holiday somewhere in the Med (see above) - next September I'll be at my 15yr Uni reunion and also a wedding, and I intend to buy myself a good new suit for them both and I want to look good in it - in August 2020 I'll be marrying the Welshman and I have plans on how I want to look for that.v Bascially, I want to look good in rolled up sleeves and a waistcoat after I take the suit jacket off and we have our first dance. My plan is to takle problems just a few at aa time, for as long as necessary, then move on to the next one. The first two are: - lift three times a week. I need to rebuild this habit without trying to do extras, because that's when I fall apart. It's probably the old triathlon habits, but I have to get away from the mindset of beating myself for not working out 11 days in 7 days - go on a gluten-light diet. I was totally gluten-free for several years a little while back due to severe IBS, then as a result my IBS healed itself a fair bit and I've been able to eat more of it. But lately I've felt the need to cut back as I think I'm suffering various symptoms again, so that's my first obvious port of call. This is my starting point. I'll be weighing in shortly and using that as a various approximate tracking metric, but not my main one. 640 Days to go. Time to get to work.