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  1. It's been six weeks of lockdown and now it's time to get thing moving forward again. My health & fitness progress has been well & truly... stationary. I've been half-heartedly doing some exercise, not really eating & drinking properly, and basically staying exactly in the same place. In a couple of hours we find out how the government is going to begin easing its lockdown restrictions. I personally don't want us to, but that's the way the world's going so I guess I have to move with it. That means making my jobhunt a bit more rigorous, and trying to get myself back in some semblance of shape so my work clothes fit properly. So my plan for the next few weeks: 1) Don't eat & drink like an arsehole 2) Run twice a week (injuries permitting), bodyweight workout twice a week 3) Walk daily LQ) Check for new job listings daily and continue learning Python in the meantime All pretty simple really. It's amazing I'm not in shape already.