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  1. Have you tried Megamart? I usually did my weekly shop there (mainly due to them getting UK food from Tesco's to stock as well) and seem to remember not being horrified at the price of the veg.
  2. Friday weight: 110.8kg -three days in a row... Thursday steps: 5983 (3025 over target for the week) Thursday calories: 2475 (488 under target for the week) - impressed with that considering this was my "Friday night" of the week. Book Completion: AF - 48%, TLE - 26%, CYSMP? - 7% Friday has been a good day so far - we got up and got to the gym first thing, which is always a good feeling. The Welshman pottered round figuring the place out (it's been a while) while I cracked on with my Bench Press day - the work sets were: 50kg x3 57.5kg x3 65kg x3+ (I
  3. Good challenge! This is also a reminder that I need to find the first one of these books so I can give them a try.
  4. I met my other half on a dating app too - I totally led with the nerd aspect and leant into to to weed people out as early as possible. Still gotta be worth a try!
  5. Thursday weight: 110.8kg -staying stable right now. Wednesday steps: 7042 (2042 over target for the week) - again, not sure where they all came from, but not really targetting this at the moment. Wednesday calories: 1993 (485 over target for the week) - marinaded turkey for dinner was surprisingly low on calories, so that's a good deficit in the bag ahead of a long weekend! This morning we got up early, but instead of going for our usual walk (for obvious reason) we walked up to the gym instead. I spent 20mins on a cross-trainer with a podcase and then we wandered home -
  6. Happy Non-Quarantine Day! Don't head out and start licking things/people now just because you can. Apparently it's still frowned on.
  7. I also have a drawer that you can do some kind of archeological dig through and likely find a cable for to fit any device I've owned in the last thirty years, and some others that I haven't...
  8. Looks like you've been through a fair bit mate, very impressive to make such a difference in your heath over the last year though. Good to see you back on the boards!
  9. Thanks mate, I'm just going to have to double down on all the stretching and mobility work to find what makes me function I guess. Good to hear mate, I'll keep an eye out! It's been yelling long enough and loudly enough, perhaps it's time I actually started listening...? -------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday weight: 110.9kg -heading back down again. Tuesday steps: 7599 (15,380 over target for the week) - not sure how I got that many steps, but it's a solid amount for a week. Tuesday calor
  10. We ventured into Lidl last weekend for the first time in weeks. It felt like a proper treat... I love it!
  11. My first hit me pretty similarly so I'm planning the same for my second dose - I've booked the day after off work and plan on occupying the sofa and ordering pizza for lunch, and possible dinner as well if I fancy it.
  12. It's all change time again! First, a recap of the rest of the weekend. Sunday weight: 110.0kg - dehydration weight strikes again, but that's still the lowest it's been in years! I'll take a midweek version as the real one though. Saturday steps: 7872 (11,651 over target for the week) - kinda miserable grey & drizzly day, so we took the advantage to spend a fair bit of it on the sofa watching TV (The Bad Batch seems pretty good, watched the first couple of episodes!). Went for another 5k run this afternoon. Calf muscles felt quite tight afterwards but the run
  13. Cheers mate, that means a lot! Hey man, good to see you back on the boards! You got a thread on the go?
  14. I need to get better at this during the weekend - I drink a good few litres on a normal workday, from Friday though to Monday morning it's just an endless stream of caffeinated beverages until the sun's over the yardarm... Yay! Time to take the doggo for a long walk?
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