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  1. Yet another follower here for the good food! Your challenge this time around sounds awesome. I wish you luck!
  2. Woohoo! Congrats again on your successful first challenge, and good luck for this one! I'm especially interested to see what you mean by "intensive stretching", as I too am planning to work on stretching & flexibility.
  3. Heck yeah, bring it on! This should totally be our theme song. Speaking of super villains, I have finally decided upon my truly terrifying and respectable persona. WITH ME LEADING THE TEAM, THERE IS NO WAY WE COULD LOSE THIS BATTLE!! NOT EVEN MEGATRON OR THOSE GOODY-FOUR-WHEEL AUTOBUMS CAN STOP ME NOW!!!! HAAHAAAAA!!!!!!
  4. Congratulations!! Good luck on your continuing battle with the belly
  5. And so, Holographic Sam's very first fitness challenge comes to a close. Was it a challenge? Yes. Were there stumbles? Naturally! But I'm already bigger, faster, and stronger than I was six weeks ago I can hardly wait to see what the next six weeks will bring! This means that the time has come to level up once more. I've assigned my four shiny new points thusly: +1 STR +1 DEX +1 STA +1 WIS I feel a bit full of myself assigning so many points to wisdom, but hopefully the physical stats will start rising as I begin to apply all this new knowledge and wisdom about fitness Thanks so much to all your fellow rebels who supported me! I wouldn't have been able to make it without you.
  6. Yeah, I've worked out a bit in the mornings before. The nice part was that I was too much of a sleepy zombie to even think about stopping. Sadly, until I get my sleep time under control, I'm gonna need as much sleep in the morning a I can get
  7. That's so awesome! Congrats on all your progress and weight loss! Have fun with your rewards- you've earned them ]
  8. Sorry about your injury- I'm glad it's healing well. I hope your ankle and your work get simple and better soon! Congrats on your successful challenge!
  9. Haven't worked out in nearly a week now, which is simply blasphemous. Found myself sitting on my butt tonight thinking "I should work out today... but I'm so tired, and it's already 9:30...". I'll have you know I promptly smacked myself upside the head for such insolence! Didn't manage as much as I'd like, but I did a few rounds of the Assassin Workout and ran through a few dances for dance team. Got a bit of a sweat going, and my legs are not happy about those wall-sits I shall have to come up with a way to punish myself for such thoughts in the future. Maybe I have to do a double workout if I try to wiggle my way out of one I have no good excuse not to do? Not sure how to enforce that one on my errant self, but I feel it's only correct to do something about this heinous laziness. EDIT: Huh! I made lunch for the next few days today (homemade mac&cheese and stir-fry, oh my!), and I was not really surprised by how many calories each food was, but by what a large portion of my daily intake they took up. 300 calories doesn't sound like much for a tasty bowl of mac&c until I remember that I'm only supposed to eat 1500 cal a day, and that's one fifth of an entire day's food! From this perspective, it's not hard to see how I overeat. In fact, I'm rather impressed I'm only about 10lb above my goal weight!
  10. Thanks! I've been having some success with MFP as well. The big cache of calorie counts is especially helpful.
  11. Everyone's been awesome, but I have no doubt that I'll grow up one day to be a beautiful and deadly assassin Bodyweight workouts ftw!
  12. Sounds like you've had it hard I hope things get better for you soon. Congrats on keeping up with your goals so well regardless!
  13. Congrats! It's so awesome to see concrete changes. As for your Life Quest news- sorry about that trouble. Transferring credits can be a nightmare, I hope that works out for you.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! I've been doing pretty well, actually, I've just forgotten to keep up with my thread XD I'm counting on it And that sounds delicious! Update time! Huh. I'm thinking that my life quest next challenge might have to be "keep more up to date with your NF thread, and actually keep a detailed log". I keep forgetting! Only got three days left at this point, and looking back, I think I could call this challenge a hesitant success! I haven't been working out quite as consistently as I'd like, and I'm still learning how to count calories, but I've gotten the ball rolling. I'll write up a big retrospective post after this final week is up.
  15. Congratulations!! I've also dealt with a bit of thigh pain from that, but I've never found a good way to deal with it. I like Katydid's idea though- stretching might help. I often shift positions a lot to change things up, although there's not too much variation that can be achieved in an office chair (cross-legged, one leg over the other, sitting... sitting to one side... yeah, that might be it).
  16. Yoga sounds like a good idea! Stretching out definitely helps your aching body feel better Good luck on the challenge!
  17. Update 8/24-28 *deep breath in* *deep breath out* WOW. It's been a hard week, a very hard week- though in a very good way! I've been at dance camp with my new team, which mean I've been doing a lot of dancing, and learning a lot of choreography, leaving both my body and brain pretty fried. Today especially kicked my butt, as we did some conditioning work. One hour doesn't sound too bad until you've spent five minutes straight doing crunches and are about to vomit, do some more, and then proceed to do about a metric bazillion squats! XD I definitely need to strengthen up! So strength and cardio have been pretty well taken care of these past days, and diet has been pretty good as well. I've been managing a healthy breakfast and lunch (smoothies, eggs, chicken, corn, curry, fruit) and then kind of letting myself go for the evening (thank heaven for microwave pies!). Luckily, this first challenge only requires me to be responsible for 2/3 of the day All in all, feelin' good. Already I'm getting better, faster, and stronger, and I'm only going to get better from here! As a grilling side note: for those of you who grill, if you've never grilled marinaded corn, you are doing something wrong! It's pretty much the best thing ever.
  18. Huh. Never even heard of that before! I have this awesome fruit stand near my school; if they have nice looking watermelons, I might have to give that odd treat a try Thanks! Ha! That's what all my roommates have been like. "Oh, good, now you can grill us burgers and veg all the time, right?" Thanks! The weekend was quite restful, and good for it! This week has been hard! But in a good, fitness kind of way Huh. I wonder why it works out that way. And that protein bit is interesting! I'll have to give it a try. Mmmmm, zucchini and squash. The only thing better than grilled zucchini is fried zucchini.
  19. Hey man, whatever works That shirt is hilarious!
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