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  1. Good luck holding your will power against such unhealthy temptresses!
  2. Your progress is already frickin' awesome! I don't doubt you'll make those 100
  3. That's awesome! If my parents had done this when I was younger, I would have been so friggin' excited to get those chores done! Hope it works out And, as always, awesome work out and diet!
  4. Pretty good! I was a bit sore today, but I think I could have pushed harder. I didn't feel quite enough like I was dying The effect of diet and sleep on progress and recovery is incredibly big! I'm currently adjusting to a new medication, so my sleep is going to hell, but hopefully in the next few weeks it'll sort itself out. Haha, thanks! Glad to motivate you as well That's the awesome thing about coming to this forum- there's a never-ending stream of support and awesome inspiration! Thanks! -- [MISSION REPORT :: 8/13/14] Heyo! I hope you're all having a good day; I know I am! I spent a large amount of time today researching nutrition, and there's so much information out there this was no easy feat! But I eventually found some very useful basic info (via /r/fitness) about BMR, TDEE, and macronutrients. Figured out my TDEE is about 1700, and since I'd like to lose some weight as well as gain some muscle I'm gonna try shooting for 1275 cal. a day, with a few goals of specifically how much protein, fat, and carbs. I'm new to this, so it'll take a bit of easing into, but hopefully in the next month or so I can get pretty serious about watching what I eat! As for the workout, Since I can't do weight workouts every single day (gotta recover somehow, I guess), I figured I should do some kind of cardio on the off days. But, unfortunately, I hate hate hate most cardio. They're just so boring to me. I've tried music, audiobooks, friends, but I just don't enjoy it. Then, I remembered why I got into fitness in the first place. Dancing! So I got my head phones, put on my sports bra, and danced my butt off for nearly an hour! Best. Workout. Ever! Note to self: Primus makes AWESOME dancing music. Stone Temple Pilots, not so much.
  5. I return! And with details! Today I did my first strength/weight workout. Decided to put together some exercises from various body weight workouts and turn it down a notch since I'm basically a complete beginner. Here's what I ended up with: Wannabe Assassin Strength Workout v.1.0 50 jumping jacks 10 squats 5 push ups 30 sec. bridge 15 box jumps 15 dumbbell rows (7 lb) 20 lunges 20 sec. plank 15 bicep curls (7 lb) x2 (without rest in between) I adjusted a few of the numbers as I went (for instance, I started with 30 second bridge but that ended up being too long), but it went well! My body feels a bit like jelly, so I think that means it worked! Next time, I think I'm going to increase the weight for the rows, as 7 lb was too light, and I'm gonna try to find a taller box for the box jumps. Besides that, I guess I'll just keep experimenting and seeing what works out! Thanks so much to all of you guys- especially @svilardo2- for the motivation and the resources to put this together!
  6. Sounds wonderfully painful! I'm going to give a basic body weight workout a try tonight- I'll report back with the results!
  7. Chris, that's an awesome goal! What kinda hero we thinkin' here- more Superman or more Nightwing? Good luck with the self-confidence part of your quest. So often in the quest for self-improvement people forget that if they can't love themselves first, no matter how amazing they become they won't really be able to appreciate it!
  8. Breakfast for dinner is the only proper way to celebrate!
  9. Thanks I've been thinking about it! I especially like the minimal equipment required for body weight workouts, considering I don't have a gym membership.
  10. Sounds like you jumped right back in! Your workouts and diet both look great! Good luck and keep it up
  11. Congrats on your diet changes! Seems like you're got some killer self control!
  12. Yes, well, one must take the good with the bad I suppose XD Perhaps I should have named my thread after Grimlock's words of wisdom. "ME GRIMLOCK GET STRONGER, CRUSH WEAKLINGS!"
  13. Thanks! Day 1 Update: And they're off! The first day of this challenge was a smashing success in many ways. - Rather than hike on the treadmill, I actually went out on a hike with a fit friend of mine (~ 90 minutes) - I had a delicious dinner of pork ribs and corn (definitely real food!) - I got said fitness friend to show me how to do assisted pull-ups, and several simple barbell exercises - I even managed to institute a house-wide plank-off! I came in last, only lasting 1 minute, but that just means I've got somewhere to go! Now I just have to last four more weeks!
  14. I'm sorry about your back pain- that sounds awful. It's awesome how much exercise you're getting in regardless! Good luck with getting more sleep. Everything always feels better when well-rested. Good luck with those Big Questions as well.
  15. It's great that you're feeling the effects already. Your main quest is awesome- ninja warrior is insane! I'm so impressed! Look forward to seeing just how far you'll go!
  16. That's awesome! You sound like you're kickin' ass! I'm also impressed by your ability to work out in that humidity and heat
  17. That's awesome! As you say: yay not keeling over! Maybe it's just because I'm new to the fitness world, but what is BBWW?
  18. Major props on finding your one weakness and deciding to conquer it straight on!
  19. This is my humble thread, and welcome to my humble quest! I am Sam, a female human of average weight and of average height. When I was younger I danced a lot, and although it's been many years, this past spring I went out for dance team. I managed to get on, but imagine my surprise when I realized how out of shape I'd become! I miss that old lofty, bouncing step and tireless ease of movement and flexibility! Naturally, there is only one solution to this problem: become an assassin! A difficult road to be sure, but one I look forward to wholeheartedly. Main Quest: To become stronger, sleeker, and more agile. Goal 1: Do a cardio related exercise for an hour, at least three days a week. Without a good heart and set of lungs, what kind of assassin could I claim to be?! Not being any more specific than that, since I'm gonna be experimenting a lot to find what I love and what I don't. Goal 2: Eat two meals a day of "real"/"healthy" food Basically, I just plan to eat more meats, veggies, and fruits, and less sweets and microwave food. Goal 3: Explore different exercises and lock down several workouts to improve each area of work These areas being, specifically, stamina, strength, and flexibility. By the beginning of the next challenge, I'll have a full plan of attack. Until then, I'll mostly be experimenting with different workouts and researching. Life Quest: Read two books Having recently acquired a magical kihnd'al tablet that holds a large number and variety of texts, I feel it is only right to peruse them! Motivation: To not only feel good, but to be good!
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