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  1. Week 1 Day 5 I started the second week of the couch to 5k program and did some yoga stretching when I got home. I had been stuck hovering around 210 for a couple weeks but finally got a bit of a whoosh and jumped down to 206.8, which was nice. I'm going to try to do some organizing this weekend since I kind of dropped the ball on that goal.
  2. Week 1 Day 4 I didn't do any yoga, but I did go for a nice 30 minute walk early in the morning. I love how doing some form of activity is so habitual in the mornings now. It starts off my whole day on the right foot.
  3. We eat a lot of the same 10-12 meals over and over with leftovers for lunch, so it's pretty easy for me to fill out my day. Plus on Sundays I plan out all the dinners for the coming week. If I don't eat something by the end of the day then I just delete it, though that doesn't happen that often for me. Normally I just jog through my neighborhood. I think the worst part of the track was that it was hot even though I was there at 930am; an overcast day or later in the year should be better. I don't normally have the car, so I wouldn't normally go there anyway.
  4. Week 1 Day 3 I had the car, so I decided to go jogging at the track... ugh I hated it! It was so hot plus the same thing over and over and I got clipped by a little kid on a bike. Then the rest of my day was super busy, I'm actually surprised I'm not more sore at the moment. Prelogging my food and snacks has helped me avoid temptation, so I think I'll keep that up as part of my morning routine. This challenge is off to a good start!
  5. Week 1 Day 2 Yoga went okay. I picked a stretching routine but I still had to use my hand/wrist a lot and it was sore by the end of 45 minutes. I planned out my meals and snacks better today and I feel more in control of what I'm going to eat. I ended up having five of those stupid muffins yesterday at 200 cals each, though I didn't go much into my deficit. Only about 20 calories. I'm looking forward to jogging again tomorrow, though I'm definitely sore today from it.
  6. Day 1 is going well. I went for my walk/jog but now I'm starving despite eating a big salad with tuna and avocado for lunch! Unfortunately(?) I made zucchini muffins on Saturday and I just want to eat ALL of them. We'll see if this tapers off as I get more used to it but for now I'll eat some of my exercise calories back if I need to.
  7. The running went better then I expected! Doing strength circuits and having stronger legs has helped, I think. That yoga site looks great, I'll definitely check out some of those, especially the stretching and seated ones. Thanks, Notsonerdynerd!
  8. I'm going to attempt the first day of a couch to 5k program today and see how it goes. If it works out I'll be restructuring my goals for that, doing the parts of yoga that I can and concentrating on parts of the house I can organize with one hand. Like the bathrooms that have lots of tiny things. Wish me luck!
  9. I am also having an 'I don't care day' today. Granted I severely sprained my wrist and spent 2 hours in emerge this morning having x-rays done and getting a half cast put on, but I plan on having pizza for dinner and pepsi. It's going to be delicious and tomorrow I'll get back on track. I think counting calories has helped me take the guilt out of things, good food, bad food, eh.. as long as I get my protein and healthy fats I don't deny myself if it'll fit into my daily goals. I think understanding that I cannot eat enough in one day to undo months of work, or even weeks of work helps as well.
  10. Sooo... I severely sprained my left wrist and I'm not suppose to use it for 3-4 weeks at least. Currently it's in a half cast. I'm going to have to rethink my challenge now. Ugh.
  11. Back again, yay! I am super jealous of your trip to Harry Potter World, you can definitely reach your goal by then! I'm sure you'll gave a great time no matter what.
  12. Good job for getting back on the train and congratulations on the waist looking smaller! I'm not sure I'm going to hit my goal, but I'm happy with how my progress is going, either way I will be less then I am now.
  13. Bit of an introduction for myself. I'm 30 years old now, 5'6" and 209 pounds, down from 242! I've been married to my husband for nearly 6 years and my beautiful daughter is 3 1/2 years old. My daughter was born at 28 weeks into the pregnancy and because of some complications has a severe form of spastic cerebral palsy. Once we brought her home from the NICU, stress and exhaustion skyrocketed and over 3 years I put on over 50 pounds. Becca would only sleep for 1-3 hours at a time (a consequence of her CP) and I was lucky to get 5-6 hours of sleep in a whole day. I spent the time binge eating at night, trying to eat my exhaustion and living a much more sedentary life then I was used to. A few months ago we finally FINALLY found a doctor that helped us with Becca's sleep and with her high tone, which means closer to normal sleep and she tolerates her stroller! So now I'm working on getting down to 150 pounds and keeping/increasing what strength I have because toting around 26 pounds of 3 1/2 year old is not going to get easier without it! I would also like to be within a healthy weight range before we consider the possibility of a second child, which still scares me, a lot. My first challenge went really well and I feel like I've built the habit of both consistently calorie counting and doing some form of activity six days a week. I have noticed my flexibility has become appalling so I'm switching up my focus a bit this challenge. Goal 1: Yoga 3 times a week. I have a 30 day beginner program picked out that should take me through the entire 6 weeks. Goal 2: Do the Couch to 5k running program 3 times a week. So after a badly sprained wrist I'm changing my focus over to the 5k running program. I want to give it a fair shot and this seems like a great time for it and I've always admired people who can run for longer then a minute or two. I've always been overweight and terrible at running/jogging. Goal 2: Progress my incline push ups down to the floor. I'm going to do as many as I can on the floor, then finish with incline push ups and reducing the incline a little each week. I'm still recovering from damaging my rotator cuffs so this goal will be a bit more flexible and proper form will be most important. Goal 3: Organizing some part of the house for at least 30 minutes a day. Or 3 1/2 hours a week. After 3 years of just doing the necessity of house work, we have ended up with clutter piled up everywhere. (Having a MiL that shops as her hobby.. with most of the stuff we get as unnecessary junk. It's starting to drive me a little batty.) I went through some of Becca's stuff the other day to donate.. she had 2 jolly jumpers and cannot use one, at all. I hope everyone else has a great challenge! Enjoy a couple pictures of Becca, they had to be in links because they are too big. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6f4hlVhQc2dcDRrZExlaHlyV00/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6f4hlVhQc2dWnNBMXVSdUZjYVk/view?usp=sharing
  14. I'm going to jump in on this, for sure! I have a fitbit so I'm going to push and try for Titanium.
  15. Goal 1: Maintain a deficit of 500 calories each day. Log everything I eat to the best of my ability on MFP. I logged every single day, though a few times I had to guess while eating out and I'm very happy with that. There were a few days I went over on my calories and a few days that I decided to eat at maintenance after being sick. I know calorie counting doesn't work for everyone, but I am finding it great for me. Goal 2: I will do the BBWW twice a week and by the end of six weeks will be able to do three sets in a workout instead of just two. I rocked this goal. I think there was one week that I was only able to do it once, which was after I was sick but I was able to push further then I thought I could. Not only am I able to do three sets but I do goblet squats with 20 pounds and bumped my dumbbell rows up to 15 pounds. Goal 3: I will take my daughter hiking in the TrailRider once every other week (at least) and on opposite weeks walk the giant hill with her in the stroller. We went 4 times in the TrailRider and I've gone for walks nearly every day that I haven't done BBWW, it's been great to build that habit! I even started going for longer walks and jogging a bit! (I normally detest cardio.) My life goal of trying new recipes kind of went out the window and I'm okay with that. Total Points:113 A+ A-102-90 B- 89-80 C- 79-70 D- 69-60 F- 59-0 Start Weight: 218 Current Weight: 209 Inches lost: 7 inches lost (Though oddly some of my measurements went up today as opposed to 2 weeks ago. But my body fat percentage still went down, so eh..? Likely I was holding the tape too tight last time.) This challenge really showed me that when I prioritize my health, I can get there and feel great about it too. I no longer view losing weight and getting fit as impossible, something for other people and not me. I CAN DO IT. Getting down to 150 pounds is not impossible! Doing a pull up is not impossible! Doing parkour might be impossible because I'm scared of jumping over stuff! BUT MAYBE NOT! Look forward to seeing you all in the next challenge!
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