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  1. It is so awesome! Thanks. So I've been very negligent of my thread lately but I've been so busy. Working as much as I can, planning this big road trip and packing in some serious quality time in with friends because we are leaving Melbourne in just 3 weeks! Can't believe its coming so fast! I had a fabulous last week. I ran 5 nights and did my full track each time! I'm going to have to bump it up now! I only did 2/3 of my workout sessions, I need to stop letting myself down on that one! I did however prove to be very successful with my food goal, I only had bread on one day and pasta on one so perfect 5 days reached. Woo! I'll have to think about my stat points for this challenge AND I'm certain I have seen some changes in my body during this challenge so I will have to take some measurements and post tomo!
  2. Aweeeeeesome! That's the best motivation of all. It's a cycle now! There's no escaping. work that confidence grl!
  3. Awesome! And yes! Not coming back til the summer time but I am in for some meet and greets!
  4. Yes! Hearing about the improvements your making from someone else is really validating. I've been away for a few days. Left to Tasmania on Mon so we went jogging early day that day, unfortunately had sandwiches mob and ties so both bread days down. I've got to try avoiding that for the rest of the week. Took tues and weds off jogging to enjoy our vacay time. Came back to Melb on thurs and had a GREAT run last night. I felt like I was going to die but at the same time it felt SO good. I ran the entire circuit I had set out for myself. I'll have to measure it specifically but I think it was almost 3kms. When I started I could barely run 100 meters. I can't wait until I can run a 5k.
  5. Crushers!!! I was away in the land of no wifi, in Tasmania for a few days. I want to know you're all still motivated! I finally feel like I'm making awesome improvement. I ran my ENTIRE circuit last night and even included the last block after my circuit to my front door. This progress is really what keeps me motivated to push myself every time I go out! I think it was about 3 kms! I want to know about everyone else's progress! Tell me how you feel you've improved this challenge and keep us all pumped right up to the end!
  6. Did I ever mention that this picture is like 100% EXACTLY ME when I drink? Like spot on. Last night I drank a few home mixed cocktails (read: 6oz) and a few beers aaaaaand I ended up having about 6 pieces of pizza...soooo that may have been a bad idea. However I feel like I'm really doing something right. I feel so capable when I go running now. I feel confident enough to really push myself. We took last night off as scheduled and went back out after work today. It was raining but no excuses, we went out. I definitely pushed myself to go faster than usual and I think I just have made it to about 1.5 km again. Other than last night I've been sticking to pretty good eating habits. Mainly protein and granola for breakfasts. And lots veggies and lean meats. My bf says he can really see a difference in my body from a month ago, I think I've lost a bit of weight from my sides and back. Feeling so proud.
  7. Ugh disorganization at work is frustrating! I'm so impressed with you keeping up all your workouts though! Great job getting them all in! I need to follow suit and be as dedicated as you are. Lol
  8. She hulk!! Grrrrrrl!You have been doing so well! I'm still so impressed you did a 5k, so awesome! You better feel darn proud. Even with a few slip ups you're still such a fierce lady crushin all the skulls!
  9. Yes yes yes! I feel so good. Love his! Thanks!!I'm so proud I realized I am able to completely run the track I laid out for myself, I've already added a bit more to it and can run THAT fully now and have extended a little bit more. This was pretty much me after a completed my track last night. I'll have to measure it but I think I'm up to around 2 km! It's amazing because like a month ago I was terrified of even trying my first goal of like 10 meters.I feel so proud. Quick update, I took Monday off from jogging and have done the last 3 nights, whoop! I'm taking tonight off again and going out with friends. Then I'll get back on it for sat and sun. I did have pasta on Mon at work but other than that have still avoided pasta and bread. I've only done one yoga workout this week so I'll have to get on those but it's hard making time since my friend is still visiting and staying with us but I feel like running has made huge differences to my body already. My legs are so strong now and I'm definitely losing weight on my back and sides. I took measurements when I started this challenge (didn't post) but I'll def have to take some again soon and compare.
  10. Guuuuuuuuuuuys! I'm still alive. Sorry I've been so absent and I hope you've all still been rocking your challenges even with possible cold weather/holiday season. Thankfully for me it's still hot in Aus and being away from my family I don't really care too much about the holidays so I can try to keep focused! I feel like I've really been making rad progress. I went to coffee with a friend the other day who I haven't seen in a couple weeks. I told her a while ago I was thinking about starting some jogging but I don't think she remembered. She told me I really looked like I had lost weight! I don't have a scale but I did take measurements at the beginning of the challenge again. I will have to take some new ones soon and compare. Waaaah! I'm so impressed. I'm definitely going to start trying to work up to this! Keep it up!
  11. Week 3 summary! Probending! Jogging! 4/5 unfortunately I skipped one night but I am making awesome progress! B Spirit world! Yoga/Bodyweight workout! 2/3 definitely need to focus on this one. B Bend out the metal! Avoid carbs! 4/7 not quite the goal of five but pretty good. B The most progress I've made has definitely been with my jogging! I'm really proud. We timed ourselves for the first time on Sunday. I am so excited I went for a FULL eight and a half minutes. I tried routing how far I went on google maps and I ran an entire km! Tonight I ran even further! I'm so proud.
  12. Hiiiiii! Sorry NF friends, I've been so negligent! >_< I've been super busy but still trying to focus on my challenges! I've been working lots and my friend from Canada is visiting and staying with us.n Week 2 summary! Probending! Jogging! 5/5 woo! A Spirit world! Yoga/Bodyweight workouts! 2/3 still need to work out ths. B Bend out the metal! Avoid Carbs! Again I fully avoided bread and pasta but I had tortillas twice. Still my goal was 5/7 so success! A
  13. Oh gooooooooosh my liiiiiife. I am so hungover. My friend came to visit me for his birthday and we may have partied a bit too hard last night. Oops well at least I only had soda water and fruit as mix. No super sugary pop or juice. But then there was the worst decision of all: 3 am lord of the fries fake poutine... At least I got the smaller size? As for my weekly goals. So far I'm at 3/5 jogs, 2/3 workouts and have actually only had bread 1/7 days and no pasta so far. So other than last night my week is on the right track. As for the reason I went with the bread/pasta goal I just decided to try to reduce my carbs by reducing some of the carby things I usually eat too much of.
  14. Yes and funny story I totally caved a few days ago because there was literally very little food in the house and decided to just have toast for breakfast. I bought the loaf like two weeks ago and told my bf it was only for him and I wouldn't touch it. Turns out what was left had gone moldy. So sad face for waste BUT saved me from myself and the bread! Also I had two tortillas last week and I kind of feel like this might be cheating.... Is it? What do you guys think? They were flour so obviously carbs but are they that bad, compared to bread? I should just google this but I want some NF opinions before I do some homework pls!
  15. Ugh it's so hard to shut that little voice up. I used to have lots of weird anxieties about money and stability, mostly from growing up with financial instability but lucky for me my bf is crazy and completely the opposite in this regard. He really gave me this big push I needed to completely get over it. We both left to Aus with only a few grand and we're not dead, yet. Hooray! But yes I think you are definitely at a great start. Acknowledging the setbacks are the best place to begin! Once you realize it's just you holding yourself back you can do so much you never expected from yourself! I like the way you think. Travelling circus for all!
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