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  1. If I am honest my main goal be more organised plan to do more and stick at it and have more fun. How are you planning to rebuild?
  2. Hello do you have any links to articles about pre-planning I think its a good idea. With the proactive thing I have a couple of things to help keep myself on track a calander, a diary and an app not tried to do this before using all 3 at the same time.
  3. hi🙋there ranger will def run by when needing some help.
  4. Hi guys🙋 thanks for the encouragement. My main goals are really to be more proactive to keep going when things feel hard to meet my goals and set new one's when I reached one's that have been set.
  5. I gotta pick myself up and start again, stick to my goals and make them work. The end of 2015 sucked but 2016 can be better new year, new goals and new challeneges to meet.
  6. Respawing and taking up the level 1 challenge So here it goes Diet remove processed snacks from meals and replace with fruit Fitness NF bodyweight workout once a week gym time at least once a week Level up Life put £1 into savings everyday and focus on keeping 1 area clean and tidy (bedroom)
  7. I joined yesterday and thought I should introduce myself to my fellow rebels. I'm here because I want to level up, eat better, exercise on a regular basis get to my target weight and to maintain it. To join others who think the same way, to rebal against the system that says we are to busy to eat right and workout. Over and Out Aurora 1894
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