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  1. That's really good. about a year and a half ago i could about one or two pullups. Its rough because you wanna get better at them but its tough to do. I tried doing sets through out my workout. So if your doing deadlift, after your first set or second go do as many pullups as you can at one time. then later on maybe at the end of deadlfit or after the second set of your next exercise do another set of pullups. And keep doing that through out your workouts. If you get to a point where you cant do any (because of exhaustion), try negative pullups!! they work great!
  2. Alright after a rough week time to refocus and eat all weekend! Breakfast: 4 eggs with mexican sausage, water, fish oil, frankenstien shake ( 2cups of 2% milk, 2 scoops whey protein, 4 eggs, almonds, coconut milk,banana, couple of strawberries, some mint leaves,)
  3. I have an internship with Construction company and any heavy machinery work that has to be done, has to be done before office hours or before the tenants show up to the area. Basically so we don't get our ass' chewed because we make too much noise lol If its too loud you're too old!! haha
  4. you know how we get things done lol no sleep and always staying moto
  5. stellar saturday tom!!! Whoop! Great way to start the weekend!
  6. Awesome job brother! I'm going to give those pendlay rows a try on monday's routine. What weight did you start with on pendlay's?
  7. Awesome work KW! Question 1. what do you use to weight you pullups? and 2. I hit a snag on my deadlift, actually two. The first is today I did 315lbs x4 but i cant seem to get past that, and second my lower back is getting sore from deadlift quite often. Any ideas would be awesome. Thanks! Stay moto on the diet and plow forward! You got this!
  8. Howdy and Welcome!! Awesome goals! You got this!! You WILL do pullups!! What kind of foods are you eating? Hahahah I hope it does not come down to a zombie love bite!!
  9. Today was a rough one. Got home from class last night around 11 then had work today from 3am till noon. Did not have a much of a breakfast but shook it off anyways. Although a plus was that the boss' had fresh Shipleys donuts at work. Did not touch any of them!! Todays workout: DB Bench: 5x5 60,70,80,95,100 Deadlfit- 5x5 135,185,225,265,315 Squats- 5x5 135,155,185,225,245 Farmer's walk- 3x80ft 85lb db's dips-4x10 wrist curls-45lb db's pullups-12,10,8,3 handstand pushups-13 now trying to make up the calories I did not get this morning lol its chow time
  10. That is an awesome idea about walking back and forth. It's the little things that add up and create good habits. Keep up plowing ahead on the pull ups!!
  11. Ya I need to acquire a flexible tape measure and check all my measurements( will be posted soon). Thanks for the support wq!! Balancing school and gym took some practice but now I'm getting it down pat!
  12. Pumpkin is delicious!! Try acorn squash oven roasted with some cinnamon. Tasty!
  13. Howdy!! Goals look awesome!! Just stay motivated and youll rock this!
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