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  1. HA HA! Im back getting ready to log and post Like its no ones business!

  2. Im still in the process of moving so I don't have anything major to report yet. It hard moving when it just you and your wife and you have different days off and you have items that require two people to move them. As soon as I get settled in I will start posting info on my workouts and such instead of gym humor stuff.
  3. Hey Im back ( Lanithroe ) so you have to come back to so we can talk.
  4. Hey Diesel it's me Lanithroe. Im back and just thought I would say hi.
  5. Well Ill keep making my way back to read your forum so keep posting so I have something to read lol. I hope this next weeks kick off in the right direction and things pick up for you in a good way.
  6. All the glorious GIF's I have been missing out on. Ill have to roam the forums more often, Plus all the kittens.
  7. Next time just tell yourself "Do it for the kittens". Ill have to find some workout kitten memes.
  8. Hi everyone! I thought I would check in and give you all an update. I have worked in the fitness industry for a little over 8 years of my life and have seen some amazing inspiring people, and I have met some very selfish people in the process as well. So I have a big project that I have been working on for sometime that I would like to announce in the next paragraph or so. I have been a trainer, and a trainee in many situations in my life. The starving student fed only off of dreams and Ramon noodles, The dad with no time for the gym because family comes first, and I have felt the devastation of separation from those that I loved most. Each time I was hit in my life by situations like these the first thing that came to my mind was "I can't do this any more. Im to tired and broken to face any more hardship", but no matter how dark things got I always found my way back into the light. With all that being said I began to take all my experience as a trainer and condense it into a in home workout program that I have been working on for the last two years. I have developed a program that is on a sliding scale basis so it can be adjusted and randomized for any skill level while progressing into more challenging training. This program will build strength, muscle endurance, and muscle stability, while cutting fat and building muscle ( not body builder muscle but like buff spiderman muscle, or jet lee.) Speaking of spiderman my program has been influenced by many aspects of my inner nerd that is drawn to such things like, DBZ, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Cosplay, Steampunk, and ill just stop right there before the list becomes self aware and produces names based on my interest subconsciously. This program can be done with vary little equipment, but it isn't necessary because I also list exercises that can be used to replace the use of equipment like (resistance bands, pull-up bars, jump ropes, and ab wheels.) I welcome you all to call upon my 8 years as a personal trainer and 6 as a military nutritionist, and I promise you I will never ask for a dime in any shape or form. With that I would like to announce The working tittle go my program... Comic Book Calisthenics This Program will always be free to those who want it and it will get updated on a regular basis.
  9. I have issues with acid reflux as well that Im trying to get under control. Its mostly from not eating well for myself which Ill be getting under control, but I know how much of a pain in the but it can be.
  10. Sounds like you have stayed busy. I hear you about training others and wanting to go back to the peace of training by myself. The first six months of the year I went back to being a personal train at a box gym again. I love helping others reach their goals, but once my clients reached their goals I would turn them back to the wild and the gym wanted me to keep them hooked as long as I could, I simply wouldn't do it so i left. Ill make sure to keep stopping by.
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