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  1. Ok, challenge start! I worked on the doll house over the weekend. Pics to follow. I hit a couple PR's today in OHP and DL. I didn't track my food intake yesterday, mainly due to laziness and being a little out of the habit. But I am tracking my intake today so far.
  2. Okay, I am going to keep this brief. Boring, I know. I just don't have time to flesh out the post right now. Q1: Lift 3x per week, sprint 1x per week Q2: Minimum 3500 cal with a minimum 250 g protein Q3: Drink 1-2 gal of water per day SQ: Doll house, work on it at least once per week and post pics.
  3. Thanks for the sucking gif's Emerald, your bravery is commendable. As for my absence: My giveafuck meter ran out early last week due to added stress at work, affecting several aspects of my challenge including posting to this site. So I blew my diet pretty much every day last week. (also I made pie over the weekend and it was good) I didn't complete any of my financial tasks this challenge but it's not for want of trying. I researched everything but whenever I tried to bring it up with my wife she would shut me down. Maybe next time. I didn't complete all of my etsy shop goals either but I did get some work done with social media and updated several of my product listings so better than nothing. In lighter news I did manage to stick to my workouts last week (yay!) and I got the brick done on the doll house. I will include before and after pics in my next challenge thread. Next challenge I am finally switching from cut to build so diet goals should be a little easier to manage. (I hope) workouts: 94% Finances: 0% Etsy: 44% Diet: 46% Doll House: 100% +1.9 STR, +1.4 DEX, +0.9 STA, +0.5 CON, +1.4 WIS, +0.5 CHA
  4. I did not get my 4th workout in last week, nor did I stick to my diet over the weekend. Suffice to say cookies were involved (and if I'm being honest, a fair amount of cookie dough. Salmonella Be Damned!). I got all my workouts in this week though, and have been sticking to my diet since the weekend. I have been working on updating my Etsy listings and promoting my shop on facebook. Hopefully I will find some time on the weekend to work on the doll house again. I really want to get the brick done so I can show you guys another pic.
  5. Thank you, Laghail. I am looking forward to next challenge when I can finally stop eating like a bird and start eating like a beast of burden again. The main reason I am still cutting is because I didn't want to switch things up until I knew what my summer schedule would be like and could work out my food and workout times to fit. But until then I am still cutting. I managed to stick with my low calorie count though I haven't been able to make up my workout yet. I worked super late yesterday and had 0 energy when I got home so there was a lot of sitting around instead of exercising, financial talk, or miniature construction.
  6. Yeah,... I'm not sure what to do with this, but points for his theme?
  7. Hit a couple bumps over the past couple days. Didn't have the will to go do sprints on Wednesday so I did some cleaning instead, I need to make up that workout by Saturday. Yesterday someone brought homemade cheesecake into work and I couldn't withstand the temptation. Workout went well this morning though, no PRs but respectable lifts and I have my food planned out for the day so I should be back on track.
  8. I have been hitting a lot of PRs lately. DL on Thursday, DL and bench yesterday, and DL, Bench, AND OHP today! I am going to blame it on the past four days during which I ate whatever I felt like. Also, last night I came home from work to find my children were already asleep. It's like they knew what I secretly wanted for my birthday, some goddam peace and quiet! So I had a beer, worked a little on the doll house and went to bed around 8:30 (extra sleep FTW!). The extra sleep must have helped because I managed to crank out those 3 PRs in the morning. In other news I did a 2 mile walk on Saturday which I am counting as my final workout for last week, I got 3rd place in my age group too (because no one my age signs up for a 2 mile walk). I also worked on the doll house on Sunday, hopefully I will be able to finish up the brick on the lower level by the end of the week. I will post another pick once I do. No real progress on the financial or etsy goals yet, though I am working on an idea for a new product.
  9. Thank you for restraining yourself. I have used a pickaxe in flip flops before but not with these stumps. I was just happened to be in flip flops when I was loading them up to dispose of them. The house is actually not coming along, it was pretty much like this when I got it, thanks to my grandpa. All I have done is install the windows on the lower level.
  10. Just wanted to post a fee pictures while I have a moment. The doll house and the stumps I pulled with my size 11 for comparison.
  11. Well, with the aid of a pickaxe and shovel. I haven't fully developed my mutant strength yet. ( Work in progress)
  12. Off to a decent start. I over ate on Saturday, but I think the yard work on Sunday made up for it. I pulled 3 stumps by hand. (I am counting that as one of my workouts, btw) Other than that, I stuck to my diet. I worked out this morning and hit PR's in OHP and DL and at my weekly weigh in this morning I hit 25% bodyfat. So good day so far. I have started updating my listings in my Etsy shop and I have been researching stuff for my personal finances. Nothing finished yet but, hey, the challenge just started.
  13. Yeah, that is exactly what I was thinking​. I already started researching them and once I have enough information it will be a matter of getting the wife on board. My sister in law happens to be a financial advisor and I will probably discuss it with her before dispensing any money. Thanks for the advice though.
  14. Perhaps I am, but I am not afraid of failure. Failure teaches. After this challenge I will have a better idea of my limits and hopefully new strategies to overcome them. Besides, this is all stuff I was going to do anyway. Putting them into a challenge just helps me with motivation.
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