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  1. I prefer my booze and chocolate the way I prefer my metal: the darker the better.

  2. I wear exercise skorts for running, skating, and staff practice. With the skirt layer I don't have to worry as much about the shorts layer not being opaque enough. In the winter I add tights underneath. Some of 'em have the skirt made out of stretchy fabric like the shorts and some of 'em have the skirt made out of windbreaker-type material. I wondered if the ones with non-stretchy skirts might be restrictive, but so far I haven't encountered that. Oh, and I also wear those tank tops that have the sports bra built in. I don't exercise topless. Nobody wants to see that. Though I gat
  3. How instant are you looking for? "Instant" and "healthy" don't seem to overlap very often where whole meals are concerned. If you're just eating it every once in awhile it's probably not a problem. I think part of the problem with (some brands of) instant noodles is that they are dehydrated by frying. While frying and eating fat are not automatically bad for you, this can be a source of unexpected/unwanted calories. Air-dried instant noodles are a thing now. According to the All-Knowing Internets, IndoMie fries their noodles. Agree with the bean vermicelli/glass noodles/whatever yo
  4. Even Martian Manhunter got addicted to Chocos.
  5. This song is one of the only things keeping me going right now.
  6. Two days is normal. As navis pointed out, soreness has to do with how much more you've demanded of your muscles than you usually do, not failure to stretch. (I once made myself sore for two WEEKS despite being in excellent shape and having stretched a lot.) Stretching sore muscles helps me relieve pain temporarily, though. Having never used or looked for a personal trainer I will refrain from trying to offer advice there.
  7. I've had a bit of improvement. It doesn't hurt to breathe, I'm not shaky anymore, and I think I'm slightly less tired. That may change once I go back to work tomorrow. Still have a low fever and headache that won't go away. (I usually ignore those because technically it's not a fever if it's under 100.4 so I figure I should suck it up and deal.) I figure I should go back to the doctor if I'm not feeling noticeably better by next week. I enjoy what I do for a living, but I gave up long ago on the hope of having a job where I'm not exploited by my employer. It hasn't happened yet, an
  8. She is not, but I'd rather take time off of work to see her than go to a different doctor. I have literally been seeing her since I was born and her knowledge of my medical history has been really helpful for respiratory-related things. And she believes what I tell her, which never happened when I had to go to someone else due to various circumstances. She can usually get me an appointment before work so I just lose a bit on travel time. Yay for my doctor. Anyway, I finally went back this morning. Doctor agreed that I shouldn't still be feeling THIS fatigued. She thinks that I may
  9. Agree with Raincloak. This might be one to go into "not my problem" territory. Make the vegetables that you want to make. If you feel guilty about not providing a vegetable he's willing to eat, have lettuce on hand for him. (Since that one takes very little effort to make into a salad it shouldn't be extra cooking for you.) If he tries to argue with you about your zucchini, tell him that the (insert other vegetable here) is intended for you and you have made sure that there's lettuce just for him. He doesn't have to try anything. (Sounds a lot easier than it actually is in practice, I'm sure.)
  10. Wow, I've never heard those numbers for recovery time before. (Or anything remotely similar.) So I went looking for more information and discovered the concept of convalescence. How messed-up is it that this is totally unfamiliar to me? I've always thought that I was supposed to be back to normal as soon as I'd finished whatever treatment my doctor prescribed. (And since I'm not always I've just assumed I'm a lazy hypochondriac and pretended I was.) I VERY strongly get the impression from my boss that we're expected to be back at work once we're not contagious anymore. (We're too understaffed
  11. This has been a particularly bad spring for my allergies, and toward the beginning of April a bad case of bronchitis knocked me flat. (It probably wouldn't have been as bad if I'd taken more time off work, but I was afraid of getting in trouble although I have the vacation hours to cover it.) It took about 2-3 weeks for me to start feeling back to normal. Now the cough has pretty much gone away, but I'm still feeling pretty weak and tired. I've been able to start walking (part of) my former jogging route slowly. It feels great to get OUTSIDE and moving again, but by the time I get home my legs
  12. Deadpool. (I've hitched a ride with the Doctor to come back in time to write this post.) Okay, so it hasn't happened yet, but I'm fairly certain it will. I saw Fellowship of the Ring eight times. I wanted to see it more, but it didn't stay in theaters long enough for that to happen. I ended up seeing Avatar (James Cameron) and the first Star Trek reboot multiple times. That wasn't intended, friends I hadn't seen in awhile just kept inviting me to go see it. And the first Avengers movie. I think I'm the only person in the world who wanted to go see Pan again in theaters. Sadly, I didn't h
  13. I wouldn't mind being an accountabilibuddy for stress/anxiety/depression-related stuff. I make a good ventilation unit. The longest depression thread is here, but it's not official or anything. Maybe we should make an official psychological/emotional issues/illness support thread the way there are some threads dedicated to other things.
  14. Edited because I realized I posted this in the wrong depression thread. Sorry! My brain is coated in allergens and isn't working properly.
  15. I disagree. The perfect girls' night out movie for Valentine's Day is not How to Be Single. Deadpool is.

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      The wife requested to go see Deadpool for Valentines :)

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      I am also seeing Deadpool with my wife on V Day.........

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