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  1. @Catspaw - Thank you so much for the advice, I have an appointment coming up with the UK leading sarcoid specialists at the Royal Brompton so I'll be sure to ask all those questions and more! - Very great to know now where I should be directing my questions - as I said my previous doctors were so wishy washy - I asked about weight training and they basically shrugged their shoulders and said it might be good or bad.. Thanks again - and best wishes.
  2. Hi to everyone here on nerd fitness - as you'll see this is my first post- I have just got through reading some information about weight training and I'm pretty eager to start. Long story short life was hard, now I've sorted it and I can actually stick to training and all that's required while doing so. But.. I have one major concern. I have a disease for which I'm given medication for. The medication is an immunosuppressant and stops me from producing adrenaline naturally. It does it by shrinking some gland that produces cortisol. It's called Prednisolone, and yes it's a steroid - but for
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