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  1. Abruptness alert - I think I am going to be bowing out as of now. I'm following in Ice Giant's steps and taking a break from the computer. So if anybody wants to take the reigns and keep this group going that would be great. I've really enjoyed my time here - but I think it is time for me to move back into the real world. So good luck to everyone and I hope you smash out the last two weeks of the challenge. I'll be keeping up with my goals - but I'm taking them offline. So long friends!
  2. She's a dancing machine... -------Day 29 Report-------- Quest 1: Failing to plan, means planning to fail Soooo hard to get out of bed early, but I did it. And the work out was done, and it nearly killed me! Tomorrow is yoga so that will be a lot less crazy . Food was good - especially the protein intake today Calories: 1389 Carbs: 108 Fat: 41 Protein: 136 QUEST 2: Fit and strong for the journey ahead Strength workout - new and improved! 3 sets of: Shoulders - Front DB raise (12 x 3kg) Shoulders - DB press (12 x 6kg) Shoulders - Side lateral raise (12 x 5kg) Chest - Push ups - knees (12) Chest - DB flyes (12 x 5kg) Chest - DB press (12 x 6kg) Abs - Air bike (20 reps) Abs - Russian twists (14) Abs - Planks (45 sec) THEN... HIIT of pure evilness (35 sec work / 25 sec rest) Burpees / Rope jump / Running cat / Star jumps / Buttkicks / High knees / Skaters / Tyre jumps / Star jumps / Burpees QUEST 3: Battle ready Not today. LIFE QUEST: Move towards the light Back to school today - which means back to having a structured routine and this makes for one much happier Lish Strength workout + HIIT Mad rush to get ready for school and out the door 3 hour stint at the shopping mall - little one had morning tea, I bought another Pez dispenser, we bought craft supplies, did the grocery shopping and then got sushi for the 3yo's lunch Home to have 3 hours of washing and cleaning - thoroughly cleaned and organised the 5yo's room - soooo much better School pick up, then off to the shops to buy headphones for school Home for afternoon snack, homework and craft session Dinner time Impromptu lounge room dance session to Blur, Michael Jackson and AC DC (the girls have diverse tastes ) Bath, stories, bed for the little ones NOW: I have no party prep to do tonight!!! So I'm going to be continuing on with my quilt - basting, basting and more basting! Then I want to spend a little bit of time thinking about my next hobby - I have a strange urge to make miniature things like food and toadstools and little characters. Research time!
  3. FOOD Breakfast: Chocolate blueberry smoothie Snack: Rockmelon and mandarin Lunch: Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots and pumpkin Snack: Tamar Valley yogurt Dinner: Salad - tuna, egg, cottage cheese, avocado, baby spinach, capsicum, tomato and cucumber Calories: 1389 Carbs: 108 Fat: 41 Protein: 136 WORKOUT Strength: Shoulders/Chest/Abs HIIT
  4. Sounds like Scouts to me - you can always try them out for one challenge and then move on to a different guild for the next. ---- Now it is time for me to be real - I'm not sure that I am going to stay on the forums after this challenge is through. I feel like I am at a place where I can control my crazy eating issues and I've gotten into a good flow with nutrition and workouts. After this challenge I think I want to start concentrating more on my general life - and for that I need time. So I think I may continue on with my "moving into the light" challenge by drastically reducing my screen time - and that will probably mean no more NF. So if the skullcrushers continue - it will probably be without me.
  5. Thanks everybody for your support! It's a dooby that you can do pull ups/ chin ups/ dips / leg raises on. Basically a torture device.
  6. A good plan for the next week - hopefully the bloating goes away soon
  7. WEEK FIVE! DECISION TIME So we are on the home run now - and a few people have been talking about it - but what guild do you think you will be joining at the end of all this?
  8. Mini quest 1 - Fail to plan and you are planning to fail! WEEK FIVE Nutrition Monday - all standard meals Tuesday - friend over for dinner - probably steak, greens and roasted sweet potato Wednesday - all standard meals Thursday - all standard meals Friday - birthday dinner for my soon to be 6yo - she has chosen chicken and chips (I'll have chicken and salad) AND a piece of birthday cake Saturday - lunch at mum's Sunday - family dinner - probably a roast dinner The same as last week my daily goal is to get under 1500 calories, and to get over 100g of protein per day. And of course - no binging!! Workouts Monday - Shoulders/Chest/Abs + HIIT Tuesday - Yoga Wednesday - Legs/Triceps/Abs + HIIT Thursday - T25 Speed 1.0 Friday - Biceps/Back/Abs + HIIT Saturday - Jump rope intervals + Powerstation training Sunday - REST As you can see I'm changing things up this week. Monday to Friday I'll be waking up at 6am to get in my workouts, and because it is early in the morning I want to be able to do them inside so that I am near the girls - so I have worked out all my sessions in such a way that it can all be done with dumbbells / bodyweight / DVDs. Then on Saturday I head outside for skipping and powerstation usage (chin up work and leg raises). I'm excited about the new routine - I think the change is just what I need
  9. Excited for the week ahead -------Day 28 Report-------- Quest 1: Failing to plan, means planning to fail JM cardio was done early in the day and I had success with my calorie and protein goals Calories: 1463 Carbs: 142 Fat: 45 Protein: 118 QUEST 2: Fit and strong for the journey ahead Yep - did a cardio session from Jillian Michael's Body Revolution - nothing too hard, but at least it got me moving and I got a bit of a sweat up. QUEST 3: Battle ready Not today. LIFE QUEST: Move towards the light I can safely say that today was officially awesome. I'm feeling so much better emotionally and even better, I am feeling excited about life in general . So today: Cardio Finished the pumpkin pinata and it looks awesome Skyped with my dad Went to the park for a picnic, a play and to forage for pine cones Spent the afternoon cooking, cleaning and helping the girls with their art and craft Got my dumbbells and plates out of the shed and brought them into the lounge room Had family dinner with my girls and my mum Watched a couple of eps of Castle with mum NOW: Time to write up my weekly shopping list, then maybe bum around on pinterest for a bit and then bed time!
  10. FOOD Breakfast: Chocolate blueberry smoothie Lunch: Cream cheese and ham sandwich, cheese stick, mandarin, one lamington Dinner: Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots and pumpkin Calories: 1463 Carbs: 142 Fat: 45 Protein: 118 WORKOUT Jillian Michael's Body Revolution cardio
  11. I noticed you had 22 almonds - that is my magic number of almonds that I have
  12. What a great idea walking to audio books - I can definitely imagine chilling out on a bush walk listening to some LOTR
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