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  1. as ive cut down on chocolate and energy drinks i seem to be eating more snacks etc, its something i need to watch as i dont want to replace one bad habit with another.
  2. Oh interesting, i just don't think i've heard the name very often. This is a good idea , ty. 😃
  3. ah ok , ty for the info Harriet, is that a french name?
  4. Im just wondering where everyone at NF records there body stats etc, is there a NF app for this or do i just use my fitness pal etc? thank you for your replies
  5. Sylph, I would have one energy drink a day and a 100g bar of chocolate a day. In terms of strategy i will just do some exercise in the morning to wake me up instead of the energy drink and instead of chocolate i will have fruit if needed or if im bored find something to do.
  6. Hi, My first 5/6 week challenge....let's do this! NUTRITION give up chocolate give up energy drinks MINDSET get motivated and get going for this new year (new oppotunities) start my mindfulness course on the 16th jan NOTES NUTRITION giving up my addiction to chocolate will probably encounter some bumbs if i get really bored or stressed but i can do this. Ive been having 100g's a day or more of chocolate and have routinely had 1 energy drink a day and i want it to stop.
  7. ty for all your replies at this busy time of year, i will start with a 5 week challenge i think 😁
  8. Hi so im new, can i set my own challenges? like i want to give up chocolate and energy drinks and make it a habit over 4 weeks or so. There is a 5 week challenge subforum but it doesnt seem to be for this...idk im confused. Is NF premium worth it? im thinking of subbing to get the most out of the community. ty for your replies. 🙂
  9. Ty for the warm welcome Rurilk, i will have a look at the 5 week challenges when i feel up to it 😁
  10. Hi, im 37 M, 6'1, from the UK. Ive let my weight creep up over the years and am now about (my scales battery just died) 130 kg / 20st 7lbs / 287 Lbs, Ive started working out at home with isometrics only so far. goals: add yoga to my weekly workouts sort out my nutrition (no more chocolate on a daily basis, limit takeaway once every 2 weeks, eat according to NF healthy plate) try intermittent fasting. Thanks for reading 😁
  11. Harken

    Sugar cravings

    Reading up on processed sugar in human made stuff will reinforce your decision to give it up. Reading things about the problem with processed food etc...its an empty calorie ie all the good things that usually come together with calories in foods, vitamins, minerals etc have all been stripped out. All this will keep your will to give up sugar strong. All i can say is stick in there, for me the more sugar you have the more it feeds the cravings for it. You have my sympathy for how strong your sugar cravings are. Keep in mind that sugar is addictive and what your going through exemplifies this.
  12. Hi Im doing keto cause it makes a lot of sense to me... switch your body over to burning fat and it will more easily dip into your fat stores when needed. Also carb rich foods in general i find a problem as they tend to encourage my hunger rather than satisfy it. Eg rice, potatoes etc Fat is a natural apetite supressant which is great. Good fats like coconut oil have health benefits. Thats mainly it i guess...but i have to agree with your statement about a low carb and high fat diet will give me all the benefits i need. Might go back to 75g a carb a day as felt quite good on that.
  13. Thank you very much for that DerekP, "keeps skeletal muscle from getting too efficient at using keytones" why is this a problem? Not sure i follow.. Your comment about signaling damage relating to eating is genius! Thanks for links. I can be quite anal and bit ocd so measuring is no problem for me lol Easy way to measure fats is using a container youve previously marked for the fat you will have in a day...like this you only measure once ...can be applied to all macros. Will figure out my fat intake tomorrow as have sorted carbs to 25g/day (i <3 frozen veg in packets lol) and protein we
  14. I work out 4 days a week, 6'1 , 257 lbs (117kg)... This calculator of calories needed suggests for me 2000 calories a day would be for extreme fat loss. What do you think? http://keto-calculator.ankerl.com Suggests these macros: 2352 kcal Daily Calorie Intake 25 g Carbohydrates (4%, 100 kcal) 109 g Protein (19%, 436 kcal) 202 g Fat (77%, 1816 kcal) Pretty sure am getting more than enough carbs and right amount of protein... To calculate my fat macro intake I have to calculate fat in everything am eating and not just in fats i consume correct? Any one done keto before? Thanks
  15. Sorry for late reply. Im doing fine as long as i eat when am hungry or my blood sugar goes low and feel bit fuzzy and slow. Was talking to someone a d at moment i think this is what am eating 1kg veg...370 calories 2 tbsp coconut oil...200 cals 300 g chicken...220 cals Oil am cooking with 400-500 cals approx So at a rough guess am on 1200-1300 calories this is way under what a good calorie restricted target should be correct? What should i be aiming for? I felt fine so far and not lost any strength but feel like strength progress slowed but maybe is noobie gains ending after 6 weeks? Bit conf
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