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  1. Hello! I'm not sure if this room is the right place for me to post but... it's been over 1 year since I participated in any Challenge. I was surprised to find out the 6-weeks challenge is changed to 4-weeks When did that happen? ...I don't know if the stats on my signature are still valid :'( Where should I go if I want to start over? Thank you
  2. Over one year later.... Dear daughter is now 7 months old. I accidentally stumbled on the Spreadsheet today - and I was surprised at how dedicated I was on making plans for this Challenge. I want to pick up from where I left, but... I'm not sure if I can do it.. Maybe I need to step back a few steps to re-assess myself?
  3. Thank you The past week felt so very random of sudden cravings and increasing appetites, however my body felt sluggish and I found hard time focusing at task. Not looking good >,< I haven't visited a doctor yet, I'll do it next Friday. I'll find out the sex because I prefer to be prepared After observing past week, I think it'll be better for me to put this challenge on hold for now while I'm going to figure out how to get/feel better... Maybe I'll look at that prenatal yoga video I bought two years ago. I have never done yoga (seriously), though..
  4. Okay.... I have an update. I just found out that I'm possibly expecting my second Since (according to my own calculation) it's still early (around 6-7 weeks), I will see a doctor in two weeks. But this (happy!) news made me unsure to continue this challenge or not... If fellow rebels have some advice, please do let me hear
  5. -- Update -- ..... need to start moving >,<
  6. I have a suggestion: how about making the Assassin's mini-challenge calculation all in one spreadsheet? Of course with different sheet/tab. I think it'll be easier to see and to search for our own achievement :3 ...btw I didn't count how many flight of stairs I did past days >,<
  7. UPDATE: Week 1 Day 3 & 4 (Wed-Thu 2015/01/07-08) Q1: x x Q2: x v Q3: v v LQ: v v Starting to feel the energy to work on that journal paper! I'm still on the data analysis stage, though. Many things still need to be done... The DOMS on my arms and lats were dissipating, so today I did another exercise of pullup & pushup: - counter pushups: 3x10 + 6 = 36 reps - deadhang 2@20s, assisted pull-ups 4x5, chin up grip while swinging knee to chest 2x5. After the exercise, my hands feel stiff :x Looking good also on liquid intake. I think consciously drinking 500ml green tea every day is very beneficial to my body!
  8. Subbing in~ I really like how you define your goal; especially for the preparation to enter a new stage of life I've become a wife for only 3 years, with one adorable little daughter; and I certainly wish that I had a view about improving my general wellbeing before creating a family. Although, I believe it's still not too late to start; that's why I'm doing the 6 weeks challenge now! Good luck with the YAYOG! Let's fight together~ (Last time I did, somehow I stopped midway; so one of my quest in this challenge is to finish YAYOG ^^)
  9. Welcome, welcome onboard! Are you going to follow the 10-weeks guided program? If so, please post your update here! The other senior members might be able to help with advices etc if you get any problem
  10. Week 1 Day 3 (Wed 2015/01/07) Just took part in Assassin's Mini Challenge #1! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/58736-mini-challenge-1-link-to-the-future As I'm at university now, I only managed 10 reps. Definitely the Army Crawl is not as easy as it looks I'm glad to be able to take part in mini challenge! Looking forward to do more
  11. oh no! I have to get on my fours soon or else I'll lose spots! You assassins surely love the crawls, do you? XD EDIT: So I actually just ran upstairs for 5 floors to get to the empty hallway to do the crawl and I got there lightheaded and only managed to do 10 reps with short break between every two reps to catch my breath >,< Aren't they not as easy as their looks.... hm. Maybe I'll try again at home. Now back to laptop and reports D:
  12. UPDATE: Week 1 Day 2 (Tue 2015/01/06) Q1: x Q2: v Q3: v LQ: x A progress, yay! Nailed the liquid intake (Q3) and did some exercises (Q2): - Counter Push ups: 3x10 + 5, total 35 reps - Pull up exercise: dead hang 2@15s, then hanging with chin-up position and raising knee to chest 2x5 (I don't know if this kind of exercise have a name; I made it up by myself haha. Also this is the first time I did this.) Next morning (which is today), my lats and arms got DOMS. I kinda missed the DOMS so I feel excited XD But at the same time, I'm worried to do the next YAYOG coz it contains pull & push exercises. My poor arms and lats.... Still haven't touch the journal preparation >,< But I managed to finish what I wanted to do with my Arabic lesson preparation. So hopefully next day I can start the actual LifeQuest!
  13. ohhhh that website is awesome!!!! thanks a lot XD I can be a pirate now~ uhh, maybe I'd better focus on push-up first..? I'm getting kinda worried coz right now I had quite a DOMS on my lats and arms due to push-ups and pull-ups attempt session yesterday - I haven't even started again with YAYOG >,< YAYOG Week 5 Day 3 which I'm supposed to do today consists of push & pull exercises. I'm worried about the state of my arms D: I'll have to try your advice! Thanks a lot!!!
  14. Thanks so much for your advice!!! I read your battle log and definitely am interested in Startbodyweight program. I think I'll start this one after I finish YAYOG, which is already halfway ;-) About the assisted pull-ups... hmm I'm not really sure that I can actually do it. I'm going to watch some videos and read some more articles about assisted pull-ups and try to confirm whether my exercise form was good or not... because my pull-up bar which is stuck on the door is very low - my starting position for dead hang is by putting my calves on my behind so that I can hang from the bar - can you imagine that...? So I feel worried whether I actually *did* an assisted pull-up or not-- Ahoy!!! I need to learn Pirates English XD They did not teach that back in high schools and in the English course! Hehe thanks, I actually copied that spreadsheet style from another awesome Rebel, thanks to her I feel that I'm more ready to face this challenge!
  15. Yay for colourful spreadsheets! Hehe. Oooh, sledgehammer sounds badass~ And grats for your YAYOG finish, I will be there too~ Yeah, it is best to admire spreadsheets from laptop/computer haha.. One thing that bugs me is I need to use Google Chrome to be able to smoothly make entries to Google Spreadsheet. When running the Spreadsheet using Safari, somehow I need extra clicks to type things into it :-/
  16. UPDATE: Week 1 Day 1 (Mon 2015/01/05) Q1: x Q2: x Q3: v LQ: x First day of school, both for me and my daughter! Everything hectic. ...But when I arrived at the laboratory -- only 20% of members were there I asked around aaaaaand they said the first day of lab activity will start on Thursday... (oh, it's still holiday, ha ha) Sooo I went shopping for household goods and other things at Home Centre Store, and work on my Arabic learning preparation lesson -- instead of touching the journal paper ._. Hmmm quest-wise this is not so good, but productivity-wise, I felt so motivated to moving on with language learning, so I guess it's okay :3 Didn't get any quest-wise workouts, but I rode bicycle to & from my daughter's nursery. My legs felt burned afterwards bcoz I was intentionally went with high speed... But, cleared my 3rd quest! Yay. I bought a new 500ml water bottle and it looks so big and I was afraid I couldn't finish it but I made it. Yes I can do it~ I also updated my spreadsheet with this challenge. I can't wait to write many more things in it~
  17. Thanks! Yes, YAYOG Weeks 1 & 2 are ladders. Weeks 3 & 4 are intervals. I'm on Week 5 now, which is superset. I really want to learn from your pull up training... It seems I'm going nowhere as I am now >,< If you have time, please take a look at my spreadsheet on 3rd sheet (pull up & push up). There I recorded my exercise so far. If you were me, what would you do next to get closer to a real pull up?
  18. Oh, all the awesome-ness of the progression to pull up. Definitely subbing! And please post picture too, sometimes? ^__^ - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  19. I'm also interested how to do the PPSC Training! And I learned from your first post that "getting stronger" does imply a lot more things than just getting the looks and muscles. It redefines my motivation to keep working out. Thank you! - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  20. ...oops - it seems I accidentally double-post my thread --- I'm gonna keep this one, can I ask for help to delete the other thread from a moderator? Thank you XD - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  21. This will be my third challenge. This year, I will also become a third year student of PhD (final year); starting from April. Here goes my quests for this challenge: Q1. Finish off YAYOG Last challenge I started YAYOG, but due to lack of discipline, only able to pull off 3.5 weeks out of 6 weeks I should've finished. And I sort of took a break from fitness for two months, which is not great either. This challenge I plan to go through Week 5 to Week 10 and graduate with flying marks! The remaining exercises fit so well with the time of challenge (6 weeks)! Target: One YAYOG week per challenge week. Points: STR 2, STA 2, DEX 1 Q2. Push up & pull up exercise Last challenge I was able to progress from wall to hip-height; but I did not track my sets/reps well so I sorta stuck with the same amounts. This time, I will track things on a spreadsheet with colors and other awesome things! Target: minimum 5 times a week for the total count of both exercise. Could be alternating days (push-pull-push-pull-push) or could do both on the same day which will be counted as two and take a break next day. Points: STR 2, STA 2 Q3. Liquid intake I did this on my first (half) challenge; at that time my goal was only to consciously drink a minimum of my drink bottle a day (300ml), which is considered an improvement for my liquid intake, because if I don't think of drinking, I could go one day with only a cup of water. And that's not healthy. I finished the challenge quite well; but after a month had passed, I felt that I've lost the urge to drink more. This is not healthy. So for this challenge I'm going to up the amount to minimum 500ml a day, every day. (Another reason to get a new water bottle, lol!) I know this is still far from the adviced amount, but I don't want to overwhelm myself from the start :-/ Target: drink liquid (water or green tea) minimum 500ml every single day! Points: CON 3 LQ. Working on the journal paper I have mentioned that I will soon welcoming the final year of my Ph.D study. This journal paper will be the requirement of my graduation. Maybe it feels weird for some to make a challenge out of "an obvious thing to do" (we call it "atarimae na koto" in Japanese; I dunno if this English translation is near enough...), but I need to remind myself to devote enough time to get the best output. I'm a mom with two year old daughter, and my husband is now very busy with his graduation exam preparation (he's also a Ph.D student), and we live in a foreign country with no relatives nor housework-helpers, and sometimes daily family matters can become overwhelming enough that I ended up not doing any single productive thing toward my own study. So... that's the reason I make this "atarimae na koto" my Life Quest for this challenge. I'm going to have to record my achievements daily, so I know where is my position right now. And also because I want to take all positive energy The Rebellion always radiates, and make this thing not a tedious task, but a fun challenge to tackle! Target: I actually have around 8 weeks to finish the paper (until the end of February), but I want to make the best out of this 6 weeks challenge span. So... yeah. My target is to write a minimum 10 pages of a journal paper. Points: WIS 3 The date & time right now: Monday, January 5th 2015, 05:12 AM. The challenge is officially started! EDIT: 2015/01/07, 1:55:07 PM Updated the points allocation! - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  22. Good luck on the cooking and cleaning How about sharing some awesome batwoman recipes? ;-) And are you going to handle Assassin's mini challenges again? I'd like to tune in~ - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  23. Ooooh look a pirates ship!!! *sparkling eyes* I wonder if they would let me sail with them... I wanna see another part of the world! <3 - Tapatalk helped me posted this ;-)
  24. Hope you enjoy new years holiday, spezzy!!!
  25. WRAPUPSSSSSSSS (Two months afterwards.... XD ============ WEEK 1-3 ============ > Goal allocation: Q1: Yayog workout (13 sessions) = 1 STR 2 STA Q2: Pull up & push up training (15 sessions) = 1 STR 1 DEX Q3: Cook (9 sessions) = 2 CON 1 CHA LQ: Declutter batcave = 2 WIS (total10 points) > Mid challenge summary: Q1: Yayog workout = 7 sessions + 1 sessions of other workouts (61%) Q2: Pull up & push up training = 14 sessions (93%) Q3: Cook = 13 sessions (144%) LQ: Declutter batcave = 10 sessions (100%) > Challenge allocation: Q1: 61% = 0.6 STR 1.2 STA Q2: 93% = 0.9 STR 0.9 DEX Q3: 144% = 2 CON 1 CHA LQ: 100% = 2 WIS ============ WEEK 4-6 ============ > Goal allocation: Q1: Yayog workout (13 sessions) = 1 STR 1 STA Q2: Pull up & push up training (15 sessions) = 1 DEX Q3: Cook (9 sessions) = 2 CON LQ: Declutter batcave = 1 WIS (total 5 points) > Final challenge summary: Q1: Yayog workout = 8 sessions + 3 sessions of other workouts (84%) Q2: Pull up & push up training = 22 sessions (146%) Q3: Cook = 2 sessions (22%) LQ: Declutter batcave = 0 sessions (0%) > Challenge allocation: Q1: 84% = 0.8 STR 0.8 STA Q2: 146% = 1 DEX Q3: 22% = 0.2 CON LQ: 0% = 0 WIS =================== ADDITIONAL POINTS =================== 1. MiniQuest#1: SMART --> +1 WIS 2. MQ#2: update signature, join acctbilly group --> +1 CHAR 3. Assassin MiniChallenge#2: Calm Yourself (http://bit.ly/1BnBkCf) --> +1 WIS ====================== TOTAL ACHIEVED POINTS ====================== STR : +2.3 DEX : +1.9 STA : +2 CON : +2.2 WIS : +4 CHA : +2 ============ FINAL POINTS ============ STR : 3.3 DEX : 2.9 STA : 4 CON : 3.2 WIS : 4 CHA : 2 And level up to Level 2! RECAP: #1. During W1-W3 I still did quite frequent update on this thread, and that actually helped me keeping on track. From W4, I started to lose the momentum of posting updates; I did very bad on Q3 and LQ at the end :-/ Next challenge I'll keep in mind to post update - however small it is! All in all, I'm so glad finally I get to round up this challenge... I plan to join the next challenge in 2015, so please keep watching~ #2. SPREADSHEETS are very helpful in keeping track of progress AND keeping yourself motivated. I finally made a spreadsheet to count all the points and it made me sad to see the empty tallies on Q3 and LQ X( Had I made the spreadsheet from the beginning, I might be able to do better... *sigh* O well -- Lesson learned!
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