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  1. July 25 challenge summary: Overall, a "B" score. Walked round-trips Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a total of 44.4 + (2.4 x 3) = 51.6 miles. Also managed to drop a couple of pounds along the way. +2 STA, +1 CON, +1 CHA. Surpassed the goal of working up to 15 minutes daily meditation - Now at 21 minutes. +3 WIS. Very marginal improvement in sleep. Taking back one of those WIS points for not taking this seriously enough (so, only +2 WIS). Garden looks a lot better, I have a bit of a tan, and all that digging and hauling and bending was good too. +2 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CON. Sig line updated!
  2. Monday: Walking round trip, +2.4 = 42 miles. 20 minutes meditation. Out in the yard for a while, mostly to do some work on the garage. Current yard work project involves cleaning up a rocky area near the back of the yard, and I made a bit of progress there. 1 a.m. bedtime. Tuesday: Walking round trip, +2.4 = 44.4 miles. 20 minutes meditation. No yard work other than gathering a few more handfuls of rocks when I got home from work. I did resume a renovation project (drywall finishing) that had been on hold while I finished another one. Took a nap this evening, but still hoping to get myself to bed before 1:00.
  3. Saturday: No walking. Picked up a couple of planters for the garden. Feeling nauseous in the evening, so put off meditation until Sunday morning (19 minutes). In bed at about 11 p.m. Sunday: No walking. Transplanted some blueberry plants into the new planters, and cleaned up a lot of rocks in the yard (about 2 hours of yard work). 20 minutes meditation. Heading to bed sometime in the next hour.
  4. Wednesday: Walking round trip: +2.4 = 34.8 miles. Just a couple of weeds pulled. 17 minutes meditation. Bedtime somewhere around 1 a.m. Thursday: Walking round trip: +2.4 = 37.2 miles No weeding today, but I did gather up all my garden waste for Friday morning pickup. Meditation up to 18 minutes. Bedtime shortly after midnight. Friday: Walking round trip: +2.4 = 39.6 miles. Almost didn't get to walk home because a rainstorm roared in, but I had things to finish at work and the storm was over by the time I left. Wonderful warm greenhouse smell the whole way. Too muddy to do any garden work. Meditation 18 minutes again, and it didn't feel like it. I have to get up early Saturday morning so will be heading to bed sometime in the next hour.
  5. Sunday: No walking, no gardening, but 16 minutes meditation. Had a very hard time getting to the "sleepy-enough-to-go-to-bed" stage. Monday: Walked to work but took a bus home due to heavy rain: +1.2 = 30 miles. Too rainy to garden, but got lots of exercise unloading, moving and reloading a tall bookshelf. 16 minutes meditation. A better bedtime, around 12:30, with no evening screen time aside from an e-book. Tuesday: Walking round trip: +2.4 = 32.4 miles. Mowed the grass in front of the house and pulled a bucketful of weeds. 17 minutes meditation, mildly unsettled (full stomach from supper) but it went fairly quickly. Currently winding down for bed.
  6. Friday: Another round trip: +2.4 = 28.8 miles. 15 minutes meditation - that's my challenge target, so time to aim for 20 minutes. Daughter and I went back to the garden centre and acquired five more plants, three for outside and two for inside. It's my favourite time of year, half-price perennials! Sensible bedtime, though? Nope. Saturday: No walking today. We were out in the garden for about 4 1/2 hours this afternoon. Planted one of the shrubs I bought yesterday, dug out a bunch of weeds, and watered everything. 15 minutes meditation. About to start winding down for the night.
  7. Thursday: Another round-trip walk. +2.4 = 26.4 miles. Hey, I've walked a marathon! 14 minutes meditation. Atrocious bedtime, after 2 a.m. I blame the second cup of tea that I had in the evening. Something a little different for gardening: I acquired a spider plant cutting from work and needed to go out to buy some potting soil, and while I was at the garden centre I adopted a philodendron for my home office.
  8. Wednesday: Cool enough to walk a round trip today, so +2.4 = 24.0 miles. 13 minutes meditation. No gardening; worked on inside projects to give myself a break from the sun and the mosquitoes. Bedtime still a bit late, around 1:15. Need to dig down and work on that.
  9. Tuesday: Walked to work, but took the bus home: +1.2 = 21.6 miles. It's hot again. Epic weeding session, digging up the front yard to get rid of more creeping bluebells. Evicted mass quantities of carrot-like roots and assorted other weeds, enough to fill one of those brown paper garden waste bags. Meditation now up to 13 minutes. More work on my hips and knees. Went to bed around 1 a.m. but fell asleep almost immediately.
  10. Sunday: Gardening called on account of rainstorm, so I worked on some finish carpentry inside the house instead (putting new trim around a window in my office). 12 minutes meditation. A reasonable bedtime, somewhere around 12:30 a.m. Only walking was around and around inside a large thrift store, looking for items to replace a couple of returns I made that day. Monday: Walked to and from work: +2.4 = 20.4 miles. Finally cool enough to walk home in the afternoon! Weeded beside the garage. 12 minutes meditation, this time on a cushion on the floor, trying to stretch out my hips and knees. Not easy, but not impossible either. Heading to bed shortly.
  11. Checking in after a couple of slightly nonstandard days. Got to bed at a more reasonable time on Thursday evening, largely because I was wiped out from looking for gifts for a Friday party at work. Got 10 minutes of meditation in. On Friday I kept reminding myself to do the meditation, but put it off and then forgot it at the end of the evening. Can't remember exactly when I went to bed, but it wasn't the usual "stay up late on Friday night" silliness. Thursday and Friday I only pulled a scant handful of weeds while out at the property line either rolling out or retrieving the garbage and recycling bins. Good progress on the garden Saturday. Ground was damp from an overnight storm, but I cleared a couple of patches near the back alley where pineappleweed (wild chamomile) is trying to take over. Also started sketching ideas for the garden path. Walked to work on Thursday and Friday (total +2.4 = 18 miles) but took a bus home because the afternoons have been extremely hot. I'm going to make up last night's missed meditation session right now by setting the timer for 20 minutes and seeing what happens.
  12. Well, that escalated quickly. Slept in till 2 p.m. on Canada Day. That tends to happen when I wash my hair and go to sleep with wet hair wrapped in a bath towel: My brain gets super-cooled and I have many hours of vivid dreams. Anyway... Did my meditation (10 minutes), filled a recycling bin with weeds while tending the barbecue, but didn't do any walking. Did manage to get to bed before the crack of dawn, but not as early as I had hoped (just not tired after getting up so late).
  13. Day 10 (Tuesday): One-way trip to work in morning, +1.2 = 15.6 miles. As expected, it was very hot and humid when I got out of the office, and I hopped on a bus to get home. Again, no work in the garden. Meditation is now up to 10 minutes, and I'm starting to experiment with focus on body sensations rather than just monitoring my breathing. Tomorrow is Canada Day and I have the day off work, but I'm still planning to get to bed sooner rather than later.
  14. Day 8 (Sunday, June 28): No walking, a bit of weeding, 8 minutes meditation, another late night. --- Day 9 (Monday:) Walking +2.4 = 14.4 miles. May have to resort to the bus for the trip home if the weather continues to be hot. Mornings are fine, but in the late afternoon I'm constantly looking for shade. For similar reasons, no gardening today. Just too hot. Put the meditation timer up to 9 minutes. Aiming for a bedtime of 12:30 or earlier tonight.
  15. Got to bed at 1:15 on Friday night. Day 7 (Saturday): No walking to the office, but I did take a slow lap around the local mall, mostly window shopping. My daughter and I spent probably an hour to an hour and a half in the garden this afternoon (eventually called on account of extreme heat). Together we evicted a large bucketful of creeping bluebells, which I hauled to a recycling depot with two other containers of garden waste and various bricks and rocks we've dug up. 8 more minutes meditation. Not startled by the timer today. Will probably be up a bit late tonight because I took a late afternoon / early evening nap.
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