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  1. Oi! I'm still kicking around the forums. Unfortunately I've been rugby game-less for two weeks now, as we got our 'bye' week the week before a long weekend, which are also off. Other than that, I've had nothing to report myself; lifts haven't moved, practice is still more conditioning and fitness than skills, and the whole bloody summer seems to have disappeared in a flash.

  2. You know what, I seem to have misplaced my original message, so I'm gonna just assume I was asking you to time a 40m run.

    Honestly, 50m should be fine too, if I got the original context right. Just keep it consistant so you can measure progress.

  3. So you want a guy who you classify as insane to write you a program? I like where your head is at ;)

    I'm both flattered and excited to be writing a program for someone, considering that I'm getting that PT cert soon so I can officially do just that! As long as you don't mind being a practice round, just shoot me a message with parameters and goals and we'll go from there!

  4. In regards to your last comment on my blog, good sir, I leave you with this.


  5. Haha I haven't quite enough experience to play Nationals yet. My current plan is to play one more season of club and then try out for provincials. Next world cup is four years out though right?

    You never know!

  6. I just play club in Ontario, Canada. Only really got into it last year. I want to make one of our provincial teams though!

  7. Moar ghosts 'n stuff. Just saw them last night

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