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  1. haha nooo I was there until around 9:30. I thiiiiink I saw you but you were talking to one of the senior girls and I didn't want to interrupt
  2. It's weird, because the front to back movement in squats n deads dont bother the knee at all, but plant and turn during a four corners drill and my knee's all 'NUPE!' 'Official' advice from my old trainer is to sit out the game this week and get at least one full contact practice in. Hmph. I'll see how I feel after practice tonight.
  3. Workout report: Squats: 275 X 6, 6 HS BP: 278 X 4, 268 X 4, 248 X 5 T-bar Rows: 215 X 5 X 2 Inc DB BP: 75 X 7, 60 X 8 Pull-ups/chin-ups: 13, 12
  4. Cats, not sure if you realize it or not, but the doctors basically gave you a HAYUGE compliment. I mean, they were all "here's a list of debilitating things you've had for forever!" Cats: "But I couldn't tell I had them, too busy kicking ass!" Doc: "Well that's the thing! Apparently you kicked so much ass, you accidentally kicked the things IN THE FACE!" Cats: "Cool, so what now, continue kicking?" Doc: "Take two of these, and make sure it's IN THE FACE!" But no really, I'm sure that with the proper help, you shall continue to be awesome. N stuff. Mostly awesome.
  5. Dreaming about food is awful when you're cutting. Now you can't even escape the hunger while you sleep!
  6. Made it about halfway thru practice before being hobbled up by knee instability. Starting to get kind of frustrated, but I know I need to listen to my body.
  7. It felt ok after the last session actually. They'll usually feel fine for the first few reps of pullups and then the shoulder starts losing stability and hurting more.
  8. Maybe I should get the outfit to speed the process. Couldn't hurt right?
  9. I might be able to do them when my knee heals, as of now, no.
  10. Took the weekend off for continued knee healage. Workout today: Deadlift: 335 X 5, 4 HS BP: 268 X 5, 4, 248 X 5 T bar Rows: 210 X 5, 5, 200 X 6 Inc DB BP: 75 X 6, 70 fail, and 65 only got two in cuz I tried to rush Pull-ups: 13 Chin-ups: 12
  11. Usually, yeah. I know most of the girls so chances are I'll be around for a chat one way or another.
  12. Workout report: Squats: 265 X 8, 6, 6 HS BP: 258 X 5, 5, 3 T-bar Rows: 205 X 6, 6, 5 Inc DB BP: 70 X 7 X 2 Pull-ups/chin-ups: 12, 11 Pulls and chins seem to be bugging my right shoulder something fierce thought. Might need to do summat about that. Knee still isn't right, although it ain't holding the squats back. Moar Nsaids, pressure, and elevation for it.
  13. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control despite our best efforts. No one here would doubt you always give an A for effort, so chin up and we'll be here for you =]
  14. Echo; To add to what Mr. D said, chances are that if you're asking this question, you're probably on the heavier side (which is totally fine, everyone starts somewhere!). As such, you should probably aim to cut first, and if you're really new to exercise, you'll find yourself getting stronger despite eating less. So don't fret the details. Figure out what you wanna do and jump in!
  15. Squats: form looks good, slow down on the way down. Eccentric contraction is what builds muscle. Bench: Looks good to me. But I'm also not a bench master. Deads: Ok big problems here boyoh. You need to get your ass lower on the initial pull. Your back is basically horizontal at the start of the lift, which causes some mucho rounding and makes your lift a two parter, where you straighten your legs first and then pull up the back.
  16. I thought my distinctive jersey would have made me obvious as it is I think I recall seeing dreads last practice...
  17. Well there isn't really much inflammation, basically just use it when I do something dumb to aggravate it... We're headed into summer, so when it dips to around freezing, its like wtf weather?
  18. Tonight's workout: Deads: 2 X 315 X 6 HS BP: 2 X 5 X 248 DB Rows: 2 X 85 X 10 Inc DB BP: 2 X 65 X 8 Pull-ups: 13 Chin-ups: 12 Interesting thing happened today: Accidently whomped my hurt knee off a corner, but on the outside, and the inside was hurting. Turns out pain still flares on any action that causes the patella to rotate clockwise or otherwise shift it right. Good thing no game, because even though it's mobile I just wouldn't feel good playing on it.
  19. Oi! Make sure you come over and say hi!
  20. Mmm I'd give more BF allowance to sports that are primarily contact (so like, soccer and tennis = technically non-contact, football and MMA = contact). I know most linebacks and running backs would be 13-15%, you just NEED to have more BF in order to cushion the internal organs. MIND YOU; these guys look more ripped for a reason that I said in catspaw's thread (I think...).Firstly, the LBM simply hypertrophies most muscles until there is a high degree of visibility, regardless. Secondly, the lifestyle of athletes basically requires the body have easily accessible stores of body fat. When you are going through 5, 6, 7 or even 8 thousand kcal a day, at times your body is gonna run a deficient. Abdominal body fat or thigh body fat is NOT accessible; poor blood flow and receptor patterning prevents good usage. So in order to adapt, the body MUST store visceral body fat (AKA fat that packs in around the organs, rather than under the skin, or subcutaneous), as it is much more highly accessible. Indeed, when you lose lots of weight, and you know its not subcutaneous fat, water, or LBM, its probably visceral. Which you need to empty out in order to force the body to start shifting abdominal fat instead.
  21. That's really the main reason I'm working the weight lifting volume in slowly. I want to gradually build my legs endurance until they can take a pounding regardless of the day of the week. Obviously I'll never do 5 X 5 PR squats n deads every mon wed fri, but the idea is to eventually be able to squat and deadlift (same day) for a couple sets each and then run just fine the next day. This time, legs were a little tight, but nothing a couple jogs around the pitch didnt fix. Bloody cold today though.
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