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  1. DL n chest dayyy. Skipped yesterday because I was playing a coffee house performance when I normally go. So, I pushed it back a day: DL: 1 X 175, 3 X 165, 6 X 115 HS BP: 5 X 273, 4 X 283 (accidentally left off the ten pounds >.>) Inc DB BP: 5 X 75, 5 X 70 9 pull-ups, 10 chin-ups 3 handstand pushups just for fun.
  2. Sorry, so that's since the start of February? Seven weeks?
  3. I like how its called flank.png. Very niiiiice.
  4. Circuit today: ran 51:07. gettin closer Something weird happens while I'm going though. First set is a breeze, finish in like 10:30. Second set is painful, third set I hate myself, and then for the fourth... it's like the bubble pops and I'm just 'in the groove'. Like, ITS WEIRD. I actually make better time in the fourth set than the third. I'm still wiped after, but I feel like a fifth set wouldn't necessarily be asking too much. Not that I'm gonna be doing that anytime soon. Once I master platinum, I'm gonna trade one of the two weekly sessions for HIIT. To see the minutes keep melting away each time I do them, despite the depths of my calorie deficit, though... It feels pretty kick-ass, not gonna lie.
  5. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    Exactly, which is why I was just saying; not really lamenting the lack of belt. I think it's funny that your wife turned out to be a chest kinda gal. Just like everything else, each person's got their own boat to float.
  6. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    Like Waldo said, some people are also just gifted with very visible abs. I can get a semi-six pack flexed now, but I highly doubt I'll ever have a prominent Adonis belt. It's funny, because one thing I HAVE noticed is that as my core lifts go up (squats, deadlifts), the abs have become much more visible at similar waist measurements.
  7. It's a long term circulating serum levels type supplement. Twice a day with meals and make sure to drink plenty of coffee through the day (which I already do ). It's kind of the creatine of aerobic activity.
  8. Blaaaah. St Paddy's caught up to me today and I had a less than stellar workout. Squats: 2 X 3 X 305 Lat Pulls: 2 X 5 X 225 DB BP: 2 X 10 X 65 Seated Rows: 2 X 10 X 165 Hunger's also starting to catch up. Somehow I doubt I ate enough solid food yesterday, so I'm gonna try to pump some extra protein the next couple days to get back on track. Early night tonight as it is. Need to recover before attempting one of those damnable platinum circuits again.
  9. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    That reminds me of instructions for drawing owls:
  10. Yeah, it's usually highly repetitive motion that hurts, as it's also what caused the problem in the first place. It's gonna have to be one of those 'listen to your body' things. If what you're doing hurts, stop doing it
  11. Kay, break in the program for some St. Paddy's fun this weekend. Friday, Platinum circuit. Goal time: 49 minutes. My time: 52:43 I was not prepared for the intensity level there was here. My body all but screamed at me when I started the fourth set of laps, being all "I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE YAH LIMEY BASTAD" Yeah not happy. I might've had a better time, but I 'bonked' partway through the fourth circuit. Might want to consider having a gatorade or something to sip partway through, because in my current dieting state, my body just doesn't seem to have the carb stores to supply 50 minutes of continuous high intensity activity. Now, if you'll excuse me, its noon on St. Paddy's day and I'm not drunk yet.
  12. Todays workout: DL: 170 X 3, 2 (back felt a little wonky so I stopped) HS BP: 288 X 3, 2, 268 X 5 Inc DB BP: 75 X 5, 4 Pullups: 2 X 12 Chinups: 10 Gonna try the Platinum circuit for the first time tomorrow. *steels nerves for teh pain*
  13. Being good at snoo snoo is the main reason any of us put up with this shite in the first place AMIRITE KIDS? No workout yesterday, felt kinda run down. Did run out today to try out some new supplements: L-Carnitine: not just a work out supplement, but is nootropic. Increases aerobic capacity, and reduces claudication (Pat G, you'll be interested in this one: read as it decreases cramping, especially in the calves). More info here Slight aside: silverhydra of Fittit made this site, and it's a god send for anyone interested in looking at the studies behind the proposed effects of any supplement. Coconut oil: High in MCTs, which oxidize in the body much more easily than other fatty acids. Support for this is weaker than other supplements, but it costs about the same as virgin olive oil so it doesn't hurt to try. The key is not to add it ON TOP of what you eat (like fish oils) and rather replace some of your existing fat intake with it. In case anyone's interested, I also supplement with Vit D, fish oil, creatine, and yohimbine. Not that anyone should use anecdotes for the basis of their work out plan...
  14. Hubba hubba! You can definitely see the difference looking at your hip:waist ratio.
  15. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    When you start, the former. I highly doubt anyone can concentrically get into a dragon flag their first time. You work negatives first, the static hold, then reps.
  16. Gold Star! I LOVE GOLD STARS Can I haz another one? Gold Circuit. Time: 36:45. Improved by a minute AGAIN. No breathing issues this time, I finished with tons in the tank still actually Which is good, cuz Platinum level... well, I kinda regret making my time. Before, each new level was just more reps... now we add a fourth set Exact same as gold, but four sets of hell instead of three. And you only get another 12 minutes to finish. ...Wah. But yay! But wah. I feel like Fry when he got sentenced to death by snoo snoo.
  17. I always feel a little out of place reading your insanely nice comments but then ANGRY KITTEH on the side. It's like 'Oh don't you worry everything will work out AFTER I RIP YOUR FACE OFF'
  18. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    Dragon Flag! Tried those a couple times but my shoulders always yell at me and call me mean names
  19. Ok, tonight's workout: Squats:... Ready for this? 4 X 305!!! 3 X 305, 5 X 275. Ladies and gentlemen... tree bills please. Lat pulls: 2 X 5 X 225 DB BP: 2 X 10 X 65 Seated Row: 2 X 6 X 210 Pec Flyes: 15 X 60 Pull-ups: 10 10' run. Too tired from yesterday for more. Whatever. TREE HUNDRED YO
  20. Agility work. I ain't workin no kegels here. It was more like... regulars did the demo, then previous attendees, then it was mostly rookies left... and NO ONE else wanted to do fly. All other positions had been called by random kids, so instead of sitting around with my thumb up my arse I volunteered. Honestly, decision making skills is something I've wanted to build for forever and a day anyway. Sad thing is that my club doesn't have the right mind-set or dedication to go over decision making practice type stuff very often, so this is likely to be my only chance outside of gameplay.
  21. aj_rock

    Waldo's Thredd

    You can bust out yo bad-ass skills at the drop of a hat instead You need to be IN A GYM to show people your massive squat. Find a pole and pull off a flag or get down and bust out the planche. Good way to make meat heads look dumb.
  22. Trust me, a week (or even two) is not gonna cause your legs to turn to chub and jelly. While type A personalities typically make GREAT athletes due to their work-horse like ethics, they also end up the most oft injured ones too. Knowing when to stop is often just as important.
  23. Aww shucks kats. I think with the recent deluge of un-archived threads, they probably re-set some old subs. We'll see how things work out come May! Gah, they actually threw me in at fly for most of the practice, due to no other rookies stepping up for it. If you recall, I usually play wing, so as a result, I felt like this: As a result got lots of attention from the coach. BUT, I managed to avoid making repeat mistakes, so I think he liked what he saw. Knees have been fine, but realized my ab/adducters in the legs were sore. They were last time too, which brought on a revelation: I've been kinda neglecting them. And I mean, a lot of people do. But they are sososo important for field sports. Sideways acceleration is key for making those side steps that make the difference between making the defender look a damn fool and getting 120kg of OH NOES brought upon my face. So I think I'm gonna start doing some agility work after upper body workouts. Try to get enough in so that I stop feeling sore in them there parts after OB.
  24. Yup! As long as you don't elicit a strong insulin response, you're good to go. That's why a splash of milk in your coffee wont kill it: the rise of insulin is transient and small.
  25. Oops, forgot to post my workout for friday: DB BP: 2 X 12 X 65 Lat Pulls: 2 X 10 X 180 Inc DB BP: 2 X 10 X 60 Seated Row: 2 X 10 X 180 Rested up Saturday, and then OB training today. Gah, today was up and down. Started off greaaaaat by forgetting my cleats. Luckily I live nearby, but I was five late by the time I got back. They'd finished warm-ups and gotten into a 40 yard dash. Needless to say, my run time sucked with zero prep, so I don't want to even mention it. I know I can get 4.7 (ran that in highschool at a higher weight), so hopefully that shows during the rest of training. Both sessions have been lots of learning, how to handle the ball better and see the field in a different way. I manage to do at least ONE good thing each practice too: last time was a head's up turnover on a loose ball, this time was a 20 meter try from a sloppy pass in a tight lane. Hopefully I find a way to impress them at least a little bit in each session. I mostly just feel bad that I keep missing club practices for this, but hopefully they understand that I have so much more to gain by going to OB. Either way, wasn't a hard practice, so regular workout schedule to follow next week.
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