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  1. Challenge over! Weee! I actually finished in total laziness xD Since last Thursday, I did one day of yoga, one day of stretching and two days of meditation. I kept up with my Japanese learning every day, so at least one habit seems to really stick. Overall, my energy levels have gone up, I feel the need to move everyday now, and I feel confident that I can keep it up! Looks like the goal of creating momentum and getting me out of my rut has been achieved! yay! For next challenge, I want to tackle eating, so that'll be interesting
  2. What an awesome final update! Well done for your progress, can't wait to see you keep going to 10k
  3. Week 4 - Day 2! Woke up at 8:00. Breathing + Short meditation Japanese practice was good. 35 min beginner ballet barre + lots of walking with a backpack No stretching No Shia. I was traveling, so I didn't plan on doing anything in particular, but I was able to do quite a bit nonetheless. Looks like these are turning into habits? I'm visiting family for a week, so the real test starts now.
  4. Week 4 - Day 1! Here's some beautiful relaxing piano music ❤️ Got up at 9:00... I actually first woke up at 7:45, meditated in bed, then decided to just lie back for a bit... when I woke up and saw 9:00, I had a good laugh at myself, so it's all good Breathing + Meditation as mentioned. Japanese learning still going on. 5 min random dance warm-up + 35 min beginner ballet barre Stretching after this. No Shia. Night!
  5. Week 3 - Day 7! Woke up at 8:30. Breathing + guided meditation. Reviewed previous stuff in Japanese. 20 min yoga + cleaned the bathroom and kitchen sink, if anything, those 10 minutes scrubbing the whole shower definitely count as exercise. Will stretch soon. Watched Shia. Was great! Maybe I should watch it once a week or so. Night!
  6. Didn't feel like it/think about it
  7. That gif is from a google search that I don't remember exactly, something like "relaxing gif"... (I saw it as a peach without the pit, hehe) You made the right choice! You might be an overachiever, but you still gotta take care of yourself!
  8. Week 3 - Day 6! Got up at 9:15. It was great. Breathing + meditation was also great. Tough Japanese practice. But it feels nice to get those brain cells working again. 30 min yoga. Totally kicked my butt. It wasn't even strenuous yoga, no sweat, but it was... some powerful stuff. If you practice yin yoga or Qi Gong, you'll know what I mean. Stretching done. Still no Shia... Gotta try again tomorrow morning. Off to watch some Charmed. It's still awesome! Night.
  9. Honestly, I don't know what I would do with myself if I stopped watching Youtube. Something productive might even come out of it, that's kinda scary... But seriously, well done! I know I do not have the willpower to try that right now. Maybe it's just me being a crazy youtube addict, but I find it really impressive.
  10. You are so right! We are all running a marathon! That's such a motivating way to handle everyday life, accepting the setbacks and embracing the successes. You are filling my heart with beautiful energy and hope Thank you! Also, awesome job on your workout!!!
  11. Week 3 - Day 5! Woke up at 7:45. Weee! Breathing + Meditation was nice, even if my mind was a little restless again. Japanese practice was hard, but nice. 30 min walk + wanted to do this glute exercise (gotta take good care of those glutes!), ended up doing 20 min of Pilates. Stretching half done. Will do the rest after my dinner has settled down more. No Shia. Night!
  12. Thanks!! I'm really surprised with myself actually. I guess all this self-development stuff I've been doing is working
  13. What a beautiful post ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Thank you for sharing this on here, and inspiring us in return!
  14. Wow! So great that you were able to slow things down, take a moment to think things through and prioritise your well-being, well done! I hope you have a lovely, restful week-end!
  15. Week 3 - Day 4! Woke up at 6:30. Hubby had to leave extra, extra early today so I got up with him. Was great to see the sunrise. Breathing + meditation was very nice. Japanese practice. Review of stuff covered over the last 3 days. 45min yoga. Stretching done. No Shia. Good night!
  16. Week 3 - Day 3! Got up 9:30. Recovering from the day before. Breathing exercise + meditation was good. No exercise. Still recovering. Japanese practice was good. No Shia. No stretching because I was in a bad mood yesterday evening.
  17. That was hilarious! I don't see how these things are related anyway, I want to eat food I like with people I like (or alone of I don't want to see people). Are we too demanding? xD Sorry to hear about the water meter, power failure and pipes saga. Sounds stressful to say the least. I really like the song you posted, thanks for sharing music!
  18. Lovely! Lovely! Sorry I missed out on the last few days, you've been doing so great! It's a very smart idea! I'm sure it will become more and more pleasant to do those runs as the days get longer and brighter Hope you're not too tired from this work trip. Hugs!
  19. Hey girl! How have you been? There's so much exciting stuff happening for you this year! It's fantastic, and so much, haha! Well done on getting that job interview, hope it pans out
  20. Wow, you've done really well! Even if you slip up, it's normal and you're doing great!!! I'm sorry you've been feeling so tired, physically and emotionally. I've kind of been feeling the same, so, if that's any consolation, you're not alone. You've been really good at taking care of yourself, sleeping, getting that hydration! Let's do this and keep taking good care of ourselves
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