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  1. I used to have eating problems but recovered. I'm finding myself really triggered and have, slowly but surely, returned to old habits. I'm not sure where to go from here. Why am I not capable of eating healthily without cutting back to 300kcal? Getting fit is so difficult because its being aware of what you eat and burn, and old habits die hard. I'm ashamed of myself. *sigh*

    1. shaar


      Don't ever be ashamed - it's hard. ED's are no joke and such a beast to overcome. One day at a time, you can do it. <3 <3

    2. TMedina


      What Shaarawy said.

  2. Having a week that's, well, tougher than tough. Time to plow through it and put my sight on one goal: keeping fit. Never know. Maybe working out will cheer me up.

    1. starsapart


      It's a good distraction. Good luck <3

  3. Hm... if I'm near-ish the end and panting like a horse, covered in sweat, in pain, and feeling a bit bleak, a little nod of encouragement goes a long way for me. It means quite a lot that someone else would notice my running and how much effort I'm putting it, and encourage me when I might need it most. A running friend of mine, however, has a rather opposing opinion. At our last running event someone said something along the lines of "you can do it" at the beginning and he later on said it felt condescending, as though him proposing that he 'can do it', particularly so early in the race, was
  4. Omnomnom... egg noodles + water chestnut & bamboo shoot stir-fry salad = yummy meal!

  5. Hm, that sounds like a really good idea! Meditation is something that I've been doing for a while and that I'd really like to explore, so I'll give that a go. Thank you!
  6. Hm... I can somewhat relate to you. My phone died whilst running once, and all of a sudden I went from a thoughtless, almost 'peaceful' state-of-mind to all-hell-breaking-loose. Suddenly I realized how I was gasping for air and how sweaty I was, and out of nowhere it was as if I was growing aware of my exhaustion and it panicked me. But this never happens - only the once - because I have my music on. Make a playlist of happy, pumped up songs - but hey, some of mine are peaceful - and play it loud. The music helps, sure, because its motivating and cheerful, but it helps a great deal because its
  7. Hey guys - just a small update. I've been thinking a bit lately and I might drop out of this challenge. It'd be a shame, but my goals have changed and I've found a slightly new approach that might work best. For this reason, I've been wondering if quitting, trying this new approach, seeing if it works, and re-trying again with more clear goals next time when I've had more time to experiment and dabble would be best? What do you guys think? Should I? Thank you!
  8. I think that I might drop out of this challenge and try again next time. My goals have changed entirely since beginning and I've found a new course of action that works for me better. It'll be a shame, but maybe its for the best, right? x

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    2. Amren


      I agree with them, don't give up :D

    3. aquafreash


      Thanks, guys. I was so certain about giving up... I don't think I will. I'm going to keep fighting through but change my goals. Lets see how well this works. (Thanks again) :)

    4. Windranger
  9. Thank you, everyone! Week Two Recap Week two went pretty quickly. I had a huge trip to a festival which, well, including travel and what-not took several days. That's why the last three days or so have been complete fails. I haven't made progress on the candy-front, which I'm a bit upset with, but I have had a festival and my attention has been elsewhere. Exercise? I've exercised lots this week - but no 'planned' workouts. No sitting down to do yoga for half-an-hour or putting on my trainers and going running. I've walked miles from place-to-place and done some more intense working out too,
  10. Thank you, Shaarway! I really needed to hear that. You guys have no idea how much it means when I read your messages - its so hard to comprehend how much a paragraph or two can mean, but it wills me on so, so much. I mean, I really feel like I'm doing this for the rebellion now. I have full faith that I'm going to do better this week, even if its just by one more workout, or one less snack-out, te he.
  11. Yip, sure does! When I'm on, the last thing I want to do is get up and get dressed and stretch and do yoga but I always thank myself when I do get off of my hide, even if just for half an hour. Try hot chocolate - it satisfies my cravings for a while and the one I get tastes amazing and is only 50 kcal-ish, if you get chocolate cravings that is. If not and you struggle, send me a pm or something! I'm in the same boat - we can fight this together! Te he.
  12. Are there any other pools in the area? It worries me, as someone who's worked as one, that they don't have a lifeguard. Most pools do, and if they don't, then something isn't right. You'd probably be better off somewhere that takes health and safety seriously. But hey, if that isn't possible, perhaps its just that, with no lifeguards to inform the manager, the manager might not be aware of it. Try picking it up with reception on your way in, or ask to see the manager. Honestly, its easier for me to just say that I'm with virtualmonkey on this one.
  13. Week One Recap Alrighty, folks. Looking back on week one, it didn't go perfectly - but you know what? If there is any week best to do badly at, its the first because so long as I do better on my second I shall be making progress, and if I do better yet on my third, I am making even more, and to be able to progress to a healthier and fitter state of mind and body is, well, my goal all along, even if that is met by a few bumps along the way. Despite that, I could address this better. As far as cutting back on chocolate and what not... I just about hit the 'fail' mark at four times that week. T
  14. That first sentence explains me so well. I guess that it is, in a funny way, comforting to find someone else in the same boat. Oh yes, I remember commenting that! Well, my shield-sister, I have full confidence that we can do this. Lets both push ourselves and swear to come out of our next challenges as stronger, healthier, fitter people than the ones we were when we first began!
  15. Hiya Will. Aw, thank you! That's really kind of you. I'll check out the accountabilibuddies page, and the dai-gurren brigade too (a magnificent title, might I add ) Hope to see you around!
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