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  1. Hello, everyone! This is my first six week challenge. My goal is to have a flatter stomach at the end of six weeks which will be accomplished by adding core workouts to my every day life and maintaining a caloric deficit! My life side quest is to read two books for the duration of the challenge. Thanks for the support! Let's do this!
  2. Just tried kickboxing for the first time today! #courage

  3. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the NF Rebellion, but have been reading NF articles and blogposts for YEARS. I finally decided to work up the courage and take the plunge and join the rebellion, since I feel as if I've been missing out on so much by being afraid! I'm known as exlibrispdb, but you can all just call me Libris I'm not completely new to working out, but I tend to lean towards a whole mind/body/spirit health and wellness as well wanting maximum agility, flexibility and dexterity. I'm still trying to decide which guild I belong to, but I'm hoping you all can help me out! Some of my goals are: 1. Shave off twenty-five (25) pounds in the next year! 2. Learn how to do more bodyweight exercises 3. Learn how to do lift weights! 4. Create my own workout circuit 5. Work in at least one yoga/pilates/meditative session a week! Any guidance that you rebels can give me is much appreciated; I'm seriously extremely excited and honored to be here!
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