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  1. I'll be in Austin Nov 7-11 for the tableau conference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yay!! Sounds like you had a solid first week [emoji119]!! Glad to hear that you found a new martial arts thing to try top and don't worry too much about super posts ;-). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Or maybe it will hate me and not include sound... I'll put them on YouTube or something tomorrow and try again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'ma leaves these here... Hopefully it works... https://vimeo.com/185590650https://vimeo.com/185590695https://vimeo.com/185590752 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ZOMG this is sooo freaking true and my head and perceptions are messed up AF. My habit brain, monkey brain w/e you want to call it is an evil evil dude who needs to live the rest of his life bound and gagged. I'm just really happy that I've finally progressed enough that I can start working on this habit in an honest and loving manner and that I have people that I can talk to when I realize that my habit/monkey brain is out to get me. It is also sooo weird to be able to say that I have people... I swear that I will get used to this one day, maybe >.<.
  6. This.... I'm totally with you on this!! I'm also with @Tanktimus the Encourager on the no to crazy levels of overweight all the bad family genes for that stuff. >.< Dudeeee.... Most memorable snow incident ever... The week after I moved to Portland OR in 2008 the city got 19 inches of snow (really... 19 inches I really thought it was soon much less) and the city SHUT DOWN FOR A WEEK!!! And I mean SHUT DOWN... no trains... no buses... company I worked for closed its offices... you could not get around at all. For this Northeasterner it was... weird and shocking... I also laughed really hard at people because they do not do snow in Portland. Hehe... I totally know how that is and that is very rarely me... When I was visiting nerd peeps in Denver I drove through snow, sleet and rain driving back to town from the Rockies and I think I was going 50 + most of the way o.0. @shaar awesome job at picking yourself up and even more glad that I threw Ghost vids at you because there is no better thing that random vids straight from a concert, amirite?
  7. Uhhhhh soo behind >.< Sorry to hear you had a crappy week, mine was crappy too?!? Those darn post #CampFeels are all over the place. Looks like you've picked yourself up tho. I have faith that you will finish your business trip with #Winning!! (I have to travel to Austin next month so I need a positive role model :-P.)
  8. Was working on an update when you posted this but had to delay finishing it for some sister time.
  9. Well, things have been a bit crazy since Friday in a very very good way!! I spent the weekend down in Janesville at the JJO Sonic Boom festival and got to hear soo much good music!! I've never gone to a music festival before so it was a bit anxiety inducing at first but I got over it. I bought VIP tickets which were a great investment because you weren't allowed to bring chairs into the venue and VIP was the only place with any seating. The weather on Saturday sucked, cold and drizzling most of the day and evening but the music made up for it. I was also surprised to find out that I know a lot more Korn than I ever thought. Sunday morning I went out for a bit of a ride on my motorcycle which was great fun as always and then went back to Janesville for day two of the festival. The weather was much more pleasant so I didn't spend the afternoon and evening, I also layered up more just in case. The best part of the evening was getting to see Breaking Benjamin play again and the montage that they did during their set which included the imperial death march for all the nerds and the geeks in the crowd... totally epic!!!! Monday and today were also good days at work and nerd socializing. It is weird to be so busy and social and not trying to rip my hair out at the same time. Goal updates: Bed by 10:30 - I've been doing fairly good here, I think that I only missed Friday and Saturday. Walking and Exercise - I did not meet my steps average for the week only hit 33.8k from 9/25 - 10/2 which I'm okay with since it was the first week back after camp and it was a decent effort. I haven't been tracking my workouts but I have been doing stuff which is huge progress from not doing anything at all. Meals - Still need to work on this, last week was pretty sketchy because of all the crazy post camp and what not. I may end up scrapping this goal because I finally replaced the batteries in my scale and realized that I'm still in a pretty darn good place. Free writing - Only missed two days last week which is pretty awesome considering that I've never been great at writing stuff down. It even helped me work through some habit brain stuff that got triggered over the weekend and got me to realize that I had a pretty awesome day on Monday.
  10. I'm so glad that I bought tickets too!! It was a bit scary but turned out to be a lot of fun. I was soon happy to share with you!! I remembered talking with you about Ghost some last year so I just had to share!! <3 <3 <3 I did, it was a bit crazy but a ton of fun!!
  11. I wish that the weather was treating me better. It's been drizzling most of the day... At least it has cleared up for a bit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yes, yes she is but I still love her!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Checking back in for myself... Yesterday was a pretty good day other than realizing that my habit brain is trying to take back my thought patterns. I asked for help tho and people told me that it was wrong and stupid and that I'm an awesome person. So it ended up being pretty winning. I also got to bed on time after spending time with a friend and getting a bit of pampering done. I was also reminded that there is nothing wrong with pampering myself and doing girly things. Today, I will fail at getting to bed before 10:30 but I'm okay with that since it's Friday. Instead of getting a workout in I took it easy after work and rescued @maigrey when she ran out of gas. I then had a great evening spending time with her, @miss_marissa and @Haikoo. We talked about camp, processing all the feels and how to start integrating what we learned into our daily lives. I also said that I would work on updating my resume this week so that I could share it next Friday. Yay for accountabilibuddies. I also bought tickets to what will be my first ever music festival WJJO Sonic Boom. I want to see eight of the bands on Saturday and seven of the bands on Sunday so I think it will be well worth the money. My plan is to work out tomorrow morning and then head out on my motorcycle for a ride before going to the festival, I just hope that the weather cooperates.
  14. You're right, those tots shouldn't be allowed... They are addictive. [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The love goals Marissa!! I'll share my notes from the wrist, hand, elbow class tomorrow (u need to start incorporating it in to my routine as well). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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