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  1. A haiku: A bed is so nice You need more than broth and rice Go rest and get well!
  2. Ha! Yes For the Princess Bride references! "Luv... twue luv..." Happy anniversary!
  3. New job, new apartment, new challenge! Shulkie is back!!! Missed you, Green Lady. I haven't signed up for this challenge yet myself, but if you need me I'll be hiding under your porch...
  4. Hey Feowyn! So glad to hear that you're able to see all the positive stuff you've done since starting this journey. Sometimes it is easy to get so focused on what we DIDN'T do that we miss all that we've accomplished. Congratulations on putting on 10 pounds total! I think the fact that even though you "fell apart" you were still mindful of how you were eating is a huge success. Zec 4:10 "For who hath despised the day of small things? "
  5. I wish we could give bonus points for the worm video... Excellent challenge! I love seeing all those "Power of Tenacity" goals getting knocked out little by little! Your consistency is inspiring!
  6. ::sigh:: Thank you. I needed that. You're right, one lousy week doesn't negate all the effort put in the rest of the time. I don't have to start from scratch every time I hit a bump in the road. Thank you again!
  7. Weeeell... this week if I threw my towel. Done. Fork in it. I lost my motivation to get on and post anything, gave up on the alarm, and on some other healthy habits I tried to create. SO... I'm back to level zero... Crazy how after so many weeks of going strong it didn't take much to derail me. I guess my next challenge I'll be respawning? Positives from this (failed, but fun) challenge: + I know that I can make myself get up early easily when I'm motivated! + I also know that if I lose my motivation even a little I give up on even trying to wake up... so next challenge I'll need to build some reminders into my habit building routine... going back and looking at the "why" more often... Making sure I don't get too tired, too angry, too depressed, too hungry... triggers... + Random fun points during this challenge helped remind me how much I have to be grateful for. Great kids! Great family! Friends, church, etc. I'm very blessed. + I still like my KB.
  8. So I just got caught up on all the action over here. Biking, no biking, ladderes, no ladders, and all the adventures with Jax the Wonder Dog!? I think your leg is telling you to stay off the ladders for a while. Wouldn't it be nice if we had minions in real life?
  9. The decking is up on our friends’ roof. I cut a lot of wood this week, lifted large heavy things, and largely enjoyed myself! I didn’t pick up my kettlebell at all and I don’t feel bad about that. I got plenty of exercise. The boys and I had lots of random fun this week, too. It was hot enough to justify the purchase of a cheap plastic kiddie pool to splash around in. I don’t have exact points written down, but I’m certain I’ve been trying to be conscious of doing things for the sake of enjoying life this week, so again I’ll consider this a win. I also woke up every morning (though I didn’t post some…) at 5 except for one night when I tossed and turned so long I’d be trying to run off way less sleep than is healthy if I stuck to the alarm, and even then I only slept in until seven. I think the habit is starting to stick! Next week I’ll try to get in my two last KB sessions to finish up my 10,000 swings.
  10. Sadly no! The hat is a random internet picture... ::hangs head in shame:: I have only two days of 500 swings each left to complete my 10,000! I've done this once before with 15lbs. This time I moved up to 20. I'd like to try and work my way up to 35, which sounds like the standard weight for females in some of the stuff I've read.
  11. So, where was I? Ah yes... lurking... Computer is good as new without actually having to buy a new computer. I sewed a collar onto my son’s uniform without yelling at the machine. Yeay for being able to sew in a straight line… Baby steps, right? The boys and I have been helping a family in our fellowship build a house. My workouts have involved handing 2 x 6s up to people in the attic and moving large piles of scrap wood onto a trailer for the past two days. No kettlebell, but I’m certainly getting some exercise in! Plus, I love that the boys are getting an opportunity to learn how satisfying working with their hands can be!
  12. Ah! My first double post EVER and it was a QUAD! Sorry guys and gals...
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