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  1. Hey guys. I'm still alive, just battling a really bad cold and a bad breaup ): I'm still doing my fitness stuff and hopefully I'll resume my updates properly tomorrow.
  2. Hey y'all As you can see, I'm not going to the gym regularly. Mostl because I'm focused in finishing this hellish week, so I can relax and have a better time next week. I'm compensating by eating healthy and staying in my calorie goal. Doing pretty good in that aspect I will be back next week at full force, so please don't forget me Ç_Ç Can't forget to say that a lot of weight is gone, I'm at 60kg now, YAYYY
  3. Day: 30/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Classes ~-~ ​ Eating: 1267 calories
  4. Day: 29/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Classes ~-~ ​ Eating: 1328 calories
  5. Day: 28/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Classes ~-~ ​ Eating: 1478 calories
  6. Day: 27/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Classes ~-~ ​ Eating: 1435 calories
  7. Day: 26/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: 32 min of cardio and legs strenght routine ​ Eating: 1419 calories
  8. Day: 25/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Classes ~-~ ​ Eating: 1439 calories
  9. Hey guys, this is my last week of night classes so things are gonna get back to normal real soon Sorry for disappearing! lol
  10. Hey, how u doing? After reading your yoga post, I've realized it can really help me with stress issues. I don't have the money right now, though ): Nice beard progress! It suits you really well ! Also, I haven't forgotten about the testimonial, I just didn't have any time to do anything in the last week. I want to help you as you've helped me, so I'll do it for sure.
  11. As I said in previous posts, I'm having classes from 10 am to 10 pm 3x/week and I still have to deal with college and it's assignments, so I'm having very little time to exercise. ~_~ The night classes will be over this month, then I will be able to exercise properly and regularly, without worrying about time. I'm trying to compensate my lack of exercises by eating less and better aaaand I'm doing pretty good! I am already losing more weight and getting closer to my goal (: I am really sorry for not answering everyone, but I don't even have the time to post in this battlelog. I promise I'll be back soon. Thanks for all the support and encouragement.
  12. Day: 24/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: I srsly need to go back to the gym ​ Eating: 1391 calories
  13. Day: 23/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Walking around a bit, but not enough to consider ~~exercising~~ ​ Eating: 1441 calories
  14. Day: 22/09/2014 ​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: School assignments ç_ç ​ Eating: 1432
  15. Day: 21/09/2014​ ​Gym: Yes/No Exercises: Just exercising my brain =p​ Eating: 1594 >_>I spent THE WHOLE DAY working Ç_Ç I apologize for not answering your posts, but I'm just so busy >_> On the bright side, I lost more 200g, yay.
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