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  1. It was just a basic hardback lined journal, dimensions approximately 5 3/4" x 7" in dimension that I turned into a designated workout log. I find it very satisfying to create a physical paper trail of my progress. For some reason I find it easier to stay on top of tracking everything when I simply scribble everything down onto paper with a pen.
  2. I forgot over the weekend to track of what I was eating and what I did for activity. I ate a lot of junk food, and the healthy food I ate was in too large of servings... Activity-wise I went hiking for a few hours with friends on Saturday and walked a lot in the city today. Today's food: Brunch: Blueberry Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, coffee Dinner: Chocolate chip pancakes This is where I'm at. My current food choices don't make me happy, although everything tastes great in the moment. Changing habits is hard.
  3. Just to be honest: Right now I'm not crushing it with my goals, and it's hard to be fully honest about that with myself and on this forum. I consistently swing back and forth between balanced nutrition with some treats thrown in every once in a while and binging on whatever looks good. I ate like crap today and didn't work out. The vast majority of what I ate today was sugar and carbs. My stomache is upset as I'm writing this post because of how I ate today. It feels incredibly tempting to be dishonest with myself and this forum when listing everything I ate today. I could easily
  4. Today's Workout -Bouldering at the rock gym with a friend for an hour. Currently plateaued on v3 bouldering routes. -Didn't really get to the PT exercises today....(Why is this so hard to follow through with??? The PT exercises aren't even difficult or time consuming.) Liquids -I lost count on the water front, but I definitely drank at least 8 glasses -Coffee: 4 mugs Food Kinda let myself go on the food front today. The Dominos pizza from yesterday started a slippery slope that evolved into a landslide today. Breakfast from Wh
  5. Today's Activity Biked to work - 8.1 miles Physical Therapy Exercises -Standing Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch on Chair 1x30 -Gastroc Stretch on Wall 2x30 Seconds -Side Stepping with Resistance and Thighs and Ankles 3x15 -Wall Squat with Heel Raise 3x15 Today's Food Breakfast(designed solely with convenience in mind) -3 soft boiled eggs -mixed raw veggies: carrot, orange bell pepper, and broccoli Lunch -Kahuna vegetarian sandwich(super tasty spicy tofu and coleslaw between a bun made by local Portland co
  6. Today's workout Physical Therapy Exercises - (These exercises are currently supposed to be performed every day to help with some knee and leg issues I've been having, and I've slacked on that for a few weeks. Shame on me.) -Standing Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch on Chair 1x30 -Gastroc Stretch on Wall 2x30 Seconds -Side Stepping with Resistance and Thighs and Ankles 3x15 -Wall Squat with Heel Raise 3x15 I feel strong resistance to even doing my daily PT work. I'll have to build things up slowly. There's no rush.
  7. I'm starting out again with tracking my progress. I had a great journal in which every workout I did in the last four years was logged, and somewhat recently that journal was lost. It's a shame. Maybe it will turn up somewhere unexpectedly so I can fill all the pages with workout stats. I'm always doing something, so I will track my planned out workouts, but also my climbing progress, bike commuting miles, and incidental hikes, and walks. It all counts. I'll list what I eat every day too, but I'm currently not a big fan of tracking micros and micros. I'll mention how my workouts and climbing t
  8. I haven't really been eating much sugar since the beginning of the month, and I've mostly cut out bread. I stuff my face with tasty vegetables, healthy fats and protein when I get hungry, and I've been climbing/working out 3 days per week. I have way more energy now than I did a month ago, I'm getting leaner/stronger, and I'm noticing a lot of improvement in my climbing. Life is good!
  9. Hi all! I'm relatively new to NerdFitness. Currently living in SE. I'm into climbing and hiking if anyone wants to try to meet up for those activities.
  10. Hi everyone! I have been here before and tried participating in some of the challenges but never managed to follow through with it for very long, so I'm here to try it again. Currently I do some sporadic bike commuting and occasional bouldering sessions at the local climbing gym. I don't follow any nutrition plans right now, though I try to eat some veggies with every meal. I'm hoping to start slowly building up new habits and routines around climbing and nutrition. I'd like to do the next 4 week challenge, and I'm also curious about joining Rising Heroes but still feel unsure about that.
  11. Hello everyone! I am a 27 year old man who currently lives in Portland, OR. I'm excited to rediscover this fitness challenge. Should be a good time. Here are my goals: 1.) Say no to eating or buying foods that are junk(sugary, junk or fast food), and when it feels necessary on a case by case basis, ask the people around me in my various social circles to support me in that goal. 2.) Brown bag it to work EVERY day 3.) Go to the gym 3x per week and follow my chosen fitness program 4.) Practice guitar one hour EVERY day 5.) B
  12. Wodanier woke up precisely at 7 am to the sound of what appeared to be a bird cawing into his ear the sound of an alarm. Remembering he had food to eat, places to explore, people to help, daily quests to complete, he got off his suspended straw mat and set off for the day. At one point during the day Wodanier got down to it during a free bit of time and did: Pushups 3x5 Bodyweight rows with knees bent 3x5 Pullup Negatives (wide grip) 3x5 Bodyweight shoulder presses with his hands elevated 3x5 20 lbs. curls 3x5 Bodyweight tricep extensions off the wall
  13. For a number of months Wodanier lost his path. He trudged through the woods and valleys, climbed a few mountains and ate whatever he could. Then one day he found a path again. Looking at both directions that it could lead him, Wodanier realized that the path direction to his right would lead him back to so places he had already been. With a skip in his step he set off to the left, feeling grateful for all he had experienced so far.
  14. Strength Pullups: 3x5 Pushups: 3x5 Shoulder Press: 3x5 Inverted Bodyweight Rows: 3x5 Flexibility Neck rolls Wrist stretches Hanging toe touch Calf Stretch - I always find the calf stretches feel really good because my calves are pretty tight. Food: I went ahead and cooked a chicken meal for myself today with vegetables. It was pretty tasty. Drank lots of water, went very light on my serving of ice cream. When I ate out with friends today, I intentionally chose to order a chicken wrap and a side of quinoa salad instead of my g
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