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    keep it real

    OK, been away, need to get back in. Goals for challenge: 1. Go to the gym. Easy huh ? Not when you fight laziness like me. I.E not well. Goal is 3 times a week. See how we go Swim twice a week. Do able Ride my damn bike, I bought it, I look at it. Now I need to use it 2. Stick to the diet. LCHF works for me. If I stick to it. 3. Track like a sniffer dog. Food, fitbit, log everything.
  2. Where you getting your tatts done seven ? Im assuming your on scout trip so no rush on answer lol
  3. Glad to see youve all been kickiing it. Finally back home from holiday, so will sort myself out for next challenge. On the plus side I had 0 weight gain over the month away. On the negative the flight back was 43 hours bed to bed. So not even thinking about hitting the gym yet.
  4. You workout the diet thing let me know. Crapping myself diet wise as about to go on month long holiday to USA (taking wife to spend Thanksgiving with her family). Will be: 1. A long way from the security of my kitchen where I do all the cooking so control what gets eaten & i know brands etc. 2. A long way from a gym. Any gym. Basically, a pig farm in a holla in the Kentucky Appallacians. 3. A damn lot colder than Im used to. (I basically live in a city, same climate as San Diego, work in a climate same as death valley) 4. Will be looked at strangely if I refuse to eat anything.
  5. You nearly turned into Dr Suess there.
  6. Good evening crushers. Im here but as an official observer this time. Leave in 2 weeks for 3 weeks overseas, plus tore my shoulder so bit limited with what I can do, be a waste of a challenge. But willing you all on. To new guys, stick with it, these folks are awesome.
  7. Oh ticking along. Sleep, Work, Gym, Rinse, Repeat. Trying to think what Ive forgotten for holiday coming up. 3 weeks in USA, apparently going to snow at some point so that will be different.
  8. 'Life sucks, taking up my time and all. Thanks to you all for motivating me these last few weeks. That includes Lish if she ever pops in, we miss ya. Heading over to warriors to keep myself going. Thanks to all, its been fun. Hit me up if 'skullcrushers keeps going
  9. When I first joined I had visions of joining assassins or rangers, Blaidd tagged my post with Warriors and I scoffed at the suggestion. After 6 weeks I love lifting so much that's where I'm heading, you can get out of my head now Blaidd.
  10. and can now 10 rep 110% body weight on leg press (155kg or 340 lb). Might not crush a skull but can lift a fair bit
  11. 15 mins on the treadmill, 6 weeks ago, 3.5 kmh 0 incline, nearly blew the machine up with pulse at 185 (think maybe higher but I maxed it and the machine stopped) . 6 weeks later, after 15 mins at 5.3 kmh, 5 degree incline pulse @ 120
  12. I'm finding that my stretches don't seem to be doing enough for my hamstrings/glutes, which still feel tight and uncomfortable. Working on sorting that. All ive found that really stretches hamstrings are good mornings. Bum to a wall, feet shoulder width apart and lean forward, bending at the hips. Try and get head lower than hips. This is my warm up forleg presses
  13. My current obstacle is my left shoulder. Not sure if I slept funny, tore something lifting (75kg ((165lb)) pull down might have been a step too far) or just old age. Rested it yesterday but still managed bike. Will test it out tonight.
  14. 2 weeks out from finishing 1st challenge Im going to throw a towel and reserve my spot on a warriors pool chair. Started with zero fitness, 18 months out from open heart surgery but moving on. Initial plan was lose weight (bad side effect of drugs Im on, put on 30kg with no appetite), start jogging, convince my hips they CAN move on an elliptical with basic weights. Have found I hate cardio, hips scream on an elliptical but dang I love lifting. Have learnt to squat, bench press going up and damn I love dead lifts. So will go forward from here.
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