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  1. Day 1 complete! Ran/walked 2 miles during my lunch break (took me 29 minutes because I'm super slow) and completed two rounds of circuit bodyweight training after work. Also ate spinach with garlic salt and butter, and just need to brush my teeth before bed for a completed day! Anyone out there watch Arrow? I can't get over the abs on the men of superhero shows/movies.
  2. Hi! I'm planning on doing the Color Run in November, it's just a question of whether I can run it all the way through at that point. What cons do you like? I've been to Wondercon, ALA, Fanime, Anime Expo, and San Diego Comic Con.
  3. Name: Alphaprotagonist Status: Cosplayer Gender: Girl Age: 22 Height: 5'2 Weight:143 Interests: I like hiking, urban exploring, and just generally finding new places to be. I've also recently taken up running and yoga in the hopes of having a more holistic approach to my health. Talk to me about Star Trek, conventions, cosplay, or anything else that tickles your fancy. If hiking or camping is your thing, I'd love to hear more. Looking for a squad? Tell me your goals and we'll see if we line up. Regardless, let's be friends! Main Quest: I've never run a 5k before, and I'm hoping to be a
  4. Day 5 Did part 4 of my 5k training program. I'm also planning on running tomorrow, and doing yoga with a friend. I ate 2 oranges, some rice, two crunchy tacos with beef and pickle, and way too much chips and guacamole today. I was starting to plan my cosplay, and I found out I'd need to be a size 4 for the dress I want. That means I'd have to lose 3 inches off my bust, 5 inches off my waist, and 3 inches off my hips. Wish me luck
  5. You are seriously going to have a sixpack after this. Also, my best ever is a 10 minute mile, are you secretly a gazelle
  6. Day 4 Spent the morning at CES, and then spent 5 hours driving home. I finished the day with a run and some arm/ab exercises, and the more consistently I run the more I find that it seems unthinkable to *not* run. Food: Fruit cup, Half a roast beef sandwich, pumpkin seeds and almonds, two roasted chicken wings from costco, wild sprouted rice, rapini, triscuits, soda water with orange juice, and I woke up in the middle of the night starving and had a piece of sourdough toast with butter. I need more veggies
  7. Day 3 Walked a million miles at CES today. Skipped running and ended up going to a buffet #vegas. At the buffet I mostly indulged in mussels and crab so it wasn't the most unhealthy, but buffets are most definitely deadly. Today I hate a giant fruit cup, half a roast beef sandwich, jerky, a giant thing of strawberries and blueberries, and a 3 pieces of sushi, a ton of crab, a ton of mussels, some shrimp, 3 mozarella balls, tomatoes, some carmelized onions, some sauteed garlic, and a taste of a few desserts for dinner.
  8. Day 2 So today I took a 5 hour car ride to Vegas. Luckily our hotel had a gym, so I still managed to get in 2 miles and some arm/ab toning exercises. I ate a Del Taco grilled chicken classic burrito with no sauce for lunch (woooo on the road food), a banana, 2 apples, far too many tortilla chips, and steak lettuce wrap tacos with beans and rice for dinner. Still not ideal on calories, but I'm slowly getting there. I kind of wish I had an app that alerted me after a set amount of time during my meal to think about how full I am, and then suggest I wait 20 min to see if I'm actually full.
  9. Day 1: Today was a pretty awesome day, the job I'm interning at said they hope to hire me after I graduate, so we'll see how that goes! I had a banana for breakfast and then ate a huge sandwich with provolone cheese, scrambled eggs, italian sausage, tomato, and onion that was absolutely delicious (but probably not the best for me), an apple, half an avocado with toast, tomatoes, and a few crackers, a cup of orange juice, two donkey balls (chocolate covered macademia nuts), and 7 shrimp. It was a pretty eclectic day in terms of food, but not the worst. I unfortunately got held up at work
  10. Hey there, I'm AlphaProtagonist, also known as Ali. I am a 21 year old California girl looking to tone my body into a killer adventuring and cosplay machine. I like hiking, urban exploring, and just generally finding new places to be. I've also recently taken up running and yoga in the hopes of having a more holistic approach to my health. Above is a photo of my dream cosplay, Haruko Haruhara from FLCL (watch it now if you haven't!) Main Quest: I've never run a 5k before, and I'm hoping to be able to jog one all the way through without stopping by the end of this challenge! (no matter ho
  11. Yooo, let's be accountabilibuddies and kick this challenge's butt!
  12. I've been using the Zombies Run! app on and off for awhile, I really dig the story. My only problem is if I feel like I haven't done it consistently I want to repeat weeks, but then I have to repeat the story.
  13. I think taking time out for something fun is a great goal, and I'm glad you're doing it. I tend to work all the time too, and sometimes I feel like I need to be reminded to breathe and do something for myself.
  14. Wow, we have surprisingly similar stats! (I'm 5'2 145 lbs) What's your fitness plan? I'm hoping to do yoga and running
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