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  1. Hi friends! Welcome to my throwback challenge, in MORE ways than one. :3 Everything is Chaos and I’m feeling like I’m in some ways, starting over, cobbling together a new routine in a world that doesn’t look like it’s going to be going back to the normal we know anytime soon. The goals I was pushing for are either unavailable right now or just don’t fit into the life I’m living, SO. It’s time to go back to the start and tackle some throwback goals to start building a new foundation! What better to do this with than the remake of one of the best and most iconic RPGs ever? FF7R is absolutely the best video game I’ve ever played, hands down, I play a LOT of games, and I could write an essay on why it’s so perfect to me, buuut I won’t. I’m even going with a THROWBACK FORMAT to the old days of many of our challenges! HAH! What is the world coming to?! (Don’t answer that.) Ok pals, LET’S MOSEY~ CLOUD STRIFE Don’t be a shithead. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I have to make myself a goal not to be a bitter shrew. But that’s where we are. I’ve been digging deep lately to look past the things that make me angry - the things I don’t have, that I feel slighted on, that maybe I feel like I deserve after all I’ve done? - and not let that bleed into my social relationships. The isolation’s making me a little more edgy than usual; my fiery heart is good for a lot of things, but not when it’s burning a resentful hole in my own chest. Cloud’s a shithead when you first meet him, just in it for the money, stay the fuck outta my way, blahblah. But that all changes slowly but very surely, and he begins to open up and care about his teammates. The remake does a VERY good job with this and the transformation from Angery Fuck to Empathetic Friend has been a blessing to witness. Goal: realize when you’re angry at things out of your control. Deal with it - journal, yoga, do some creative writing. Do not isolate from your friends or shun them; create your own light. AERITH GAINSBOROUGH Aerith is an absolute sweetheart and I will fight anyone that tries to hurt her. Real talk. She is also the last of her kind, an Ancient, and as it’s described in this game, “a steward of the planet”. It’s finally springtime, and this isolation from Pandemic World and working from home is doing a number on me. I need to get outside AT LEAST once each weekend. It’s been kind of hard because all the parks I try to go to are flooded with people - and the state has actually been closing down certain state parks because of it for safety reasons - but every little bit I can find it a help to me. TIFA LOCKHART Tifa is just #goals. She’s strong, beautiful, kind, empathetic. The way they fleshed out her personality in the remake is absolutely perfect and I LOVE AND SUPPORT HER. Tifa’s dealt with some shit but she’s never let that make her any less strong. I’ve dealt with some shit too, but I’m slowly turning into a marshmallow. Now that I’m kind of “settled” (ha ha) with our current situation I need to make whatever consistent fitness I can make happen, happen. For me right now it will probably look like: Kettlebells - 2x week. Yoga - At LEAST 1x week, optimally 2. This is subject to change if I’m having a Week from Hell or if a giant meteor drops on us, but this is my plan as of now! BARRET WALLACE Barret somehow is this amazing mix of shooting his gun and cursing like a sailor continuously while ALSO being an absolutely kind and compassionate leader and friend and it’s perfect, his personality in the game may almost be my favorite. He takes NO SHIT and is VERY LOUD and has NO RESERVATIONS about letting people know how he feels. He’s true to himself and his comrades and he never wavers from his goals. I want to vlog more but I am always so lazy about doing it so I’m going to just GET IT DONE. At least 2 vlogs this challenge. I promise not to yell and swear a lot, well, I’ll do my best! Ok, cool, coolcool, I have ACTUAL GOALS this time that can start kickstarting some progress in this wackadoodle timeline we find ourselves in. BUT WE GOT THIS. WE CAN DO THIS! And I'm glad YOU are here with me, nerdfriends~ ❤️