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    As someone who managed a counseling center for 6 years -- Send the email. You owe it to yourself. Everyone can benefit from talking to a trained professional that can take what you're going through and even if it's just a small thing like reframing a negative way of thinking, it can go a LONG way - especially for someone like you, who is already so mindful and in tune with yourself and how you operate, I have no doubts that you'll be able to take any tools they offer you and be able to use that knowledge for your own self betterment. I promise it'll be worth your while. ❤️
  2. Wait, wait wait........ what is.... THIS: Are you telling me I can get weirdass voidsent detective stuff delivered DIRECTLY to my DOOR?!
  3. I would like to personally throw my personal experience hat into the personal ring to counter -- Huh is it really not the norm to act first and then maybe think about it 5 days later?? I like to PLAN things but I feel I THINK about it very little, you know, do the DOING part, and the THINKING just gets in the way, does that make sense?? Hoo boy Yes frick the details do the thing, etc!
  5. DR is right! Big big yes to handwraps! They look hella fly but also good support for your hands and wrists. I'm very used to punching without gloves, so that's taken some getting used to. Gotta wash 'em this weekend too aaaa don't forget loire!!! I'm also used to training barefoot, but I've been wearing shoes because this isn't like a traditional martial art... I have seen some people train in socks though so ??? I have trouble pivoting on the balls of my feet in shoes, the shoe soles make it difficult. I have to ask my trainer's advice next week! Big big big big B I G thanks everyone ~ ❤️❤️ I did survive and I'm not my usual best but I am pretty darn close!!! I appreciate all your support more than you know............ I am o k a y Hi everyone I already fell off the tracking wagon, I was a little grumbly about it but it's.... just too much for me right now. I have time on the weekends but the weekdays are SO jam packed that sitting down and remembering everything I ate and entering it and calculating, is just too overwhelming for me right now. So I'm going to amend my challenge to try my best to do it intuitively. I -know- I need more protein, and I have a good feeling that my calorie intake is where it should be, so I'm going to go with that. I'll focus more on protein and recovery and see where it goes... Boxing was hard last week 'cause I was kinda in The Pit, the workout was a physical and mental struggle, but it lifted my spirits so much and I felt great at the end. I'm heading to the gym tomorrow for workout #3 so at least I'm on track for exercise this week!!! The weather is supposed to get up into the high 40's tomorrow so I'm hopeful to maybe get outside or at least open a window for fresh air... :3
  6. This this this so much. This is something I deal with a lot too.... we are always here for you, no matter what!
  7. So you are doing SO MUCH WORKOUTS, and it is amazing!!
  8. Checking in to say I'm glad you're hanging in there and I hope the job thing sorts itself soon. ❤️
  9. Wow, biggest YIKE (Also why do fighting sports kill the shit out of you, I'm like, every recovery tactic I've had, IS NOT ENOUGH..... )
  10. WHY NOT BOTH Also reading these updates convinces me we need to start a FIGHT CLUB But with like kindness and support A.... hug fight club.... huh. That doesn't sound as brutal. Booooo.
  11. Willes makes many good points but I like this one best; a deload is so important to rest your muscles and work to build your strength slowly but surely. I plateaued LOTS in Stronglifts after the initial first month of "WHOA LOOK AT ME GO" because you reach that point where it's literally small and steady victories. I agree though that it gets time consuming; there's no way I could do that program now, consistently, with my current schedule. I'm sure there are other shorter options out there, maybe?
  12. I used to do the Beachbody P90X videos with Tony Horton, and one of my favorite things he said was "It's not that I can't do this, it's that I 'presently struggle with'. " I think about it all the time, I -do- presently struggle with a lot of things, but the more I struggle and get better the more I CAN do them! You too~
  13. Hi friends - Thank you for all your sweet responses~ ❤️ I've had a challenging week so far and it's still kinda on 'yikes' mode so I'm just doing my best to take care of myself until it (hopefully) passes, or at least lessens. I haven't been logging my food since Monday, but I also haven't had any alcohol since the weekend, and am sticking to my pre-made meals, so that's a win. I'm planning on going to boxing tonight in hopes that'll help pull me out of the pit. Longer update hopefully Friday, LOVE YOU ALL V MUCH OK <33333 (there are some caps!!)
  14. Rowing is def. intense and can be real cardio-ful if you work on keeping a good place! I can usually go for a good 10 minutes as a consistent intensity before I need a breather, but I know there are some people here that are REAL GOOD at it!