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  1. Yes, yes, yes to all of this. It's hard and the struggle is real but we are all here for you, no matter what. Taking control of your own agency is immensely liberating and while not easy AT ALL it's such a big self-care item you can do for yourself. I'm so proud of you, Ranger friend. ❤️
  2. Hihi! I read The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37506333-the-sacrifice-box It was a fast paced read, full of horror which I enjoy, but there were also some things I didn't enjoy about it? All in all a fun read though! I have a recipe and am ready to go tomorrow! EEK!!! I'M READY. TOMORROW. IS THE DAAAAY....... I almost think in this location with generational families still here they're absolutely owning it. I should go check it out. Put on some nice pants or something and go have a salad. ??? WEATHER AIN'T GOT NO CHILL Oh maaaan I went through 2 prior that just couldn't use the pressure I needed, and I felt no better 2 days after the massage, and I was just like, this is hopeless. IT IS A DREAM ISN'T IT?!!?! YESSSS PRESSURE GOOD Thanks friend, you as well! HAPP BIRFDAY!!!!!!!!! !!!! HI JON!!!!! Hahaha I had a feeling the distinct text style of mine wouldn't go unnoticed. :3 Glad to see you here!! I am, and I LOVE IT!!! I'm so so so glad to be home. Even the winter, it's cold as butts out, but I LOVE IT. Definitely let me know if you hop on over and we'll have a mini-Ranger meetup!!! :DDDD Week recap update tomorrow, promiiiise! (And some narrative too!)
  3. I just Googled Sanya and OH MY GOSH !!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!! How long are you there for???
  4. It is weekend! I hope you're doing ok and the weirdness makes its way outta here... ❤️
  5. loire

    SKIP heads back home

    I'm glad you two can come to an agreement - what one person considers excessive another may not even consider enough, and it's just a difference of perspective. Acceptance and knowing that a person you care about is doing things that are bringing them joy and enriching their life is huge!! ^____________^
  6. I too, am in this boat, and it hurts. THE PAIN BOAT. Going down the stairs has me pondering at the top of them each time, if I should just fling myself down and hope for the best.......... YOUR APARTMENT IS SO. CUTE. ❤️
  7. Wow. This is what the internet was made for..... Hi Tank, I'm using the broiler tomorrow, all by myself, JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW.
  8. Hey hey, We love you. No matter what. Remember that, ok? ❤️ Take good care of yourself.
  9. Mine smudge ALL the TIME and it drives me BATTY, I swear I clean them 500 times a day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!!!!!
  10. Dear friends - Busy week! GREAT week! Will post more and reply to everyone over the weekend but I just wanted to pop in with some ❤️ and hope everyone is doing AWESOME~ xoxo
  11. Date date daaaaaate! A healthy poly relationship requires a lot of lot of communication, and a lot of boundaries and expectations set up right from the start. It’s hard work but can be rewarding for the right people. 💕 Also I agree, maybe the email person had the flu, just like everyone here ahahaaa~
  12. Sorry to hear about the sleep schedule, it's SO HARD. I'm right there with ya lately...
  13. Why are people dingdongs on the road when it rains........ It was foggy last night and my commute rocketed up to an hour because some dingus drove into someone else BeCaUsE WeAtHeR and the rest of us sad sacks got to sit in gridlock. Stay strong.
  14. Happy kitty baby birthdays!! 🎉 I'm glad you liked the eggplant! I hated it for a long time until I had it sort of like that recipe, medallion-style, and it was sooooo good!
  15. That is a great email!! Do you have an idea as to when? YOURE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!