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  1. HI GUYS EVERYTHING'S GOING GREAT OVER HERE EXCEPT I'M REAL BUSY AT WORK THE LETTER OF THE DAY IS A AS IN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YEAH screaming aside I'm having a really good fitness and food week but work is suddenly BATTY BONKERS so I haven't been present much obvs WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be able to check in on everyone and give a proper update but until then ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH MY FRIENDS <333333
  2. Saaaaame, it's KINDA PERFECT (gimme that trash food~) 10/10 approved!!! Raccoons are love, raccoons are life~ YES same!!! I love the next-day DOMS that are everywhere and it reminds me, oh yeah, this is the best lift EVER. They do make you feel like you can take on anything!~ YUUUUP, OOPS your subscription to This Thing has been cancelled ACK NO PLS NO ;_______;
  3. This is Who I Am: Tanktimus Does Not Quit

    YESSSSS. One of my big takeaways from the Nom Nom Paleo classes at Camp NF was this. I remember Michelle making some kind of garbage stir fry and cooking the veggies right in the beef fat and it blew my heckin' mind.
  4. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    UH WE NEED TO SEE THESE DUDE??? I like Kid Tiger Heart, he's a good bro. Kayin is a looney tune and I like him too, maybe he can learn the power of ~*~teamwork~*~ and ~*~friendship~*~, or maybe not~
  5. Zeroh's Challenge

    Phew, those are some long days. The paycheck is sure worth it tho'! :DDD
  6. W E E K 1 I just realized I got so hype about confronting that lizard I forgot to actually post something relevant WHOOPS HI IT MONDAY!!! It's already been a red letter Monday, guys. I actually didn't sleep very well this morning and whined my way through getting up early - cramming PB wheat toast in my mouth - putting on my gym clothes - slogging out the door - but I got to the gym and what is this it is blissfully empty? AND suddenly there are bumper plates at my rack?!!!?! D E A D L I F T S (carefully) SQ 45x8x3 75x5x5 85x5x5 Good Mornings 45x8x3 Calf Raise 45x15x3 75x10x2 85x10x2 Deadlifts 95x5x5 115x3x3 I haven't deadlifted in like 9 MONTHS!??!?! MAN IT IS A GOOD FEEL. 115 felt really solid and I possibly could have done more if I had more time - which I didn't - so I had to stop there and zip into the showers to get to work on time. I'm still kind of gunshy after hurting myself a few years back but I was really impressed with how smooth these felt so.... good thing?!!? But man. Deadlifts. I missed deadlifts. Also the fact that I felt strong enough to actually do deadlifts. That's a thing I couldn't have done last month. Yeeeeee. ALSO I FOUND THIS TANK TOP AND I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED Speaking of food: Lunch this week is protein pasta, light sauce, and meatballs. Snacks are pretzel sticks and almond butter, the rest of my swiss cheese, uh, uhhh.... I need to get more snacks. I didn't have time this morning 'cause workers were coming to the office and I had to get here lickety split. I gotta grab some more stuff tomorrow....
  7. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Kekekeke I see what you did there~ Oh lord. I wish there was a sympathy card for this.... 'cause the struggle is really real. On the one hand, yay conclusive research, but on the other hand.... ffffuuuuuuuu......
  8. Oh hellfire I didn't even think of that. Here is a formal invitation to join my adventuring party as Chief of Hey Look Out For That Obvious Thing Shaar [invitation-envelope-goes-here.jpg]
  9. ixaera dishes out the beats~

  10. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    You're good enough, you're strong enough, and you're worth all the effort it takes. Even through the failures. ESPECIALLY through the failures. Those are the parts that mean the most 'cause if you can bounce back from setback you're unstoppable no matter what!!! It's hard but you can do anything if you just keep moving forward! We all believe in you! Take all of the chances!! <33
  11. Oh maaaaan CLASSIC. Literally. THANK YOU!! I am too! You and me both. Do you think they'd sponsor us and our various Ranger shenanigans?? YESSS HIHIHI <333333 It was a busy but good Sunday!! <3 Oh man you totally got the reference +50DKP to you MY GOSH LOOK AT THAT FEARSOME FOE tomb of annihilation yes TWO HEADS THREE ARMS HIS TAIL LOOKS LIKE IT HAS A HAND ON IT WE MUST DEFEAT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Z E R O W E E K Y'all I really wish the weather would make up its dang MIND with whether it wants to be hot or cold 'cause urrgghh. PICK ONE. >:[ (Preferably hot can it be springtime now???) Yesterday's workout was definitely A Thing, hoooo boy bicep and shoulder DOMS. D: SAVE ME TIGER BALM. My neck/shoulder still hurts from sleeping wrong, ugh, I hate how one night of poor positioning leads to a few days of hurt. ;______; We are sitting at the kitchen table listening to old YouTube videos. Remember this CLASSIC??? Today I need to reset an idiot light on my car - MAINT REQ'D ugh who even uses that anymore - so I can pass inspection next week, clean out the inside of my car 'cause it's a wreck, clean out under the bed and finish up the closet, get a bunch of shoes together to donate, activate my new debit card and ugh then I have to remember to update E V E R Y T H I N G that's attached to it for monthly payments or else they won't process oh lord that's the WORST....... D: Ugh I had forgotten about that, oh no, OH NO. Ok I'm gonna do that and then stream some more WORLD OF WARCRAFT WOOOOO I swear most of it is just me re-discovering things and going "WOW" "WHAT IS THAT????" "I WANT THAT" "WOOOOOOW" yeeee haw A N Y W A Y S Happy weeeeeekend~!!!! <3 <3
  14. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    So I'm a huge advocate for drinking at home 'cause there's way less societal pressure and it's easier to stop when I want to stop.... also 'cause I'm a huge dork that loves video games and prefers gaming online with friends as opposed to actual social interaction ha HA!!! Moderation is key! Enjoy yo'self!! <3
  15. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    S A M E Totally something about a separate environment that's not my comfy house..... I hope you're not getting sick! Feel better soooon!!