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  1. Cheetah you are a HERO Hi guys I am a dead person at the airport who has had her flight delayed and is flying out at 11:35 pm I HOPE My word it has been a stressful day with all these delays?? I have also bought a lot of wine at the airport woo hoo ~ I had the best week ever gosh golly gosh wowie wow wow SERIOUSLY THO. Seriously. asdsafja; It snowed in New England so I get to drive home in that but I hear all the roads are ok so that's p. rad. I'm about to take some cold meds so I can conk out on this red eye flight and hopefully get some sleep I am yawning like a maniac here HOO BOYO. OK MORE TOMORROW I LOVE YOU ALL YOU ONLY YOLO ONCE zzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~
  2. shaar

    Salinger's sixteenth challenge!

    Hi Sal! I hope you stayed home! <3 Sounds like you've been having a cozy night! Late to the party but Thich Nhat Hanh is some great stuff. Super mindful and reflective. I read some of his stuff a while ago, I should look back into it now that I have a library card. Hang in there ok!!
  3. shaar

    Cheetah does something.

    Tom can eat an entire ass. ENTIRE. ASS.
  4. shaar

    Salinger's sixteenth challenge!

    If 4 is damage control than you're doing great!! Hang in there, the void ain't got nothin' on you :DDD
  5. Yup seven daayyysss!! Hi guys I am through airport security and am here to tell you you can bring as many pieces of pre-wrapped pizza through security AS YOU WANT (I brought 3) Also as many mini bottles of liquor as you can fit in a quart Ziploc (again, 3) Everything so far has gonna super smooth and I'm set to board in an hour and a half!! YAHOOOOO thanks for all your well wishes, it means the world, I'll talk to you soon!~ <3
  6. Hi guys! This will be my FINAL UPDATE for a while, unless I have some time to post at the airport tomorrow before my flight. I'll be gone from tomorrow to next Saturday, so pretty much the rest of this challenge. YEEEEE! I'm a little anxious about the details - getting to the parking garage, checking my bag, blah blah - but mostly pretty excited about everything. I'll try to check in here and there with a picture or two but for the most part I'll be pretty absent! BE GOOD MY FRIENDS hang in there don't stop believing hold on to that FEEE EELLLINGG streetlights peopleeEEEEE~ <3 :DDDD See y'all soon!!
  7. HI FRIENDS, welcome to... uh-- *checks calendar quietly* OCTOBER yes yes!! Welcome to another caps-lock heavy fun-filled shaar style challenge!~ I'll spare you the details of the comedy/tragedy that has been my 2018, y'all probably know my story by now, but if not, JUST ASK, or something..... or read my old posts, I'm an open book. Kinda. A little. I’ve decided to go with an actual theme this time, even if it is just a minor theme of characters I really enjoyed in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Danganronpa is a visual novel type of game, think Phoenix Wright meets Persona 5 meets uh... Battle Royale. Each game features 16 high-school aged characters with Ultimate talents that are brought together for ??? mysterious reasons ??? and are forced to play a Battle Royale-esque killing game while solving mysteries to pinpoint the killers. It’s a murder mystery you solve as the story goes on and unravel the truth of why you’re there and it’s a really, really engrossing game with a well-written story (very brutal and sad at times but also very fun and thoughtful), and great characters. At its crux Danganropa is about the consistent duality of hope versus despair, and I feel that in my heart’s soul about the majority of 2018. I’ve had a lot of Ultimate Despair moments, because let’s be real, with so much big change and chaos moments it’s wholly natural, but in the end I’ll always fight for Ultimate Hope. I don’t know any other way. With that being said here are my four murderkid-paired goals!!!!! Gundham is my favorite character from Danganronpa 2, he’s just an absolute crackers looney tune. He’s this fashionable evil occult dude that screams on and on about how he’s the Supreme Overlord of Ice and about all the hellbeasts he’s battled and cackles evilly and ALSO raises hamsters in his scarf. His hamsters are his FOUR DARK DEVAS OF DESTRUCTION and help him with everything. Like Gundham and his dutiful hamhams, I need a weekly task list to keep me in line. As I’ve been doing previous, I’ll post a list of tasks to get done that week and DO THEM ALL OR ELSE I WILL BE TORN APART BY THE NEFARIOUS VOIDSENT OF THE NETHERSCAPE Kazuichi is just a blessed doof, looking at him you’d think he’s a trash talking asshole tough dude, but nah, he’s just a scaredycat doof that has the tendency to freak out and scream a lot and sometimes doesn’t really think before he talks even though he means well... most of the time.......... Kazuichi is also the ULTIMATE MECHANIC and he’s extremely skilled at repairing things and keeping machines going. I really really REALLY need to keep my mobility going. I’ve started with this and it’s helping (duh), but I need to make stretching 2-3x a week a priority. Foam roller, tennis ball, yoga strap, all of the above! Peko’s a stone cold hardass and I love her for it, she’s also the Ultimate Swordswoman and she didn’t get that way by sitting on her ass. I’m in a pretty good place right now (did i just jinx myself ahaha) and I’m challenging myself to get up and moving 5 days out of 7, for at least half an hour at a time. This can be anything from kettlebell work to bodyweight Darebees to HIIT to hiking to walking... I’ve been feeling sluggish during the days and I know it’s because I’m sleeping more than usual (due to not having to get up for a work schedule), and being more sedentary. NO MORE! Nagito is another delightful wackjob that just has too much intricate backstory to talk about here. He’s overall optimistic - to a fault sometimes - but there’s only one reason I included Nagito in this challenge (aside from the fact that he’s awesome) and it’s because of his talent, Ultimate Lucky Student. GUYS I AM GOING TO LAS VEGAS DURING WEEK 4 OF THIS CHALLENGE. I couldn’t BE more hype and pretty much all this goal is here for is to let me BECOME THE LUCKY STUDENT AND HAVE FUN. Eat what you want. Drink what you want! Gamble wh-- NO, actually, I’m not a gambler anyways but I will have FUN with whatever money I set aside! It’s been far too long since I’ve taken a real deal actual vacation so I’m gonna ENJOY THE FRICK OUT OF IT. <3 2018 has been a literal hellbeast and I deserve every bit of this week. During week 4 this is the only goal that matters. Nagito’s my pass, don’t ask me, that’s just how it works. OKOKOK LET'S GO NERDS HAVE FUN DON'T MURDER YOUR FRIENDS LET'S GET THROUGH THE REST OF THIS YEAR WITH ULTIMATE HOPE~ <3