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  1. THANKLES! Everything is somehow going according to plan! For once! Onionnssss... I LOVE THEM. Heck yeah dude I hope you're enjoying it! Drop me a message if you ever want to game sometime! Big thank yous - it is still Weird and A Lot but I'm pleased with the direction everything is going right now... HI FRIENDS ❤️ Sorry for the lack of updates this past week - I haven't been super busy thanks to the cold weather but for some reason I just haven't felt like posting lately? I think part of
  2. HELL YEAH DUDE! That's killer!! I started ESO on the NA server and I'm on some weird mushroom island, and some dude asked me to follow him into a crypt to help summon his dead relative, and of course I'm all like "ok sounds cool", so I'm in this tomb with 10 other players all whacking away on enemies running around a lot and I wonder if I'm any good, or if it's just because 10 other players are whacking on shit with me, anyways that's been my ESO experience so far. I'm not sure if I like it, the combat seems a little clunky, but we'll see how it goes!!
  3. Duuuude. This is outstanding. I LOVE it. Also being an Esoteric Hermit that seems to be a secret spooky bard is kind of my end game life goal, NGL.
  4. Thank you, I'm SUPER pleased with how they came out! Thanks for all your encouragement!! It's a good time to start getting into the habit of cooking, while we HAVE time and can make it a regular thing! ❤️ THANK YOU we are ALL killin' it! GO NERD TEAM!!!!! W E E K 3 Hi pals! Sorry for the span of time between updates, while I didn't have a super-busy weekend, I just didn't have it in me to sit down and type a lot, LOL. Quick ol' RECAP TIME: - I made curry this weekend for my work
  5. I used to work with a doctor from New Zealand that was a funny as hell guy and loved puns, and I can still hear this one in his accent - "Doctor asked me how long I've had a weak back. I said, 'Oh since about a week back!'" BA DUM TSS Your dadjoke for the day...........
  6. It might be! While you don't yet know the answer, you're clearly being mindful about trying to dig into the root of the problem and trying different things to see what sticks for you, and that's awesome.
  7. Also cannot wait to hear about your first camping adventure!!
  8. Dropping in to commiserate trying to keep up on so many threads burning you out - if I wasn't working from home every other day I'd be lost as all hell. It's definitely overwhelming and I too often feel like I miss out on the fast moving threads by skipping... Also super glad your boss is supportive and has your back with all this! That's a rare find.
  9. SAME, and I don't know either!! I'm trying not to question it too much but I'll happily take the win! 17 days in here and feeling great~ ^^ (AND saving money!)
  10. If you figure this out - let me know! XD Loving seeing all your WINS!!
  11. It is interesting you mention this! I've found that I have a big penchant for DRINKING THINGS. Tea, flavored water, kombucha, seltzer, weird bougie-ass drinks at the shops, all of them... I often have a tea mug AND my water bottle at my desk at all times and often when shopping I'll find myself lingering in the drinks section (in-store and online) looking for new things to try. Naturally alcohol would fall into this category too so.... makes a little more sense maybe?? Or maybe I'm just overthinking ehehe..
  12. So I REALLY like it, it's loosely based off the AiW stuff - the main character's name is Arisu, the games that they're forced to play are labeled by card type like "7 of Hearts", there's more but I don't want to spoil it HA - but it's a short series so far (8 episodes) but I think there'll be more seasons. It's based off a graphic novel by the same name and it can get kinda dark - about these people that get shifted into an alternate reality Tokyo where they have visas that will expire if they don't play "real life video games" (kinda like Battle Royale if you've seen that) and each game they
  13. So glad you slept well AND have a comfy day today!! I'm still so jealous of your ginger tea photo LOL it looks straight out of some fancy magazine and now ginger root is on my grocery list for the weekend!! PS tell Jacks I said hello please!! 😸
  14. Oh hey this is only $20 american dollars............... I may or may NOT be downloading the game right now ha ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!! HAAAAAAAA
  15. HELLO FRIEND I heard passing mention of FFXIV on my thread and wanted to pop in and LOOK INTO THAT INFORMATION HERE 👀 Heheheheh~ I don't play nearly as much as I used to but I still game now and again, if you ever get past the Trial Spinning Circle of Login Death my character is Z'jai Kha and I'm on the Balmung server (one of the more populated ones, so always people around to help and interact with!) so HOLLA AT YOUR TALL LIZARD (that's me) if you decide to play!!
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