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  1. Pie is my holiday nemesis. So good but WHOA HEY none of my pants fit anymore ok neato.
  2. Keeping up should be a challenge in and of itself!!! Glad to hear your week has been hanging in there!! NF YOGA YAAAAAAAY~~
  3. Ah yes, this feel, I know this midget-lady feel very well.................. ; ;
  4. SAME But you are doing GREAT getting into that lifting and moving forward with The Awesome and The Food! My shoulder pops sometimes too; IIRC a good rule of thumb is that if it doesn't hurt or seriously impede you, you should be fine. Some targeted mobility work may be helpful but a lot of people have noisy-ass shoulders.
  5. Yup, that's exactly how it happens. *_____* GRATS!!!!!!!! <3333333333
  6. Ooo Werewolf is a fun game, I remember that one from CampNF! I also can't do bleu cheese, or at least a lot of it... eeeeep.
  7. YESSSSS EPIC!!!!! Ahahaha I feel the same way about running - THIS SUCKS OMG THIS SUCKS OUT LOUD - and I still feel like a heap afterwards but, accomplishment!! LMAO YES, my first thought was, are those cosplay gloves??!?! I too suffer from the affliction known as Book-itis. I have such a backlog... ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  8. Those salads look delicious. Ranch dressing is a weakness of mine! So tasty. I hear you on the general moving anxiety. So much to do, (seemingly) so little time... but we got this. Glad your trip went well and helped solidify your decision!!
  9. FUN FACT Cor's voice actor is also the voice actor for MCCREE boy howdy I have met him and he did help with a Big Mechanical Thing And then disappeared. Well ok~ I'm on Chapter 3 now and have just met Gladio's doofy sister ugh. I have a lot of sidequests to dooooooooooo YISSSSSSSSSSS Week 2 Wrapup Guys The trash fire that is my life continues -________- So this weekend our air conditioning unit decided to JUST STOP WORKING and everything we've tried to restart it has failed SO. We had some warm days this weekend (80 degrees wowow) and thankfully this happened now instead of later when it's hot all the time, but we're both real stressed over having to dump thousands of dollars into this to get it fixed. I really really hope it's something easier and less expensive auugbhfjgkhfdgikljhdfgk Saturday morning I was pretty dang depressed and tapped out but I managed to pull my way out of it through copious FFXV & Overwatch and the help of a little vodka too. I've been sleeping junky and eating more Twizzlers than I should have. I also somehow hurt my right wrist pretty painfully - I don't even know how but certain directions of flexion really hurt - so like... prithee WTF All this to say I'm giving myself a B- for this week, because while my art got done (need to scan that in tomorrow at work) and the decluttering is winning, I only did Elements twice this week because everything is unraveling slowly~ I'm feeling more optimistic about Week 3 (except for the home maintenance issue, which will happen Friday) - work should be quieter because some of our doctors are away for vacation or training. I'm looking forward to getting more sketching in at my desk! And some more quiet moments for myself too, which are desperately needed after life as of late............................. I've been feeling like a battery that's lost all of its charge lately. Need to regain my juju!!!!!!!!
  10. This is me: I use beef protein isolate because whey and anything dairy does bad things to my digestion/face/you name it. In shake form it's chocolately with a hint of steak undertones. Nooottt really my taste profile for shake times so I mix it up with a little bit of flavored pudding mix for Better Taste Sensations.
  11. I had to google rock bun! That looks DELICIOUS!! Kind of like a scone, maybe? Omnomnom~~
  12. AH LOVELY PHOTO!! How amazing!! I tried to snowshoe once a l o n g time ago but the shoes were old and one of the straps broke. ; ;** Protein SMOOTHIE, hmmmmm, hmhmhmhm, that sounds delicious................. :3 I love GMB routines, they are so fun and mobile and really get your whole body moving. <3
  13. what the actual fuck WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE1?!?!?!!?!! Challenge them to an arm wrestling match or a face punching match. I wish I were one of those bold people that could ask bullshit shamers "Why are you so invested in my eating habits?!" but instead I might just eat double the amount of bagels to ratchet up their anger.
  14. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE That video is epic, I think I played an Overwatch match like that once. NOW I WANNA FIGHT PEOPLE, LOOK OUT TELEPHONE REPAIRMAN OH MY ACTUAL LORDY THE CW I LOL'ED BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. Maybe it's Vampire Diaries ahahahaha I seriously feel like I'm running around as some kind of J-rock band because it's me (front guy) and three other sassyface guys in black all shiny and preened and it's like HELLO ARE YOU FT ISLAND OR SOMETHING?
  15. Everything is blooming so early!!! I can't tell if I'm legitimately sick or just allergies or hey maybe both IDEK.