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  1. Chiming in that I love breaking down the decluttering goal into more manageable bits. Something you can get done in 15 minutes and still keep making progress with instead of the large and vague umbrella of "declutter". Over time it'll all add up!! YOU ARE KILLING IT WITH DRY JANUARY!!! I'm so proud of you!!
  2. So glad Little Bit is on the mend! I can't imagine having children in these covid times. I'd be an anxiety ball 100%.
  3. YAY I'm glad he is home and you get to spend some time together!!!
  4. Ok so that house situation sounds ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! I wish I could walk to work!! When do you think you'll hear something?? Keeping all my fingers crossed..... Your little monster babies are CUTE AS HECK Glad you are having a low-key relaxing weekend - no guilt at all please! You work hard and deserve a break!
  5. HELLO FRIENDS!!!! Sorry I forgot to update for uhhhh like, a week~ Thank you all for checking in Y'all are the BEST. It has been a very good week for me!~ - I got back to the GYM FRIDAY. !!!!!!!!! My cough and chest congestion finally fucked off and I can breathe like a normal person, and my head doesn't hurt from coughing anymore, and the gym was so dead on Friday and I lifted until my arms couldn't lift anymore. I'm 398% happy. - I did not drink ALL WEEK. It was amazing. I picked myself up a small bottle of vodka for the weekend and enjoyed a few drinks while making dinner last night. I feel that I'm in a SUPER good spot with enjoying a few drinks on the weekend, and that's it. This has been an extremely big hurdle for me and I'm so happy with my results currently~ - Speaking of dinner, last night I made the most amazing chicken soup EVER, it may be one of the top 3 things I've ever made???? The recipe is here - https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/the-best-chicken-soup-recipe/ - I couldn't find fresh turmeric so I used ground, and I EXCLUDED peas because they are fucking gross as hell, but otherwise I made the recipe to a T and O. M. G. Holy shit y'all. I've literally been sitting here waiting for lunch so I can have leftovers.... I served it with locally made buttermilk biscuits, halved and toasted with fresh butter and honey. I just. SO GOOD. - Lunch prep this week will be soon and will consist of baked spiced tofu, and I want to try my hand at toasting rice to have alongside it with a salad! Y'all it is cold as buns here, like 0F all weekend with wind chills in the -20F, and we are going to get 5-8 inches of snow overnight so we got out EARLY yesterday morning to get our groceries done and have been hunkered down in the house ever since. I'm so glad over the past few months we've been able to turn this home into something cozy and wonderful for us, I truly love being here and am so glad we made the choice to stay here. Sometimes it's still hard because it was my mom's space too, and there's still a lot of her things I need to go through come springtime but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I'm really happy lately, in a really good place somehow. I don't know why but I'll take it. And keep trying hard every day. ANYWAYYYSSSS carrying on with the old goth tunes that have populated my thread lately here is one of my favorite new-ish songs that I can't stop listening to..... I saw HEALTH live at the end of 2019 (wow has it been that long - that was the last live show I saw before the rona happened....) and they were SO GOOD, def one of my top groups. :3 Ending this post with a screenshot of my cute bnuuy being cute in FFXIV~ ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!! We got this!
  6. Hi friend ~ Checking in to say I support you 100% and I'm cheering for you - I know wholeheartedly how it is to try and salvage something that doesn't want to be salvaged anymore... and it hurts. I hope the time apart is a time of reflection and healing for both of you and that you both can come out stronger on the other side. Remember you are a strong and amazing woman and while it may not seem like it during the dark and heavy times, you are going to be just fine!!
  7. Can I quote this 11000 times? Me too, friend. I excel when I’m supporting others (bard status represent) but I find I often overextend without even being aware and end up heavy in burnout-ville. I have never done a retreat but I like the idea of it - getting away from the day to day things that can block your mind from really digging into your personal concerns (hard to really diagnose your thoughts when dishes laundry groceries cooking work errands family etc are always present) and really having the opportunity to still yourself and begin brainstorming towards a solution. Stepping away is great for clarity. I hope you can find some peace of mind in the meantime! You are doing great.
  8. Today will be better! And YAY for feeling like you have your shit together - always a good feeling!!
  9. Stupid COVID!! It’s getting so frustrating lately, do I have it, do I not have it, I can’t find any tests so I’ll just assume I have it, IDEK anymoooore…. Take care of yourself and hope you can still smell things!!!
  10. Hello everyone! HAPPY MONDAYYYYYYYY Not a whole lot to report - this weekend was good! We did a crapton of cleaning (my iPad autocorrect just corrected crapton to Clapton hahaha) and Sunday was icy so we just stayed inside and played games and batch cooked for the week! Work lunches are mustard glazed HAM with roasted sweet potato cubes tossed with honey and cinnamon and brown sugar~ I also made up a big batch of teriyaki chicken stir fry for dinner leftovers through the week. AND I made a bunch of breakfast smoothies for the week that include: - Ground oats - Chocolate protein powder - Cherries - Strawberries - Vanilla almond milk BAM! Nutrition honestly isn’t a super weak point of mine once I get focused enough… it’s mostly just portion control and keeping away from the alcohol. Speaking of, this Friday and Saturday evenings were my allotted drinking days, I did have some vodka, it was ok, I didn’t super like the way I felt the next morning (hazy) so I have a feeling I’ll def keep this on the every-now-and-again now. GO TEAM I’ve done some good adulting and finally set up some things I’ve been meaning to tackle — an annual physical for me in March where we can talk about my family history of DYING YOUNG and if there’s anything I should be doing to like AVOID THAT (seriously my dad died at 57, my mom was 68, I ain’t having NONE of that) so that’s EXCITING! Also speaking of death I made an appointment at the bank to set up an account for my mom’s estate - y’all it CONTINUOUSLY BLOWS MY MIND how big a hand government and legality has in SOMEONE DYING. I’m just like WOWIE. Give me a flip a doodle break. I have too much to do over here lawdamercy I’m still having lingering COVID effects so no gym for me until next week… I might go out of my miiiind…. STAY TUNED~
  11. I like envisioning a Large Pile of food as a measurement! Hope your weather is doing better and that you’re hanging in there!!
  12. Elements is awesome!! I still utilize a lot of those mobility drills in the gym before lifting or even between sets. And agreed the shoulder stuff was particularly eye-opening…. Eh heh heh…… always something to work on~
  13. It is PRETTY STUPID agreed… my coworker has pneumonia now too and thankfully she’s able to work from home but yikes. Dry January WE ARE DOING IT!! It is pretty “throw caution to the wind” and it’s dumb as heck. You’re definitely not being dramatic, I’ve been continuously infuriated about this for a good week now. I had to leave early yesterday because I was getting a terrible headache and fuck it I’M STILL SICK. But feeling better today… I def don’t like that it sets the precedent for some people to take advantage of people “getting well” so soon….. I’m generally pretty mad at something most days but this is a Very Good Reason to be mad…… HELLO friENDS Wow why did my iPad keyboard go all wonky there, hahaha I’m gonna leave it. IT IS SNOWING OUT!!!! So pretty from my work window, I love winter ~ ~ ~ I am at work and feeling 90% good today; as mentioned I did have to leave early yesterday because my head was killing me and I had zero energy. I got home and didn’t want to nap despit how wiped I was because then I’d sleep shitty tonight, so I watched 3 hours of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on our SamsungTV streaming and it was AMAZING. That man is a GENIUS. I am low key obsessed and am holding myself back from buying paint supplies online and becoming a Chaos Artist on the weekends. Hm, I just googled him and apparently he died when he as only 52. The brightest lights burn the shortest, etc. That sucks. I just read some more and it looks like he was a heavy smoker and died of lymphoma from that and POSSIBLY ALSO many paint fumes. Hm. Maybe I won’t become a Chaos Artist just yet. OKAY done with Shaar’s Stream of Consciousness Bullshit FOR NOW, have a wonderful day y’all~
  14. Everyone’s all losing some pounds with their illnesses, and I’m over here just eating like a psycho….. hehehe. Glad you are feeling better and KICKING ASS!
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