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  1. Nutrition has the caveat of being VERY overwhelming and quite the learning curve. "Eat better!" But what does that even MEAN?!!? It sure doesn't help that all these newfangled products - fat free blahblah and low carb etc.etc - are mostly just fads to lure in consumers who fancy themselves trendy and nutrition-savvy but haven't done the research into what a calorie or a carbohydrate even is, and how they work in our bodies everyday. There's so many layers to figure out! These are both notable things: This is correct. My partner has had distorted eating episodes and a poor relationship with food in the past because of this one, pervasive, prevailing thought and it's just not true. It can take a while to find out what works best for you, but in most cases (with the exception of like, a cut for a figure competition or something??) it isn't undereating. YES!! This is so important and great that you are aware of it!! ^_________^ Quality of food intake is so huge and will definitely make a positive impact on your efforts! Remember though this all takes time. Marathon, not sprints. You may not see results - or it may not be easy or fun - this month, or next month, or even the month after that, but consistency is absolutely key and once everything clicks it is so worth it!
  2. I really hope you ate your chips slowly while maintaining a strong eye contact... Man I haven't been to an Applebee's in at least a decade. /me goes to check out online menu #DirtyBulk Sounds like you are way overdue for a TOODALOO MOTHAFUCKA from that place. Good luck, stay strong, never surrender!!!!!
  3. I've thought about going back for a month and checking it out again for fun, but I think at least for WoW, its time has passed for me and it just wouldn't be the same. Like yeah, 7-10 years ago I played A L O T. It's a different game now and I don't think I would be able to enjoy it like I used to. Best to let sleeping dogs (worgen) lie, I guess. Combine that with yes, many other things occupying a limited amount of interest time now... Cowboy magic? Hmm.
  4. Oh man this is me, I hate when this happens, lack of recharge/video game time really turns me into a terrible person. Downtime = necessary. RUDE WORK Best 70-something dollars I've spent on fitness stuff. I fully credit Elements with righting the majority of my spinal & lower body movement deficiencies, and getting me on the path to regularly deadlifting again without stress or strain or hindrance. I'd recommend it to anyone, no matter your fitness goals of levels!! *^_^*
  5. THANK YOU GUYS! This has been a long time coming. I hadn't tried a chin up for months so I hopped onto the pull up bar at home this weekend and gave it a go. IT WORKED! TA-DA! I can only do one right now, I try to pull for the second one and get stopped halfway, but it'll come. ^___________^ Weekly Updates (probably not but we have loads of phoenix downs so...??) Not much updates today. Rest day! DOMS are 2/10, win win~ LIFT [X] M [ ] W [ ] F Nope, rest day today~ REPAIR [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 Tonight this will happen. Hamstrings. HAMSTRINGS NOURISH [X] Weekly lunch & snacks listed MISC [ ] Pay car registration by Friday [ ] Plan upcoming expenditures - K's birthday gift, & send mother's day flowers (will do this friday too) [ ] Check in with petsitter to watch Finn next month [ ] Make new donation box with pants & shorts [X] Put alert on phone to buy Blackwatch Genji skin by the end of current Overwatch event if you don't get it in a loot box BY GOD THIS IS SO SAD ISN'T IT SO SAD I DID IT I think my Mortal Curse is to always be the one who changes the toilet paper roll. At home? K will leave one square on the roll 9/10 times. At work? Clients will leave two squares on 9/10 times. There is a table with a new roll of toiler paper right next to the wall-mounted roll. Hey, hey, look at it. Even at a restaurant this weekend the roll in the restroom had one square left on it. .... I changed it. WHY IS THIS MY FATE!?!?!??! Buuwwaauugghh~~~
  6. LAST WEEK OF APRIL STUFF Heck yeah let's go!! LIFT [X] M [ ] W [ ] F Deadlift day, GET. Got to the gym late this morning because OMG it's raining out everyone freak out now, sigh. Did what I could! OHP warmup 45x5x5 DL 135x5x5 145x5x5 Officially bruising myself less, slowly but surely. All these felt really solid. Still happy with my very slow progression. Row 6m 745mi REPAIR [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 NOURISH [X] Weekly lunch & snacks listed This week's lunch is YEP SALAD - lettuce, tomato, cuban black beans, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, a scoop of guacamole, and balsamic. I love salad so much, and with guac, YES PLS. Snacks - mangos! Still on sale. Roasted some sweet potato cubes too for my afternoon snack - tossed them in melted coconut oil, brown sugar, nutmeg, and salt and roasted in the oven for an hour. Holy delicious! The coconut oil caramelized nicely. MISC [ ] Pay car registration by Friday [ ] Plan upcoming expenditures - K's birthday gift, & send mother's day flowers [ ] Check in with petsitter to watch Finn next month [ ] Make new donation box with pants & shorts I'm at the point where there's not a pair of pants or shorts in my possession that I can't fit into. Yowwow. !! [ ] Put alert on phone to buy Blackwatch Genji skin by the end of current Overwatch event if you don't get it in a loot box BY GOD THIS IS SO SAD ISN'T IT Also - Achievement Unlocked - DEAD HANG CHIN-UP GET!!! *small dooting fanfare yaaaass*
  7. Came here for this, too. Long-term goal, absolutely! You said it yourself earlier - this is a long journey, and it takes time. And you're completely right! Fitness is a marathon and not a sprint, and if you're prepared for the long haul, there's NOTHING you can't do!! ^______________^ For me it just eventually 'clicked'. It was a lot of habit building and struggle but now going to the gym is as integral to my day-to-day as going to work and eating dinner - you just do it. I think, a big part of it too, is finding something that you really do enjoy doing! I honestly look forward to the gym 95% of the time and I'm grateful I tried out weightlifting years ago because I really love doing it - it's never a chore.
  8. COWBOY CHICKEEEEENNNN <3 Man PotD.... FFXIV has a free login 4-day thingy and I really want to take advantage of it before it goes away but I'm also like, oh boy, just what I need, another game bringing my total to FOUR
  9. I have loads of progress photos I've taken, but stuffed away for my eyes only. I think - at least in my experience - when you reach a point where you take a picture and you look at it and feel 'good' - as opposed to photos where you're still not comfortable with yourself..... the 'good' photo is a tipping point to post alongside your previous 'meh' ones. I'm not sure if that makes sense?? Like after 2 years I'm at the point where I'm ready to post a before/current set and not feel anxious about it. It takes time? Yeah... Segue - One of my best friends used to live in Towson!!
  10. I hmm well gee ain't that special......... This week is BOUND to be better!!!
  11. Previous Week Wrapup LIFT [X] M [X] W [X] F D D D DONE REPAIR [X] 1 [X] 2 [X] 3 I'm totally making Sunday Morning Stretch a thing; can catch up on some Spanish football and get some mobility done too. About 45 minutes (a game half) of mostly wrists and hamstrings, glutes too. NOURISH [X] Weekly lunch & snacks listed MISC [X] Get car inspected Tuesday morning [X] Make vet appointment for Finn for May [X] Front porch Wasp Patrol [X] Unclog work kitchen drain [X] Return digital library book [ ] Pay car registration online (Waiting for more funds for this week) [X] Revisit and rebudget savings account; check credit score Got everything wrapped up! YEAH!!! Current week checklist incoming shortly...
  12. GJOPFJSDFSD SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333 GOSH it's so good to see you!!! I totally need to watch this again, I mean, yeeeeee!
  13. We watched Rogue One again yesterday, too. I can't decide who my favorite characters are... I really really like Chirrut and Baze, but Bodhi to me has some really cool development for a one-film character. Cadbury Creme Eggs were on sale at the grocery store..... the creme "yolk" was a weird orange-salmon color but it didn't stop me!!!! One, more than enough of those.
  14. One of ussss, one of ussss! <3 Looking forward to your weekly adventures most of all, I think! I need to do more of that, myself. Hmm. *flicker of inspiration*