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  1. Duuuuude, this update is INSANE GOOD. I'm so so so glad for you - look at what YOU ACCOMPLISHED. So killer. ❤️
  2. Hoooo boy. We had these in North Carolina. I thought it was cute people called them "palmetto bugs" like that's some kind of less offensive name for those big ol' nasty pieces of garbage. THEY ARE ALL COCKROACHES TO ME
  3. As of last week I'm face deep into The Untamed on Netflix ('cause I'm a sucker for xianxia) and honestly SAME. It's interesting (and kinda sad) to see the edits made to the filmed story - it censors a lot of the romantic subtexts between the two male leads ( ages-old demonic spirit cultivator + mystical son of a long standing lineage, natch) but the directors really knocked it out of the park with what they -were- able to portray to get their relationship across. An interesting subject, for sure!
  4. Oh wowie wow wow I am 500% ON BOARD for this!! (We've been re-binging the Wick movies at home recently too..........) WAUW I feel I have learned a ton about hammocks here, THANK YOU !!! Again I've always wanted one but .... ?? Our backyard isn't super level?? So I'd definitely have to look into stands, and def good to know an Amazon search will be helpful to me too, sometimes that can be a crapshoot. I'll tuck this away in my memory banks for when I have some extra funding... :3 I really can't remember the last movie
  5. SO IT HAS BEEN DECREED Dingusen You know I've always wanted a hammock but I dunno if we have the TreePower back there for a real one and the standalone ones always make me a little wary like it's gonna flip and dump me on my ass........ W E E K E N D Guys, I have a goal! My fooding is honestly pretty good but I want to make it better - I want to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into my snacks, and into my weekly lunches too. So this week for lunch I'm making
  6. Reason #459 why I love this place and its people - Fun Linguistics Discussion! I like "dunguses" but it also makes me think of lots of elephant poop for some reason, hmhmhm. I was gonna post a gif but YIKE NOPE Gosh I can't wait to go back.. So I'm 96% sure they are Vitamin C tablets, kinda, I went to the website and the closest I can find are the LEMONA HEALTHY TABLET, although mine are strawberry, and they definitely don't dissolve in water..... This is a BIG COMPLIMENT! +1 to Bard Status, achieved!
  7. I too, am KINDA JUST HERE. Although I guess better to be here than THERE, wherever that is. At any rate I'm glad you're HERE. even if it is just a little bit. A little bit is better than nothing..........
  8. Sal sal sal! SO EXCITED about you all moving house soon! I agree, moving is a pain. I hate it SO MUCH. Maybe turn it into some kind of fitness challenge? Log your distance and how many boxes you move or something? Will we get to see house photos too??? ❤️
  9. It's not a bad thing to be lost sometimes, goal-less friend. ❤️ Sending you ALL the hugs and support - we are here for you!
  10. Crapola I used to LOVE this show!! (And Jerry's dad is right - BUFFER. ZONE. ) *shoots some happiness your way 'cause you deserve it too* ❤️ We are... the goal-less dinguses! Or is the plural of dingus dingii?? If I'm awesome, you're AWESOMER!! ❤️ CHEETERS, hallo!! Thank you, I may be hanging around JUST to hear tales of your upcoming camper voyages!! LOOKIT THAT SNEK BABYYYYYYY <333333 Hi guys happy Tuesday! It is definitely WARMER SPRING here aaaand the weather
  11. Ohhh yeah, 500% easier. I knew it would get better but I just had to wait for it to happen... HELLOHIYESIFIGUREDTHESAMETHINGIWILLDOMYBEST!!!! HI FRIEND! I am always so glad to be here too! WE GONNA DO THE THING It's harrrrd, I usually don't get FOMO at ALL but here I feel things move so fast that if I'm not on top of everything I'll miss out........... A happiness chain, BLESS There really seems to be LOADS, overwhelming sometimes! I try to stick to the basics..
  12. Shaar has multiple planets in Virgo and is also a gentle claustrophobe, so upon stepping into The Cluttered Tavern her FitBit immediately alerts her that her resting heart rate is suddenly quite elevated. She takes a deep breath and perches carefully on a windowsill (after opening the window, natch), clutching a thermos of warm hibiscus tea in both hands. WOW that first picture sure makes me a little jangly ahahahahahahahaaaa..... 8D HI ALL ❤️
  13. HELLLLL YES!! So hype for you and all your plans!!! GO SPEZZY GO!!!
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