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  1. Something is Better than Nothing: Tanktimus Doesn't Give Up

    I think if you looked up Tank in the dictionary this would be the definitive picture. Maybe with more artwork of AMAZING FOOD. Bard/Paladin/Culinarian GOOOOOOO
  2. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    You will totally keep going. I know you can, and will. <3 You are so very strong, ok? That place is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Wowowowow yes please go and bask in nature and all that beauty, and take a few photos to share with us too!!!!! :DDDD
  3. I'M glad you are MY friend!!!! <333333 You have this way of just... being able to look at yourself openly and honestly that's so refreshing and even when everything is hard, especially when everything is hard, you just... you keep going, and while you may have moments of "!!!!" "????" "...." you never ever quit and that to me is so admirable. OHHH what film did you watch?!!?! :DDDD YOU KNOW IT My gosh I could just eat a whole container like a big ol' trash panda RURIK THE MAN THE MYTH THE BEARDED LEGEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's interesting to me - I remember having a chat on one of my old threads about like... adventurer tropes and classes, and how I've always felt that certain ones fit at certain points and junctures in life (I think you may have been there!), like... situationally, your class can change - introspective healing druid! - no-holds-barred get shit done berserker! - stay-the-course resilient warrior! - but no matter how many other roles I shift into as necessary I'll always come back to actual bard this one as my foundation. I never knew War Chanter was a Thing until I did some poking around on the internet (my D&D knowledge is microscopic), but as soon as I read the description, I'm like, yeah. Berserker/Bard combo? ( WITH A SIDE OF KPOP ) HIT ME UP DUDES I think it's so hard to be motivating in this day and age 'cause everyone's so stressed out about so much.... or unhappy because of stress or life or situational things out of their control or (insert p. much anything here). The world, it be cray. And you're totally right that it's a knee-jerk reaction to Manger/Mangst/be angry (we see it a lot in therapy phew); it's kinda like crabs in a bucket I think too, sometimes people just wanna drag other people down into the blech 'cause Misery Really Does Love Company and it really is just the easy no-real-thought reaction to be that way if everything's turned against you...??.... it can be tough to make that really mindful shift to turn it all on its head but it's the way I've always done things so I guess it comes naturally to just shriek delightedly and with positive reinforcement at the people I care about?!!?! TL;DR WOW WE ARE SUCH NERDS, HUH???
  4. Rinna quit

    Hiiiiihihihihihihi. Hi hi hi. I TOO have suffered from NotWannaDoADamnThing-Itis. UGH IT IS THE WORST. I'll do a damn thing, if YOU do a damn thing, deal??? :DDDD
  5. Stribs Hunts for the Hype in Unfamiliar Places

    YESSS THAT IS HELLA PROGRESS!!!!!!!! Killin' it!!!! I followed a similar photo rabbit hole a few months ago and found my starter photos.... I hated taking them but MAN am I so glad I did, and that I kept taking sets of progress photos, 'cause now I look back on them and am like... wow, yes, I HAVE worked hard. A lot of days it sure doesn't feel like it but the evidence is totally there. Enjoy your half days!!!! :DDDD
  6. Big Show: Chapter Six - Bodyweight Basics

    Sometimes these are the best days. Chaos free is the way to be!! (TM)
  7. NeverThatBored :: Fuck it | Dream Bigger

    Is this a cult? Be careful, it might be a cult. If they try to give you a hooded robe JUST RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK OK
  8. Shadri is back~

    This used to be A Thing for me in the past. It never really loosened up, it took more regimented eating/exercising for me to build muscle and drop the fat. ;_; Bloating will STILL do this to me though and it's like ugghhhh. ALSO I LOVE CHECKLISTS and they are the best, I've always stayed so on track with them and I think you just inspired me to implement a checklist-style tracking into my next challenge............. :]
  9. Zeroh, Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

    !! Guild Wars books! Guild Wars books!!! I have Ghosts of Ascalon too.
  10. Something is Better than Nothing: Tanktimus Doesn't Give Up

    You never know............. Your new setup sounds absolutely perfect. Less pager alerts is always good on the brain!!
  11. Reclaiming Raxie

    DUDE I AM SO EXCITED to hear all about this dancing and possible competition!!!!!!!!! Oh man oh man what a fun thing, I'm so glad you are enjoying it and thriving and feeling great this week, YOU DESERVE IT! <3
  12. WEEK 3 (?) OR IS IT WEEK 4 UPDATES Guys IDEK what week it is right now and I can't be arsed to look. Anyways, PHEW. Ok. Work is upside down and on its head so I'm just gonna leave that out of the equation. I had the greatest plans to get back to the gym yesterday morning before the Chaos Swirl but HEY HO WHAT UP SHARK WEEK, like a punch to the gut (literally tho') I was down for the count and got a shit-tastic nights sleep so I was already in the hole. Lifting DID happen this morning, bless this mess. I think it's the January Time where the resolutioners fall off the New Year New Me wagon, 'cause the gym was deliciously empty this morning. Small blessings. <3 I mostly feel good except for the cranky right trap I've been ignoring. It's starting to ping with any kind of overhead press movement so, uh, I should work on that more this week. SO MUCH FRUITS AND VEGGIES IN THIS WEEK'S SNACK RUN I HOPE YOU ARE SITTING DOWN FOR THIS: - GUACAMOLE because honestly this is a weekly standard now, to eat with black bean & quinoa chips. - MOTHER FRICKIN' TRAIL MIXXXXX. INCLUDES: Almonds, cranberries, raisins, cashews, blueberries, walnuts, and raspberries. - I got these things that are like fruit and nut disks.... like..... ok. So they are portable and pretty much apricots and almonds mashed up into a chewy thing and sealed in a disk shape. Like it SOUNDS WEIRD I KNOW and maybe I'm not explaining it right....... like............ ok think of a round flat cookie but instead of a cookie it's fruit and nut mash and sealed individually. ..... :] I swear it sounds better than this description honest. - More strawberries~ I also bought some turkey lunchmeat and honey mustard Because Yum. And salt-free peanut butter filled pretzels. Because Yum. I LOVE FOOD What else, what else.... I made chili for lunch this week, and yesterday someone asked if I was going to put it over spaghetti ????????? ????????????????????????????????????? GET OUTTA HERE WITH WHATEVER THAT IS??? Talkin' so much about food. Yesssss. I hopped back on the tracking wagon as of yesterday and while it's been a pain in my ass it's also been v. helpful for me to see my shortcomings - one in particular - that is always a shortcoming - that I will hone in on more in my next challenge. Sigh. Always something to improve on~
  13. Y'ALL ARE JUST THE BEST I LOVE YOU ALL V. MUCH <33333333333333 I wish I could send everyone baskets of puppies - or kittens - or small tropical lizards - you know, your choice - but instead the best I can give you is my unwavering loyalty and gratitude and occasional motivating hyperbole. :DDDD More succinct update incoming!~
  14. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    Wait wait.... Is the coin.... IN the food.....? I can't help but think possible Drunken Safety Hazard..... but, you know, Survival of the Fittest so I kinda like it.
  15. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    You too?!?!! I honestly almost had a hissy fit at the gym this morning trying to put on makeup for work when my last-night-slick-face was suddenly 500% flaky.. WHAT IN TARNATION Cannot handle. HOW is this even POSSIBLE Also disgusting here. Damp? Check. Humid? Check. Just warm enough to be nauseating? Check. ??? Maybe this is why our skin can't decide how to be........