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  1. Oh man Sharknado is a classic. If you're looking for something equally - if - not - more terrible, if you haven't seen Troll 2............. Children of the Corn is a good staple of mine. HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS
  2. Oh no, a Food Weekend looms.............. STAY STRONG SOLDIER REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING!!!!!
  3. shaar

    Themes Happen to Other People: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Ahahahahaha I can't stop watching this. Also the sentiment is seconded I HATE parsnips hoo boy but OH NO I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING I FORGOT TO TELL YOU AND I'M GONNA INTERRUPT MY THOUGHT PROCESS RIGHT NOW TO TELL YOU Do you remember when you made an eggplant dish about a month ago and I poo-poo'ed EGGPLANT ?? WELL SHIT before we left town we went to our favorite restaurant and one of the appetizers was EGGPLANT MEDALLIONS, like, thin sliced with marinara and mozzarella and some spices, and drop - kick - me - jesus it was delicious, and I remember thinking "I NEED TO TELL TANK" because we had literally just talked about The Eggplant but clearly I forgot 'cause haha it's like a month later but IT GOOD :DDDD
  4. shaar

    ixaera keeps on going~

    Packing TOTALLY counts as cleaning I mean, it just makes SENSE
  5. Oh Rinna, I'm so so sorry. I'm glad she was able to spend her last years with such love in her life. <3 Sometimes calories are inconsequential IMHO, especially in the case of pet death.
  6. shaar

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    I Agree with Rinna and Cheetah and Echo (tm). You're stronger than this. You've come so far already. One day at a time, I believe in you. <3
  7. shaar

    Stribs Hopes to Finish what she Starts

    I'm still shocked at how much flooding is STILL going on. So many of my friends have waterlogged homes and are dealing with mold and ripping up carpets and just... my gosh. So much water. I love/hate a good rage cry. Sorry yesterday sucked. I hope you can get home soon and that today is better!!!!
  8. shaar

    Errata: Welcome to S.T.A.R. Labs

    I'm in this boat too, can confirm, doesn't help ANYTHING~ SO GLAD for you about the job situation!!!! That's so so so amazing and you deserve it for all your hard work!
  9. shaar

    Echo level up: Being awesome and breathing deeply

    Hooooooly. That's total ineptitude and it sucks out loud you have to deal with that. uuuUUGGHHHH WHAT A STRESS TIME THIS IS GRR ARG Hang in there, you can survive the rest of the day, I believe in you!!!
  10. What good is the internet if we can't have EMERGENCY LEMURS?? My word That man playing the piano is so delighted to be doing so. The unblinking stare of the main singin' dude is a little spooky, there's something empty there, something not right.................. I wonder how many of these people have killed before and will kill again~ (def. einstein's brother) THIS IS THE WASTELAND THAT IS MORE MY SPEED Jeeeesus frick it was a TIME. A time. Gahkfgsa <3 BEER FTW!!!! Heck yeah they better fix it for free yeeeesh.... I think this about Finn a lot, he's 11 and not a spring chicken and someday I'll miss his 4am scream-in-your-face antics............... ;_; <333 MEEEEE TOO, thankyou!!! W E E K 1 Is it over yet????? I did the online internet chat with our ISP last night and they reset everything from their end. Finn majestically hurled on the floor while all this was going on. I think the reset actually made things worse 'cause I was lagging like FRICK in FFXIV last night and got booted a few times and it really stressed me out and was kinda the straw that broke the camel's back. I had a big sad and went to bed early and woke up at 3am in a BLIND PANIC ABOUT e v e R Y T H i n g, because that's the best time to panic of course is in the wee hours of the morning when nothing makes rational sense, I'll spare you the gory details but it was not a good night and I didn't get a frickton of sleep. Finn behaved though and that was nice. <3 I was feeling really hopeless in the wee hours of the morning and bemoaning my fate and the things you do when your brain and emotional self are just exhausted from meeting so many hardships one after the other after the other, but I got a little more sleep and this morning everything still kinda sucks but I feel a little more hopeful about everything. I got up, showered, ate, and dropped my car off. I had lunch and am going to set up a service call with the internet folks this afternoon. I'm down but I'm not out, I'm never out, I know I'm stronger than these struggles and while I wish they would really stop happening (seriously) (FOR REAL) I know I can handle things one day at a time and keep myself in check and be just fine. My rational brain remembers this when it's not 10pm after a long day of stress or 3am in a blind panic, so I've got that on my side. And even though things are hard, I've got so much to be grateful for. LIKE YOU GUYS <33333 Someday my goals will be about fitness and not eating like hot garbage again, but survival right now seems to be at the forefront again. And that's fine~
  11. I mean, I won't disagree....... HAHAHA I totally could have written that first one, maybe I should start ghostwriting heavy hyperbole country-Youtube review blogs......... ALSO I GOT THEIR NAMES WRONG SHIT To be fair they are some suspicious womens. HOLY HECK this, 4am, ONLY 4am, gonna jump on the bed and scream in your face regardless of if I have food or not CATTES WHY ARE YOU BE LIKE THIS W E E K 1 here is a gif Oh my sweet crunchy Tostitos y'all was today a DAY. A. DAY. I was 10/10 infuriated as of an hour ago but now I've had enough bourbon where I'm at a solid 5/10 and can hopefully tell a humorous story of my foibles.... so here's a long story that has zippo to do with fitness. Of Note Before Proceeding: none of this is my fault and i am fine This morning was the morning I get my car back! With its shiny new timing belt! If you have an idea of where this is going already, congratulations and pour yourself a pour of BOURBON Anyway. My plan today was to get my car back and then drive around to a brewery about ~45 minutes away for some lunch and to pick up some beers, and then to stop at a Total Wine on the way home to snag a pumpkin beer I hadn't been able to find locally yet. here's another gif So I get my car and get the go on and as I'm driving to the highway I think, huh, this accelerates slower than I'm used to. I mean I've driven this car for 15 years it's like a fifth limb to me, but you know ok, maybe the belts and shit are getting settled and doing their thing, word up. Get on the highway and everything seems rad! Drive drive drive. Huh. Still kinda accelerating slow at high speeds up hills. Hmm. Take some side roads to brewery and I'm banjo-eyed the whole way 'cause I can tell, I can TELL, something's off. I get there and leap out and run inside and have a stout and some pizza while furiously Googling my symptoms, 'car accelerates slowly after timing belt replacement'. Looks like belt tooth misalignment or it's not tightened properly? I consult with car-minded pal who agrees. Hoo boy huh ok. My next trip is about 15-ish miles on non-highway roads so I do a go, and I'm gently evened out on a stout, so I can kinda look at this a little more objectively and not straight from lizard brain??? REGARDLESS YUP SOMETHIN' WEIRD ( you can find this by searching 'car screaming lady meme' ) I got to my next beer location and by this point I'm a litTLE JANGLY, like is something bad going to happen, is my engine gonna do an [insert sinister thing of choice here] I DON'T KNOW. There is a Trader Joe's in the plaza of this Total Wine - and if you know me you KNOW my adoration for the TJ's - but my hundred-yard state is uncaring and leads me straight to the thing I am here for - regional pumpkin beer. This is a big store and I toodle around for like 10 minutes in a low-key panic before asking a worker dude if they have the beer I want, he compliments my glasses and I am pretty smooth about accepting the compliment because I am a human who stacks +CHA for a living and SURELY am not jangly about anything oh NO and he leads me to some devilish corner where my beer lives. I pay for it and get back in my car for the final leg of Terror Journey. I scream the whole way to the highway because I'm accelerating like a Mario Kart stage that's made of molasses and finally I get on the highway WONDERFUL. EXCEPT. OH. ....... Hey I'm almost out of gas. I'm not used to driving long distances on highways because I come from Small Puttering Southern Town that requires No Highway Travel and Everything is Right There and.... well. Well shit. I don't want to stop on the way home 'cause the belt slipping sensation freaks me out but MY GAS LIGHT COMES ON AND IT'S TIME TO GET WITNESSED IN FRICKIN' VALHALLA I howl into some Mobil station bemoaning my fate and screeching that Everything Is Bad All The Time and get some gas. Okay. Whatever. I'm 10/10 pissed at this point and I get back on the highway and do a go. My last obstacle is the goddamn mountain I have to drive up to get to the house. Okokok. I can DO THIS I AM MIGHTY There's one big hill on the way up and I let my momentum zooooom me down the other hill and accelerate up The Hill and it actually wasn't as bad as I envisioned, namely me not being able to get up it and having to roll back down in an otherworldly sobbing heap into a guard rail or a river or something. I get home and scream into a pillow for a good 20 seconds and have some bourbon and here we are............................. GUESS I'M NOT GOING HIKING TOMORROW HUH oh well at least I'm not a charred corpse or something IDK that sounds kinda rad. At any rate I'm calling the shop tomorrow morning bright and early and being like yo, yo, this is a thing. THAT WAS MY DAY THANKS FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK I'm not sure where I'm at with my list since everything is still on low-key fire but I'm about to set up an appointment with the internet folks via their online chat thing 'cause if I have to call someone right now I'll dig my own grave, and if this connection boots me off of FFXIV ONE MORE TIME I SWEAR TO HALONE I'M GONNA GO HIGH AND TO THE RIGHT Y'ALL Speaking of XIV here's a recent picture of my lizard I love him v. much~
  12. shaar

    Miau Comes Back

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH DARLING is it ever good to see you back!!!!!! <333333333 I Agree With Tank [tm], once a Ranger, ALWAYS a Ranger, no matter what. *^_^* Oh gosh KITTENS, I used to foster kitties a long time ago for a veterinarian I used to work for, MY GOSH IT IS SO HARD not to just stare at them all day, so cute, sosososocute~ ~
  13. shaar

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    Apple cider!!!!!! I tried to get some at the grocery this weekend but they were out, I had to settle for apple cranberry, which is still good but isn't, you know, apple cider!!
  14. shaar

    Stribs Hopes to Finish what she Starts

    Yay for adaptation!! I hope you can get home this weekend and all that water goes away, what a mess.... :[