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  1. For the past 6 years I have been involved in MMA. With a few fights under my belt I've learned to love the sport. After so many years I seem to find myself with an average Body build matter how hard I train. When I seem to reaching my peak, look cut, and feel great as a fighter, life always seems to give me a speed bump. Now after a few months I feel good enough to compete again. Recently a friend of mine got me a pass to a local gym with weights and the such, but as a monk, I've had my life on the mats. Ifeel like this would be an opportunity to use a different environment to help improve my athleticism I have no clue on how to go about it. I want to be a better grappler I know I must grapple and a better striker I know I must strike. But to add a boost to all this how would I go about it in a different environment?
  2. I took on the commercial fishing industry in hopes to improve my strength. I have been practicing mma for 6 years and all this hard work I hope I can benefit from. For the past 3 summers I worked on a gillnet vessel and worked countless hours pushing herring uphill on a 32 foot vessel and picking fish out of a net. Right after the season i was stronger than I could hope for. I could do handstands and climb rope like a ninja. But all good things come to an end. The next job I want to take on would be in fall and winter, Pot Cod or longline. Although the boat life isn't always the healthiest, due to canned everything, when you are working like there is no tomorrow you're livin. With all this I want to know I can get back into the world of brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA like I've always have been. Be a top notch athlete and be able to have the capacity to do new things like rock climbing off cliffs, parkour, and surfing here in alaska.
  3. Hi, you can call me Arky I'm 21. I have been commercial fishing for 3 years out of bristol bay. I also have been involved in MMA at C3 in Everett, WA. Right now i'm beating the docks and traveling through Alaska having an adventure. I'ts a struggle not to fall into the drunken sailor stereotypes, but my diet sucks and I'm always on stand by. I have little to no resources so i'm bumming it. I keep myself motivated but I can't do it alone. I am new to nerd fitness and the guilds but I want to keep my health in check. As of now i'm in kodiak Alaska beating the docks. Can anyone relate? HMU 907-346-7294 arkimedes@icloud.com
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