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  1. Run 10: Shortish, and slow. 5k total, 4.5 running, but slowly- still suffering severe DOMS from Saturday's gym session.
  2. Max pushup test: 22, which means onto sets of 11
  3. Helluva gym session: Bench Press, 5x5 115lb after warmup (naked bar, lower weights) Squat 5x5 135lb after warm up Overhead Press- warm up and FAIL- pain in my shoulder, feels a bit stiff so I thought I'd not risk it. Deadlift 1x5 155lb Dumbbell rows 5x5 65lb, one side then the other. Interspersed sets of 10 pushups to meet daily goal of 4x10 spread over the day (one left to do) Finish HIIT of my interpretation thereof on the static bike- 3 min warmup, 2 min tongue out hardcore, repeat 5 times with the length of gaps judged by hiow long it took for my HR to come back down. I felt wrecked and could hardly deal with stairs for the first hour after, but feel pretty good now.
  4. I think I need to start active food tracking. Sit down at the end of the day and right down everything that I have eaten, in order to induce discipline. I find it hard to keep to though.
  5. Friday weiigh in: 218.6lb, 99.36kg Very disappointed. This is what happens when I don't maintain discipline for a week. After last weeks good reading, I eased off- first was the weekend, Sunday was a barbecue and then we went away for three days, in which I stuffed myself. And drank. When I drink in the evening I then can't resist snacking. Ok so this is a clear warning. Get it under control because it won't happen by itself.
  6. Run 9: I set and achieved a goal of running 5K in under 33 minutes. First paced run in a long time. I managed it in 31:50 with an uphill finish. Quite happy with that. What I'm not doing is going to the gym.
  7. I have 11 months left on my quest for knowledge and treasure in the far land of Mas-a-tshu-sets, before returning to the Paradise Valley, otherwise known by the envious as Stinky Creek, in the foothills of the mighty dividing range on the High Plateau of Castille. And I'd like to look good in my swimmers cos it'll be July when we get there. I want to be able to run 10k in under an hour (training not race pace) by next July; I used to run a lot, but got out of the habit. I still run, but slowwwwwwwly. I've been working on Stronglifts, so I'd like to get up to Deadlift 300lb Squat 200lb Bench 180lb Overhead Press 120lb I'm 42 and a novice, so I think I'm being realistic. In the short term, well I'm a teacher and it's summer! We just got back from a huge roadtrip, so there are no more big travel plans before school starts again at the end of August. So the plan is, for the next 38 days... Run every other day. Starting today (done), the first three runs will be a slow and easy as necessary. Then, one easy run, followed by one short fast run, easy run, long run (distance equivalent to previous two easy runs). A total of at least 16 runs over the period. Go to the gym 16-18 times. Follow stronglifts progression, beginning at a lower point than I finished on in June to allow for the month off. Bodyweight workout on easy run days, and if unable to get to gym. At least one full rest day per week. Eating. Friday night to Sunday lunch time is cheat time. No alcohol outside those times unless its a social occasion. Minimum bread, pasta. High cocoa, low sugar dark chocolate, fruit and nuts to hand for sweetness and snacking cravings. Today's progress: Food: Three-egg omlette for breakfast, leftover fried chicken for lunch, large bowl of homemade chicken, lemongrass and coconut Thai soup for dinner. No booze, no bread. Bodyweight: Three sets each to failure of bridges, fist pressups, narrow squats, leg raises. Run: 35 minutes-ish. Took it very easy. It's a start.