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  1. 24 hour gyms are a great idea! I did find a 24 hour fitness that I might try and sign up for next pay check. I haven't completely sorted out what I want my goals to be yet. I know I want to be working out consistently throughout the week. I'd also like to be eating 3 meals a day. Right now I survive on 1...sometimes 2. I signed up for a meal subscription service which starts on Monday so I'm hoping that will help too. Also, since you're from LA, know of any good hiking spots? I'd love some suggestions from a local! I live on the edge of Culver City and found the Culver City stairs which were pretty cool. Hoping once the rain chills out to get out on the weekends and go hiking! Thank you! It feels great to be back!
  2. Hi Friends! I'm not new to NerdFitness but it's honestly been awhile. I actually went back and checked my Epic Quests list and I surprisingly hit a few of my milestones. Anyways, I'm back because I'm not feeling my best. I need motivation and help getting fit again. I moved to LA a year ago and I've put on quite a bit of weight in that time. I blame it on all the amazing restaurants here...and postmates Also my lack of exercise. I use to run but started a new job with crazy hours that gives me an excuse not to work out. So, I hope to meet some of you all and get crackin' on my health and life goals again. Thanks for this space! I plan on doing the next 4 week challenge so will be setting that up in the meantime. Always down to chat with new people so if you need a friend hit me up! Amy
  3. Restarting this challenge thing

    1. TMedina


      I first read your name as "StoneClubber" and I was like, whoa, harsh! ;) Good luck! :D

  4. Feeling all types of powerful today. Challenge Day 2 come at me.

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