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  1. 24 hour gyms are a great idea! I did find a 24 hour fitness that I might try and sign up for next pay check. I haven't completely sorted out what I want my goals to be yet. I know I want to be working out consistently throughout the week. I'd also like to be eating 3 meals a day. Right now I survive on 1...sometimes 2. I signed up for a meal subscription service which starts on Monday so I'm hoping that will help too. Also, since you're from LA, know of any good hiking spots? I'd love some suggestions from a local! I live on the edge of Culver City and found the Culver City stairs which were pretty cool. Hoping once the rain chills out to get out on the weekends and go hiking! Thank you! It feels great to be back!
  2. Hi Friends! I'm not new to NerdFitness but it's honestly been awhile. I actually went back and checked my Epic Quests list and I surprisingly hit a few of my milestones. Anyways, I'm back because I'm not feeling my best. I need motivation and help getting fit again. I moved to LA a year ago and I've put on quite a bit of weight in that time. I blame it on all the amazing restaurants here...and postmates Also my lack of exercise. I use to run but started a new job with crazy hours that gives me an excuse not to work out. So, I hope to meet some of you all and get crackin' on my health and life goals again. Thanks for this space! I plan on doing the next 4 week challenge so will be setting that up in the meantime. Always down to chat with new people so if you need a friend hit me up! Amy
  3. I'm doin' it! CAT running 5k here I come! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm bumping this because I really want to hang out, and this huge storm that is apparently coming has me all bored in the house. Hoping when the storm stops there will be ample get together time.
  5. Good luck today! I know what it's like to just want to curl up with books and kitties! That actually sounds really nice right now hmmm *ponders today's plan* Anyways, I hope that your adulting schedule goes well today and I hope you'll reward yourself nicely when you complete all your mandatory chores! I am in this exact same boat. I ran my first marathon and then just kind of gave up on working out. I'm now starting over on my running schedule. It's quite discouraging. Hope you power through and are able to get back to your old fitness level. I'm right there beside ya'!
  6. I read the whole thing and it's because you are a great writer. Well done on the introduction! I guess that's a weird thing to compliment someone on so..er...Welcome!!! I love your nerdiness! (game of thrones, stranger things, HARRY POTTER, cats...) A job in nutrition sounds absolutely amazing. Seriously, if I could go back to school again (already been back to school once) I would choose that route. I hope you and your fiance finish out the year of "getting shit done" strong! I think you will find tons of motivation here and love it! Good luck with all your goals and epic quests! See you around
  7. Hey there! So my race is suppose to be tomorrow; however, we are having this crazy crazy storm at the moment and I'm driving about 2 hours to get to the race. So, whether or not I actually get to run it is a different story I didn't fully finish the program. I kind of cheated and started half way through it and completed a couple weeks or so. I LOVE zombies run! I haven't done that in awhile. Glad your partner found something they can enjoy too! You will have to keep me posted on your C25K progress. Are you signed up for a race yet?
  8. Feeling: You got it...it's raining. We are suppose to have this huge storm and this is the beginning of it. I will not let the rain ruin my schedule. I have lots to do. Sorry this battle log has been more about my mental health struggles and daily life and not more about my health and quests. Let's change that: I can not find a concert I want to go to, so I may not complete that quest by November. My run is in 2 days...the point the storm is suppose to hit the hardest...I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Veggies have been non existent, along with any real food to be honest. Struggling in that department big time. I've convinced my brother to run the 5 mile race with me in a couple weeks so I'm excited I won't have to run that one alone. It's a Halloween night run so I was a little nervous about that. I think that covers it for quests. My list of things to do today consists of: -clean out my car (in the rain...yuck) -laundry -clean the kitchen -clean my room and clean litter box -vaccum -fold clothes and get ready for move -shop for a shower curtain Woohoo look at me living my exciting life
  9. Haven't been to this thread in awhile but I've felt myself wavering and thought it best to check in here. I am super resisting my old websites where I have a lot of really negative support. I keep trying to check in with myself and figure out what about those websites am I missing and how do I healthily fill that hole? I think it's easy to fall back into old ways. This right here, healthy support and loving myself...that is what is difficult. I'm so afraid I will fail at being healthy, and in fact I am at the moment, that I'd rather just full on fail than be sitting here between sick and healthy. I am a person that operates on extremes so I've really struggled at leveling out (or leveling up) in really any aspect of my life. Anyways sorry for just barging in and dumping my issues in here and not really commenting on anything. I'm in overload mode and just trying to keep myself away from negative places by distracting myself. Love you all. I'm thankful this place exists.
  10. Feeling: I just typed up a lovely post and it all deleted. So, bullet points: -I'm going to wing the 5k -Eating has been difficult -I've lost weight -My bed came in the mail -Today is my Friday -I have a 3 day weekend That is all. I'm so pissed I lost my original post.
  11. Hope it's okay I participate here still, even though I kind of changed my challenge by just switching to my battle log. Anyways: 1. I love all beings. For real. Even slugs and spiders and lizards and toads... 2. I'm passionate. When I find something I love I throw my whole self into it. All my joy is fully directed towards whatever project or thing I'm working on. 3. I'm crafty and artsy though I rarely have time to work on projects. I have a ton of ideas floating around in this brain of mine
  12. Nutritional flashcards...I love this idea. I'm actually a flashcard enthusiast. I will make them whenever! When I got a new job there was a ton of info to learn and I secretly (I didn't want people to know how nerdy I was) made flashcards and practiced on my days off
  13. Feeling: Weird and nervous I guess? My run is on Saturday and I don't feel very prepared, though I probably am. I already know I can run 3 miles without stopping. I just really want to be under 30 min. I don't have much to report for today or yesterday....pretty typical days. I don't have much going on in my schedule after work. Watch some Netflix and smoke some weed....I know this is such a bad habit to be in. It's just a good way to relax after a long day. It is something I'd like to cut back on. That will be a quest soon I'm sure.
  14. Dresden Dolls would have been awesome! And yes! I was thinking that too...like man I must have been large before because I feel large now. And did everyone think this or just him? Oh man I can spin in circles on that topic!
  15. Feeling: Happy Monday? It's going to be busy at work, which stresses me out. Yesterday was 4 full hours of straight on heart pounding. I got a text last night that one of our assistants was fired. I'm so sad because she was one of the rare few who was nice to me and helped me out. Blah, another reason today will be stressful. Anyways, I seem to have slowed a bit in my progress. Running hasn't happened in the last couple of days because I haven't been home early enough from work. I should be able to finish the C25K though by Friday and the race is on Saturday. Veggies are hit or miss. Some days I reach that goal, others I don't. Starting November 1st, I'm going to start tracking my food for a week. It's an academy quest and one I really want to do anyways. I almost forgot to mention that yesterday I got together with a friend who I hadn't seen in months. He said I looked like I'd lost some weight. While I absolutely loved hearing that, I know it's both not true and I shouldn't be losing weight. That was the reason I came here, to get my mind out of the disordered eating food patterns and now I'm all like "well yes! I am losing weight!" when really I should be all "man, I wish I was gaining some muscle here" *sigh* I will get the hang of this eventually.
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